Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Japanese Drugstore Lippies

These are refills from the drugstore and for some reason, though I often buy these lipsticks as pasalubongs to my mom's friends (not my money), I haven't seen the actual packaging from these brands. And I actually don't care that much. I agree that these would be hard if you have like, millions of lipsticks and trying to determine which is which but if you're like me that actually doesn't have a lot, then I don't think it matters. 

I can't read what the color is on the left so you be the judge when I saw you the swatch of the actual color but on the left side, it's orange something. KANJI IS DIFFICULT.

I actually like the idea of refills because for several reasons, first of all, it's cheaper. That's actually all. LOL. I don't know but it's just more practical and yeah. I think most women in Japan finish their lipsticks so they could have like the original container and then put their new tube or something.

I have only used this from the two and I love it. It's not so opaque so it's perfect for me. I don't know if you can appreciate the shimmers but that too is awesome! :D I don't usually like shimmers because I can somehow feel it but this one is like just right and yeah. Perf! This lipstick is under the MOISTURE lipstick and I don't really know for sure because I put a moisturizer before applying but it goes on quite well when I swatched it but I don't know if that's actually just the same as when applying on the lips.

The shape of Chifure lipstick is actually quite interesting because instead of just having one side flat, two sides are flat. Meh. LOL. Really though. I think that's brilliant because if you're in a hurry, you wouldn't find the right side of the tube anymore or something. Just do it!

I really like the Cezanne one! But give the picture another look and you would see than the application of the Chifure is kind of thinner than that of Cezanne so I'm assuming that it would give more precision and yeah. Also, the Chifure is kin of true to its color and although shimmery, it's opaque. So I might be able to just top that with a more pinkish balm or lipgloss of some sort. Anyways, that's my opinion and yeah. Have a nice day y'all!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Election Related Thoughts

It was election day again awhile ago. I just want to share this thought to you. I was talking to my Australian friend yesterday and I told him that sometimes I don't really feel like voting. It must have been the system he is accustomed to or something but he doesn't seem to be pleased with my statement. I told him that I think I would feel guilty if I put someone in position and that person I voted would actually mess up or something. He said I shouldn't feel that way and later on the conversation he said that the least I could do is to actually choose the lesser evil. 

I don't know how I feel about that.

Lesser or greater evil is still evil. And I don't know why would I want to place an evil on a position. Like, I very much appreciate UST's voting option to like abstain. Because it's hella useful for me. I'm the type of person who thinks it through a little bit and not just do it because of some useless shiz. I like to vote because I believe in someone and not because I was told to do so. And definitely not because I have to pay for it if I don't. Ehem Australia. Well, it's probably different in Australia. I don't really blame its people or its system. I mean, they're a wealthy country so the impact there is slightly different as it is here in the Philippines I guess. That is not to say that they don't need a lot of thinking when it comes to putting someone in position but yeah. Think of it as a game with lives to spare. In Australia, if they mess up, it probably wouldn't be too obvious because they got lives remaining. Unlike here, when they mess up, it would be kind of obvious because there's like only one life left. ALWAYS. You get what I mean?

I also told him that I somehow I associate forcing people to vote to forcing them to marry. It's just that you're being forced to be with someone you really don't want to be with. You feel me? No? 

I'm so glad that the election here doesn't really force people to vote because that would be a mess and unfair! I know it's our right as citizen but hey! Not all people want to exercise rights sometimes. And if it's on pure laziness, shame on you! But if it's because you're not sure or you don't trust someone, way to go! And no! I'm not promoting laziness or like not voting. If there would be a law like that (Australia) here in the Philippines, I would strongly suggest they include 'abstain' as an option. Because it's just fair. I mean, hindi sayang ang boto dahil wala kang maisip na iboto. Sayang ang boto kung bumoto ka ng maling tao. That's just for me.

Also! Can I just add that I hate the fireworks that's been happening for like the last 30 minutes now. I mean, come on! I know I'm like so negative about elections but to be fair, I actually like this election more than last time. It's because I know half the people I voted and if they mess up, one way or another, there's a high chance of me bumping into them around this community and that I would be able to give them just give them THE STARE. Stare of shame that is. 

Less evil is still evil. And for me, innocent until proven guilty is not the best way to go as well. And most importantly remember that it is a no return no exchange policy. But it might be too late now. Just a reminder for next time then. Have a good day.

Cosme Decorte Angelic Fantasy

I have told you guys before that I am not a big fan of eye shadows. Because you know, I don't have a place to put the shadows on. But never the less, there are occassions when I feel like extra glamorous and would bother putting them on. I am extremely traumatized by bold colors so when I saw this palate, it was just perf! 

I like how they put labels on this things. Although I'm not really gonna follow this. I think I would just "wash my eyelid" with a certain color and then go. One thing I noticed is that it's so so sparkly. Like, this thing just goes everywherez. Anyways.

I don't know what I feel about the packaging. It's so simple but also it looks kind of classy. I don't know what I feel about it really. My other side is telling me it looks so complicated and cheap. Anyways.

It came in with little applicators which I still don't know how to use and provided I don't have all the tools and stuff to apply these colors on, I would just use my clean fingers and that might be a little more comvenient to do.

The swatch I did. Beautoful colors. So wearable. I like!! I might buy a primer or something so the glitters wouldn't actually fall anywhere. Anyways that's all I have for you. Have a good day!! :)

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Thoughts on Pond's BB Cream

I wasn't actually going to buy Pond's because of a certain reaction it does to my skin but then again I was I think a little bit attracted to the packaging. Not the nicest packaging but somehow head-turning. And that's applicable only if you like pink. 

Having finished my other BB product, I'm not expecting much from this and what it promises. Right now I'm just holding on to the 'fact' that it has SPF. Which is always a good thing.

It promises to whiten the skin and stuff and luckily I'm already happy with my color but yeah. Hopefully it brightens up my dark spots because they're just so in love with me that they don't want to go away. Annoying much.

The formula is thick and it's fairly easy to apply and also easy to blend. I also like its scent. Like, it smells like your typical Pond's product but at this point, I'm just happy that it's not offensive like the BB Stick from Maybelline.

The coverage is so light though. I literally need two squeezes to see a difference on the coverage. As for the application on my face, I can see that it somehow evens out my skin tone which is like the thing I need most due to some acne discoloration and stuff but it does't really give a flawless finish or something but it's definitely better than having nothing on at all. Maybe with 3 to 4 layers, you'll be able to achieve a flawless canvass but I don't think I'd recommend that. Go with a foundation instead if your desire is to like cover up. If you're a fan of the saying "go big or go home" this product might not be for you. 

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Simple Joys

Not so long ago, my cousin turned 6. It was such a simple celebration but it was perfect. Sometimes simple things matter most. We went to Cavite to celebrate and below are the pictures that we took. :))

This is the oh so cute cake that my mom got for my cousin. As you can see from the picture above though, they kind of messed up with my cousin's name and placed "YASHI" instead and then my cousin pointed out their mistake and they kind of remedied nalang. Oh well. It's alright.

The pictures (above and below this text) are kind of a fail because I made an effort in like somehow squatting and then no one went behind me for us to fit in the frame. It's just that my grandma is literally behind the tall peeps so yeah. If only! If only!

I wish my little cousin all the happiness in life. I mean, he's probably too young to be problematic and all that. I think he's all good as for now but you know, it's actually tough to predict everything. Just rambling yeah? Yeah.

I like celebration like this. Like, even though it was such a simple celebration, we were together and happy. I still feel bad for those who weren't able to come and celebrate with us. Next time! :) 

Dream Oh Dream

I had a weird dream again. And I don't know but I really think I should make a legit segment about my dreams. Because you know, they wouldn't stick to my memory for very long and as always, gonna drop it to my Pensieve. I'm a wizard like that. Anyways.

I dreamt of something Halloween-y. It's like I'm riding a jeepney with 4 other girls and then  4 guys tried to stop the Jeepney and stuff and then the driver didn't stop so I was like, I'm safe! And then we entered a narrow road and the the Jeepney stopped there and then alas! The four guys rode the jeepney. Not declaring anything harmful but for some reason, they got all of our bags. It's like someone on the top is getting all our gadgets and money and stuff and then they would return it secretly and yeah that's what happened well and then! I was able to stop them from digging into my bag by like pushing Timothy Delaghetto and getting my bag from him. And I was like, why the heck do I always dream of Timothy Delaghetto? 

Okay so I was saved. I told my mom about it, right? And then this guy kept on following us and I don't know what occurred to my brain because I transferred my phone to my bra. Which from my point of view was quite obvious because I don't have boobs okay? LOL.

The guy then called an army. And they were all babies. I was like, what's happening here? My sister Mika which I think was 7 in that dream came to the rescue and she was like throwing the babies away and even grilling them which ticked most babies away and yeah I think we were saved by that situation. I was actually just cheering her all through out but I don't recommend you do that in real life though. That's all about the dream. So random but I was afraid. Normally I could figure out whether I'm dreaming or not but this one is scary. Well Tim Delaghetto kind of gave it away but that one scary dude that called his army is what confused me. Anyways.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sisters from the Same Mother

Hola guys! So the other day, my sisters went to the laboratory and fetch me off work. Which is great! And then we decided to have some tea at INFINITEA. Which I was initially against because I really wanted and still want to try that Blueberry Donuts fron Dunkin but then again my sister Mika told me that she checked and the branch near our place doesn't have any stock or something so Infinitea indeed! 

I had Tiramisu which in fairness doesn't taste like Tiramisu except that it's somehow salty but okay I'll take it. Although I'm kind of still impressed with the taste because at least it's different. But still confused. Anyways. Mika got Cappuccino Caramel Macchiato which is like sooooo crazy sweet! It's delish but I don't know how someone can drink something that sweet. I haven't tried the glucose load we make our patients drink but I can imagine the sweetness of this Cappuccino drink and glucose load being comparable in sweetness. I think this drink would be perfect with like half the sweetness taken off. Which you could totally do by the way! Well next time! Anyways.

I'm not a fan of Strawberry Oreo but I also liked the Strawberry Oreo Frappe that my sister ordered. In all fairness, it taste like Strawberry Oreo with a little bit of magic to it. Hopefully we would all hang out a lot more like this. My sisters are already growing up and it's all happening too fast! I say we should enjoy the time and just be happy with each other's company. That's all! :)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Oath Taking Rant

Okay so this is the rant I was talking about earlier in my post. First of all, I don't really like the whole idea of it because it's all unorganized and so like unprofessional looking. 

Okay basically this is what happened. The first thing that happened was this. The lady pinned flowers on me and my mom well in fact, we're not fully aware of what's happening yet and what if we got pricked of that unsterilized pin? Med tech stuff. I won't actually mind the flowers if it's really needed but then NO! Not in the R.A. 5527 and so why are these people being annoying and just doing this thing? They charge 100 pesos each. They probably spent like 20 pesos making that thing and the maximum price I could accept that thing although still overpriced is 60 pesos. They should be banned or something. Because clearly, they're just taking advantage of the situation. 

Anyways. The next thing I found inconvenient is the waiting time. Can I just say that it took me like 5 minutes to get ready? I can certainly top that 5 minute YouTube make up challenge anyways and then we rushed to the venue. I don't blame the time because it's probably my fault that I wasn't able to get ready but it's their fault that they didn't open the venue on time. By the way the ticket said that the program starts at 9 am but then the lady at the counter told me I have to be there at 7 and yeah. Actually, the program didn't start at 9 as well. They were probably 30 minutes late. But the flower is what really pissed me off. 

Also, the pictures. I was informed that there would be an official photographer but I wasn't told it was required. So after this girl pinned flower to us, a gay guy spoke and asked me to sign this little paper that happened to be my claim slip and so I did. And them what? Charged me 500 pesos? I then told the guy that I wouldn't avail of the picture thing and just take pictures on my own and then he said "No ma'am. Kailangan po talaga." So I was like left with no choice but to pay him at that moment. And then you know what I found out? Some people wasn't forced to avail of the picture thing. So fvcked up. 

When I entered the venue, I got more disappointed. Because I was like what's happening here? It's air conditioned but the ambiance is like a covered court and then it's so cheap looking and yeah. Also, it's like so dim inside that I was actually confused whether they would switch on more lights at the beginning of the program but what they did is open an awkward light in front that did nothing.

And then the food. I told you I was ready to get disappointed but it was actually okay but the thing that really got me pissed was that they served the food at different times. Like my mom's table was served last despite our tables being in the mid section of the venue and like the tables at the back were already served so yeah and then on the table, they would serve 5/10 and then come back after like 10 minutes to serve the remaining 5. Which is unhealthy because we could see the rest of the people eating and then our food is not yet in front of us. Can you feel my pain? LOL. So yeah that's like the story of it.

I'm so disgusted that money is all that matters now. We barely get what our money's worth nowadays. And it's sad. That's the mini rant I have so yeah. Take care! :)

Oath Taking for New Med Techs

Hola guys! I just want to share with you what happened awhile ago. Well awhile ago, the Oath Taking for Newly Registered Medical Technologist happened. I am pretty sure I showed you guys the tickets I bought last time. I feel kind of bad that I don't have a picture with my mom. Well except that one that was taken by a "professional" photographer well actually, maybe just camera. I have to have a rant by the way but I just want this blog post alone to be somehow full of good memories so I'll just skip that part for now. So basically I was confused whether or not to attend the ceremony but okay here's the thing, if you don't need your license as in physically yet, you can choose not to attend. Not really mandatory. But you have to take your pledge somewhere else. PRC.

The lady at the counter when I bought tickets told me that I have to be at the venue at 7 and I was there at 7. Luckily, I saw 3 other inductees before me so I was not feeling that bad at all. They opened the venue at around 8:30 and basically made us wait for like ever. I should have done my hair first instead of rushing straight to the venue so early in the morning.  Anyways.

gotta deal with messy hair
The first friend I saw was Fai. She was in the same review center as I and like not at all hard to be friends with so we get along quite well. It was awesome to see her.

Dea, myself, and Kim
I am so proud of my girls! These girls are my co-interns/post mates from my second internship and actually, Kim right there made it to the second rank. Good job Kim!

myself and Krizzuh
Also my co-intern since the beginning of internship and my post mate on my second in. Also, my fourth year classmate so we're pretty much together at those times and yeah, we had so much fun awhile ago like talking and catching up and somehow clapping randomly and stuff LOL. And also taking pictures! :D

Dela Cruz E.A., 2013

So the food. I was so ready to get disappointed. But actually, it's not THAT disappointing. I mean, it won't make you full but it's not totally rubbish at all. It's not that pleasing but it's quite okay. Some people from the upper batch said that the food is not like delicious and stuff but it's okay. Just don't expect much. I actually had two cups of coffee so I'm quite happy. 

Oh also! I have noticed that the venue's lighting is so poor that we got excited about the ladies room's lighting. Weird. LOL. I really wished they set up more lights there. It's just so inconvenient especially when reading the pledge and stuff.

myself, Jam, and Jay
That's all for this entry guys. I don't know what to feel about it. I'm quite happy that I attended but at the same time was so doubtful about the fee I paid. I could have bought 4 new mascaras or something but yeah. I just wish they would improve their program and stuff because honestly, people got bored and was just talking to each other and stuff and as much as I don't blame them, I kind of blame them for not coming up with a more interesting program. I don't know.

I actually went there for this. Because I want to have it already and since I have been practicing the profession without these on my hands, it's more of an obligation for me to attend and pledge and stuff so yeah. I had fun. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Chill Sunday

This was last Sunday when my bestfriend, cousin, and I decided to attend the mass and have a little chit-chat about life. Like we always do. Last Sunday was a little different as well because we decided to visit a wake. One of the highschool teachers in our school passed away so we decided to view him before he's not physically with us anymore. It's sad because I was talking about my bestfriend on visiting him at the hospital but it all happened too fast. He was actually not my teacher but still. He was part of the school I was in so yeah. And then we decided to have coffee.

The same place my cousin and I visited before. It's actually because Infinitea's full of people again. 

And I don't know if I have told you this but my bestfriend and I used to regularly go to this place so it's like revisiting and reminiscing our highschool life.

Mine is in the middle and it's a Chocomint flavored one and one thing you have to know about me is I'm all about chocomints and this one didn't make the flavor any justice. My cousin enjoyed her drink I think because she finished first. My cousin ordered White Mocha and my bestfriend got Double Black Chocolate which she barely sipped into by the way. Weird girl. LOL. She gave away the drink to little kids on her way home I believe.

I couldn't say anything bad or good to the Nachos but uhm oh! A little bit overpriced. Just like the rest of the food on the menu. I don't really find the service in this place good at all because it's dang slow. This is how bad it is. Count the people in and then wait one by one until all their drinks are served. And then wish that the girl is making yours. The store needs two employees. Considering their overpriced drinks, the store needs two employees. That's all.

DLSU won! Whose Fault?

Hello! As a Thomasian and as a citizen of this country, I would like to somehow address the situation that just happened. This is about UST's lost against DLSU. And I don't really know what happened and all that but my take to that is this. I haven't watched the game fully but I don't really think it's necessary to blame certain people of what just happened. I think it's so unfair that people are blaming Mariano or like Abdul for the loss. I just don't get the point of  making them feel so down. I just think that even though you pinpoint who messed up or not, it's not like there's still a hope for UST after the game or like even though you kept posting crap on Facebook about how this player messed up or like messing up or not, he's not or like they're not gonna know about your bshit so better keep your stuff to yourself. Especially when they're not doing good to anyone. 

Can I just say that I am proud of these two boys above? I don't know. Hands down. Also, I loved it when Jeron said that he feel just as lost as his brother (Jeric). Family is love.

I just don't get why people are so hateful. I mean, I invested in this team (UST) as much if not more. Emotionally, spiritually, and faithfully. Like I was so supportive and stuff like that and I am not that hateful of what happened. Why? Because I believe that the tigers did their best. So I don't really get it! One more thing is that a lot of non Thomasians are bashing the guys. Like, who are you to say bad things to these people? Well I'm not actually gonna talk about the non-Thomasians here. I would like to address the Thomasian Community more than anyone in this type of situation. I mean, how dare you say bad things to our boys? How dare you bring them down? Please stop the negativity people. I mean it's so extreme that people are actually cursing on people they don't even know. They don't know the story of, and stuff like that. After all, it's just a game. And just like any other game, there could only one winner. And this time, it just happened to be DLSU. That's the deal. People only notice the bad things about people. It's sad.

On the other hand, I feel so happy that we were able to go up the top this season. But you know, I also wished we would win this season but clearly, it's not meant for us again yet. So with that being said, I would like to congratulate the DLSU Green Archers for bringing home the glory. See, no hate! It's great.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Trust no beetch

One thing I have learned in this life is to trust no bish. Trust only your family and probably five of your closest friends. Or maybe four depending on how many people you have been with and friends with since you were like 4. The rest of your friends you can trust but do not trust them with your life. Because at some point, you will be betrayed. It's a sad thing to live by but that's just reality and believe me, as much as it's a sad idea to live by, it will save you from a lot of heartaches in the future. At work, I only trust one person, and she entered there the same day as I did. I just think that we kind of think the same. Maybe because of our close age range, maybe because of our same educational attainment, or maybe other thing. But the point is, we kind of think the same. So yeah. The others wouldn't probably know that I don't trust them still any time soon but yeah, I somehow just don't yet. Hopefully they don't trust me as well so it would be mutual. And I won't feel bad. LOL. I mean not actually in a professional way because I trust them in a professional way because we at some point had the same lecture at school and stuff like that but what I don't trust them with is like my life as a person. Because I don't know them yet. Except of course that person I was talking about awhile ago. I just think that we click.

I won't even say that you trust someone you're romantically in love with. Unless you're married. Or actually not even. I know trust is important in any relationships but like I said, having a negative kind of thinking will hurt for a while but will somehow save you in a long way run. Just look at what happened to Miley Cyrus. Well, I know it's a case to case scenario with guys but like what other people say, always think of the WORST CASE SCENARIO so you can prepare better. But it's horrible, I get it.

Trust is something you earn and trust should only be given to those who you think worked hard for yours to give it. It's effed up a bit how this trust works but yeah. And remember! It's so fragile so be wise in giving it to people. Because it's horrible enough to not give trust to people but it's more horrible to not trust people anymore.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Memory Corner | Flashback Friday 7

1. I have made my best and blog about this trip in two parts so please check that out. I so want to go back there with these people! Like, can I just have a break for a second? No? Why? Lol. Anyway, this shot is in the middle of nowhere and we just stopped by here on our way home and our couldn't be any better because you know, it's free and it's just nice. It's a perfect place to view the Taal Volcano and Taal Lake panoramically. 

2. This is when we had our haircut. It's insane because when I looked at my face on the screen, I just can't stop laughing at my new face. I don't know but there sure is something funny with my face that I can't help it but laugh at myself. I was probably a bit shocked slash weirdo.

3. This is when we were buying street BBQs. I love my cousin Yoshi. He's just full of expressions and just so alive almost all the time. He's always energetic and would make face in pictures and stuff like that. And yeah, he's just fantastic.

4. Celebration with family. When I passed the board examination, I celebrated with friends and my family. This one is at Kamay Kainan at Trinoma which I somehow don't recommend. My sister got a cut from their rusty sorbetes cart and like how can they not maintain the safety of that cart? Who knows if the ice cream container itself is also rusty? 

5. Chicken Charlie! I remember I treated my cousin on my second day of work because I love her like that. The food is not really worth its price in my opinion. I think I would go and choose Bon Chon over this. It's slightly more pricey but the quality is kind of the same. My cousin also told me that her chickens are kind of dry. But food is still food. :) 

Empties and Final Thoughts 1

Bonjour guys! You know, I'm the type of person who generally doesn't use up a product to its last drop a lot because for some reason, when running low, products just disappear to me. But miraculously,  I was able to use these babies up and yeah I would like to start a segment called, "Empties and Final Thoughts". Don't expect too much from this segment though. They may only come once in a blue moon.

1. Victoria's Secret Romantic Wish

I like this. Like, I like how mild it smells and not like Love Spell that I don't really understand why people like it and stuff so yeah. Don't get mad! I know it's probably just me. I have been using this since I was still in Japan and lasted me this long. I think it would even last for like another week for me. Because I don't use it often and stuff like that. I don't know if I would repurchase this though. I think I want to use up all my body sprays/perfumes/colognes before I purchase a new one and like hopefully something I would wear forever.

2. Pond's Facial Wash

I don't know if I told you guys about this but I feel kind of have a love and hate relationship with Pond's products because it breaks me out and  I don't know like it reacts with my skin in a weird way. But I somehow like it because it makes me feel like my skin is clean and it just makes it look bright for a second. And then breaks me out. Ugh life. But yeah this one I feel kind of not breaks me out as much as the other products but I won't repurchase this as well. 

3. Eskinol Original Toner

I like using this because it just makes my skin cleaner in my opinion. Like you can see the dirt off your face and into the cotton so it makes sense. I use this stuff like two to three times a day. No regrets. I figured that this is the only variant that works and the rest, meh! Breaks me out. Especially the gritty one! That's just no-no for me. And the rest kind of makes me oily. Especially the papaya one. 

4. Toothpastes! 

Nothing too exciting to share actually. My mom buys toothpastes too often and wants me to replace it right away but you know! I don't want to throw things right away as well so I keep them in the wash room all together. But now I'm like running zero.

5. Maybelline BB stick

I still can't decide whether I would repurchase this stick or find a new product that I would love. Because I think I got used to it already but at the same time, no. Kind of weird, yeah? From my previous review, I think the only thing I would like to add up is that it doesn't smell very nice. Like, it smells like a lot of things (chemicals) put together and yeah doesn't complement each other really. As of oiliness, I think my skin got used to it in a sense that I don't really get oily as much anymore. But anyways. That's just me? LOL. I think it also helped my skin clear out a little bit. 

6. Nivea Deodorant

I think this is nice. I don't really choose what to use or what not but amongst the one that I've used, this is so far my favorite. It's mild and just nice. 

7. That round thing.

Didn't really do much to my hair. But also, I think that it's generally just my hair not being nice. LOL. I wouldn't really repurchase this but would be glad to find something that works. Hopefully.

So that's my first empties post guys hopefully this would be followed by more in the future! And hopefully I would be able to help you decide what or what not to buy. That's all! Thanks.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Dream About Paris

10/05/2013 - I dreamt I went to Paris with my cousin and sister. It looks fake in the dream though but will tell you guys anyway. So I was with my cousin and I don't really know where we're heading but then after some time, with people who were coming down from the stairs, I realized we're in Paris and will go up the Eiffel Tower. Weird because I can see my neighbors going down the stairs and it's like normal stairs and not the stairs the Tower actually has.

And then we realized we have passes but then in my dream, you still have to have an electronic card for some reason and then you can use the card for like ever and then when I saw my childhood friend's brother go down, he very kindly gave me two electronic cards. So that would mean we could go up now. But then what did we decide to do? Eat! I remember taking pictures from the ground and you know how I know it's fake? Because the Tower that I saw is between two tall buildings! Like, what?

I remember taking photos of this one and I made sure to take a lot because it's Paris and I don't know when I can come back and stuff and yeah. I was even thinking that I were in Vegas that time but then I was like, NO! Paris, PARIS, PARIS! LOL.

So we entered a mall and decided to eat and my cousin even have the guts to shop for candies! So I remember having Shaved Ice and then I saw my sister enter the mall and eat. And then I asked if she have the electronic card but I can't remember her answer. And then when we were about to go out, I woke up. I'm subconsciously blaming my cousin's candy shopping that we were not able to go up the tower. 
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.