Monday, 30 September 2013

Puppies Updates.

I know I told you guys that there's only two of Hashi's puppies left and they're the most adorable thing ever!! Like, they're so much like their mother and they're so cute! I can't even! Sadly though, mom told us that we're only gonna keep one of them. So sad. Can I just say that the Queen Bee, Hashi and Hanah's mother would actually go inside their bath tubs and lick the pups sometimes even. She lost her pups not so long ago she probably thought that its her puppies. Heartbreaking.

Hanah also gave birth to two puppies like 2 days after Hashi gave birth to her 5 pups but sadly, none of Hanah's pups made it. I don't know but for some reason, she can't really take care of the baby. I know it's an insult because she's not like those mother that leaves the puppies unattended and stuff but for some reason, Hanah would stay with them but she would like act like digging something and therefore would somehow kick her puppies so yeah. Her puppies made it somehow but not for too long. This is actually the longest any of her puppies lived. Hopefully next time, they would make it all through out! 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Voice Ph Winner Forecast

I think it's Team Lea's time this time. It's just that her representative rocked the floor in my opinion. Just to be fair, I'm gonna give you a rundown of what I thought of all of the performances. And since the hosts told everyone that everything's back to zero, good! Becauce I didn't really watch a lot of their performances . It just kind of looks different. I mean, the show.

Team APL's Janice

I think she did okay. I also think she had a little difficulty performing and singing her piece. It must have been the arrangement but yeah it didn't sound like a grand finals song. I don't know. It's just me. My grandma liked her performance though. 

Team Lea's Mitoy

I think it was brave of them to sing a song in Filipino and yeah it just worked his strength and even though it was kind of expected of him to rock it, it still turned out pretty amazing I think. So yeah. Very nice. 

Team Bamboo's Myk

I don't know how I feel about the performance. For me, he didn't make the song his own. And for me, it's just a wrong song for the event. I mean, it didn't give him the chance to prove his capabilities and stuff so yeah. He did sing it very nice though. It didn't hurt his existing chance but for me it didn't give him the edge to advance forward. 

Team Sarah's Kriselle

I really did expect more from her. It's just a disappointment. Because I know she could do better than what she did. I thought she would kill it! But then yeah it didn't turn out well at all. Like I think Miley Cyrus did better than her. And for me when you sing something for the grand finals, you should at least be a touch better than the original. But yeah. 

Well that's my opinion on the performers and I'm kind of glad that they kind of are incomparable with each other I mean they all have different styles so I guess it's just a matter of preference and hopefully they would all give the event justice.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Miss World 2013!

Congratulations Ms. World! :) This day is just full of good vibes. First the UST Growling Tigers made it to the Finals and then now, Ms. Young was able to get the crown and will bring it home to the Philippines. I can't be any happier for her (feeling close moment) but yeah I'm so proud of her. 

A friend of mine who entered the pageant kind of told me what happened to her and that she was nearly disqualified from the pageant because of her FHM photo shoot and stuff but look what she did for our country! She already have it and will bring the crown in time. Congratulations! Honestly, I don't think others would be able to do the same. It's not because I don't trust the other girls or something but it's just her. I think she really have what it takes to be representing the country.Congratulations again Ms. Megan Young! Ms. World 2013. 

Friday, 27 September 2013

Dream and Reality

Hola guys! I just want to share you my dream/s before they travel to forgetland. I had a dream the other day and you know, I only remember it because it's weird. Duh! So the first scene was this. The scary avengers were chasing me, my cousin, and my sister. I was like so confused. To be fair, I'm not actually sure if it was the avengers but they are kind of muscular that it reminds me of Incredible Hulk. So yeah they were after us and then we hid and I woke at the part when one of them were able to find our hiding place and then he was trying to open the door.

The second part is this. SPIDER! A giant spider. Like as tall as those monsters you see in Power Rangers episodes. Scary as shiz! Like I think I saw someone being slayed in front of me and I think I was a little bit injured that time. Like, legit! I think I was bleeding even. And for some reason, my police uncle made this shock proof/giant spider leg proof van and I was able to ride that and stuff and the best part of that dream? I saw Louis Cole, Jack and Finn Harries in a convertible! Without actually giving an eff! They were like vlogging and stuff LOL.

To the reality now. Our Hashi gave birth! This is like a sad story sort of. She gave birth to 5 pups! It was like so early in the morning on September 23rd and my grandma woke me up to inform that Hashi gave birth. I saw 2 puppies there but it seemed like Hashi is still trying to "push" or something. And then one more came out. And I was like wow. And then she was still kind of trying to "push" and I was unsure when I touched her belly which was tensed still and I thiught it's because of her birth giving process and stuff but when I left and came back, an additional pup was there. And then I called my sister and informed her and she saw one more came out. She was so grossed out. So that's the story of the puppies. 

Uhm. As of now, only 2 puppies are alive and healthy I suppose. Hashi doesn't have much milk to feed 5 puppies I suppose. And now even though only 2 puppies are alive, somehow we're depending on formula milk as well. But I guess she have enough for two. So there I hope and wish that the puppies would be alive and healthy all through out! 

Hashi is a good mom. As a first timer and somehow young, she would do her job and not leave the puppies. I guess it was just bad luck that she lost 3 of them. I hope next time, all of she conceived would live and grow healthy. Well including the two she's nursing now. That's all! :)

Monday, 23 September 2013

Noodly Kind of Day

I don't know but for some reason, with all the post it notes surrounding the room, I think the room is kind of getting smaller. Which is not really okay I think. Also, as much as I appreciate the Korean TV vibe, I hope they would improve the screen and make the TV bigger somehow. 

I was craving for this one and I wasn't actually even hungry that time. I went to a government agency to get something and then we went to PRC and then to UST to get the alumni card (fail) so yeah. And yeah I was craving for this all through out. But not only this!

Cousin craved for Dynamite and so I craved for it as well. 

But then I ended up liking this more. My cousin doesn't like spicy food that much so she probably had 4 chopstickfuls of this and it was me who finished this. I liked this! Will probably crave for this next time. No regrets!

Despite my cousin not liking spicy food, she finished these side dishes almost all by herself! Who are you kidding, woman? LOL. 

Finished the meryenda/dinner with these babies. Love love love this! I think I was disappointed because the cheesecake was out of stock and so no choice, we had choco.

Just beware though! It's gonna be gone just like that! LOL. This is like very light and I told my cousin I might be able to eat three of this consecutively. Just because it's that light. It's like eating nothing deliciously.

My cousin eating deliciously. I hope they would restock with their cheesecake! And I hope it would be as good as imagine it to be.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Updates. Cheaters. Life.

So I just want to share this to you because you know, I can. So I haven't told you guys anything about what's happening in my life recently but I'll try to post that in another day so what I will tell you guys is this. I can't believe how people can be so mean! I mean, people really are extreme. I know person (not on a very personal level) and this is the story.

This married guy is flirting with this taken (not married) girl and they would always flirt and call each other babes and stuff so it's really getting to my nerves sometimes. This guy! I mean, why can he do that? I mean, let's get it straight though. He's not good looking at all! It can be worse but you get what I mean? It's annoying. 

The other day, I think out of courage, a person asked them about the status of their relationship and they were like quiet. And I was like laughing secretly but yeah they didn't say anything substantial. I would love to hear how mess up things are. Not because of anything but because they somehow allowed that situation to happen. They know what and what not to do. I know they do. They just thought they couldn't avoid it. Well in fact, they can!

Here's my take on things. I believe the guy introduced his wife and even their child to the people around who can apparently hear him flirt with this other girl and it's like sick. I mean, I don't know his family but what I can imagine is that these people who know his family are thinking how bad this guy is and that they probably and should pity the wife. And the innocent child. 

Can I blame the girl? Somehow. I don't really blame her totally but it's somehow her fault as well. For some reason, I just think that the guy flirts more than the girl does. But still the same. Why? 

It's not so new to her you know. Her boyfriend is also cheating with her. Like the girlfriend of her boyfriend called her and said to her something like, he's still coming here to see me. Which for me is straight up bull so yeah maybe she's born to be that way. Not. She's too pretty to be just a choice for both parties. One being illegal because you know, we shouldn't interfere with something tied permanently. Unless otherwise you're a home wrecker. So close! She deserves better! 

It's not always the guys' fault. But hasty generalization as you may call it, most of the time, it is. I'll tell you one more story. And this one is so close to home. I actually already tried to blog this situation before but I was hesitant to let other people know the bull that's been happening. But now, it's time to let people know.

A very close relative of mine experienced this. Almost the same thing. Well, it's something like this. The girl was away and then the guy met this girl somewhere and maybe they started seeing each other behind the scene, I don't know. That what the girl is trying to figure out as well.

One day, my relative sensed something and even though there's lack of evidence, she got mad! Got mad for actually nothing. She heard the guy talking to someone on the phone and it was not even supposed to be suspiscious. She confronted the guy right away and the guy denied. Well the story is that the friends were there and the guy was using one of the friends' phone. Well that's kind of suspiscious. Then she asked who he's talking to and he gave a name. A friend's name. She didn't believe it. She called the given name's number and found out that it wasn't him that the guy's talking to. It all started there. See. 

I'm sure there are a lot stories of girls doing this to guys too but I haven't seen or experienced situations like that first hand so as for now, yeah. 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

The King Tiger!

It's like winning the Olympics or something. Actually, I think I wouldn't be as happy if we won the Olympics. For the simple reason that I don't know most of the representatives of the Philippines. But I'm happy for them in general nevertheless. I know it's not yet the finals and shiz but for some reason, this game really lifted me up like I don't know. 

After work, I went straight to my room and opened Facebook and people are talking about the game and I was like, what's happening? So then I was kind of battling whether I should just keep up with the tweets or should I watch live. I watched live. Like even though I'm tired, I can't let my team down. Naks! Hahaha. No but really. You know what I hate? I hate to watch UST basketball games. Because for some reason, it kind of disappoints me. For me, they're always good at the first three quarters of the game and their superpower will somehow decline at the fourth. That's just how it is for UST. When I came home at around 5:30, I was kind of hesitant to watch because I thought, it's probably around the third quarter already. I was dreading the fourth. But then I was like, if this would be their last game, I might as well watch it. Because they're my team after all. I did. 

I went down to my lola's room and watched. It was hella intense. I must have shouted probably 5 times. It was a close game and somehow dirty. Foul here and there! But you know, that's UAAP. Personally, I think it was Jeric who made things wonderful! Props to the other players as well. I mean, it wouldn't be that wonderful if only Teng played against those boys from Ateneo. It's like you guys played and teamed well. So this  is the first step. Hopefully you guys would be able to play as intense and as good. Who knows? We might regain the championship. All the best! 

It's funny because yesterday, I was with my cousin at UST and I was wondering why people have classes and then I remembered that it's not championship yet. LOL. That's all!

Ramen in PH?

So I have told you about me not being a fan of Japanese food here in the Philippines but hey! This is just a proof that we shouldn't generalize things. Dad's friends recommended this and it was really worth trying.

Can I just say that it's pretty affordable. I mean, Ramen in Japan is usually 580 and above so that would be like 240 pesos or something. 

Family picture. I was wearing yellow to support the Salinggawi Dance Troupe but yah know! FAIL.

Mika! Nothing really special about this picture. I like to call this a filler. Hahaha peace Mika. Oh can I just say that I like the interior! It's not very Japanese but it can give you that feel. This is at Taisho Ramen if you're wondering.

Not the best ramen I've tasted but this one is hella better from the rest I've tasted here in the Philippines. This one is close. I like everything about this bowl of ramen. Except probably the way they offer you the garlic. Usually in Japan, they kind of blended the garlic already whilat here in this place, they serve it by clove and then they give you this device which is quite confusing and hard to operate. Anyways, will try more from that store. Almost everyone ordered the same except for my mom who is not a fan of ramen. Well except when we're in Japan. :) 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wrecking Ball | Porn?

Hola guys! So people are kind of freaking out when this came out. I was like, wrecking what? Because you know I don't have a problem with her recent music video We Can't Stop and then this music video came out. I watched it late.

Well let's go straight to what most people think. It's unhygienic. Okay. I don't know what all of those people are thinking but I don't think they got that sledgehammer straight from a toolbox and then used it straight away for Miley to lick. I don't think Miley is that stupid to lick that thing without making sure that the hammer is clean as it can be. Next, the wrecking ball itself. She rode that swaying thing with and without underpants. That part I can somehow understand but I still don't think that the ball wasn't wiped with antibacterial shiz before she rode it. Or it was probably sprayed with antibacterial stuff so let's just stop at that. 

Porn? Yes it might not be appropriate for other people but it's not that pornographic. It's kind of sensitive but yeah. We shouldn't probably question her decision of making that because she's an adult but I agree that she should have considered that most of her fans came from watching her as Hannah Montana so the fans may not be of proper age yet to watch her do that but yeah. Well that's life. 

The song is alright. I kind of like it because it actually makes sense. Way better than We Can't Stop if you ask me. Although I don't really understand both. Except for some lines. Huh? What people can do is to stop watching it if they don't like it. It'll make their lives easier. And for parents/guardians, guide the kids perhaps? Well that's all! :)

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Samsung CDC 2013 Forecast and Winners!

As I am typing these thoughts, no winners yet but I will include the winners at the end of my post. Okay?


Camel toes. Can I just say that that's the first thing I noticed. Boys and girls! Anyway. I didn't really like the costume but my sister thinks it's nice. Okay. I don't really think they did spectacular but they didn't have any major mistake or whatever but yeah the point is they didn't really do something impressive for me. I like the makeup of the presenter though. I don't know if I'm in the position (not) to say what they should or shouldn't have done but the girls should have have the same makeup as hers. 


I generally liked their routine but then they kind of had mistakes. I don't know if my count is right but they had 3 major mistakes but I think they did beautifully. I like their spirit! I like their costume. I like their hair!


Pretty normal. They had probably 2 mistakes and yeah. I don't get why they have to paint people's faces white because if they're on fire, shouldn't they be black because they're burning? I don't know. I liked their pyramids though. Perfectly made.


They really did well. I liked their routine and everything but their costume. It's just that I don't think it's cheer dance looking material but yeah job well done. The only mistake I noticed is the pyramid thing but that almost doesn't count.

NU PEP SQUAD- Arabic/Indian

I find the bald guys weird. It just doesn't look right. But their routine is quite alright. Nothing too "wow" factor routine.


I don't know what's wrong with UST but they're like taking us all around the world. But anyways, I liked the dance moves and all but let's all admit it, the tricky parts failed big time. Maybe it's not yet the time for Salinggawi to really shine. Better luck next time.


I think they did okay. Most of the teams are down so I think they might make it! 


Not really glamorous! But they did okay. I have a dancer friend there so yeah. Uhm they did quite a few mistakes but since they are the host. The judges might not be able to see that mistakes. So yeah. Let's see.


Friday, 13 September 2013

Preggers :/

So this is really surprising. It's kind of too late when we found out but yeah. As too early as I think it happened, we must accept what the nature of things are and what to do? I don't know. Accept it? Let things be! Anyways! :) I am happy to announce that the baby of my pet family is pregnant! I don't know what to feel about it but you know, in some ways, pets are somehow still not the same as human so yeah. But I'm kind of excited/nervous about how things will turn out but hopefully there wouldn't be anything to be nervous about when the right time comes. Oh well. 


Hashi is expected to deliver the baby within the week and she seems healthy now. Nothings changed expect for her big belly. We reckon there might be 2 pups inside because that's how her mum used to be. 

Her favorite activity as of the moment is to ask for someone to pet her belly. I think she's somehow in pain and would like someone to pet her or something. I don't know. She's also always sleeping or resting so that's good since theoretically, that would help condition the pups. 

Good luck Hashi! May the odds be ever in your favor!  

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Victory and Friends.

Hi guys! When I passed the board exam, I knew I have to celebrate it with these awesome people. You may know my cousin (black top) from the many blog post I have featured her to. I have also featured my best friend (pink top) in maybe a blog post or two and the new girl in the picture (green top) is Diana! A high school super close friend of mine.

Nothing fancy. Just a dinner out to celebrate my victory and just to catch up with things. I am blessed with awesome friends and I am really thankful to have them in my life.

It rained so hard that time and my cousin and I were there an hour earlier than the call time and then yeah we were worried that my friends would actually go on with this dinner but then they did! So rare. LOL.

Ordered two servings of this fries which I kind of regret doing because personally, it's really not that tasty for me. It's like too powdery because of like the artificial flavor which is not really that tasty as well so it's like eating talcum powder lang. But anyways. 

Diana told us that they do fireworks on Saturdays so we stayed a little bit longer to watch the show. It's a super short show but since it's free, we really can't complain about it. It's not too shabby! :)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

NBI Clearance Fail

So toxic!! Actually, I'm just stupid (only I can judge myself) but anyways this is what happened. I went with my cousin which by the way wasn't able to enter the building because she was wearing flip flops and yeah basically I had to go alone, right? To sum up all of my stupidity, I missed a step and had to do it and fall in line again! For the record, I fell in line for over an hour before I realized that I missed a step.  Great! 

I'm actually grateful that this day happened. It made me realize quite a lot of things. And this is not to bash the government or other people. Merely observation. 

First, it's super damn slow. Like, I don't understand why it's so slow because they have quite a lot of employees naman. Well the thing is they hired people they don't really need. Like there are a lot of employees but that's not like to speed up the process. Parang pamparami lang. For example, there's this one cubicle in the Bio-metrics department na nagcut-off on itself. Like at 1 pm, it closed. Why though? Wala man lang kapalit or something? A woman I met there said that if his husband is with her, he would question and bash the system. Which is understandable. She's married to an Australian by the way. So yeah. 

Second, there are a lot of people applying to go abroad! In my group, which is probably like 5 people, only 2 of us are applying for local employment. Which is kind of surprising but again understandable. I am just amazed by this. 

Third, I didn't experience this personally but someone who also made a mistake told me this. So after we accomplished the step we missed, her friend went down and told her to go up directly and then I was surprised to see her behind me when I looked because I thought she went directly upstairs and not fall in line anymore but she told me that she wasn't entertained and stuff and then she was like, look at those beautiful girls, they have an advantage. She was like telling me how they were somehow neglected and she made me look at the beautiful girls given V.I.P treatment and being assisted. Although I don't really know the case of those beautiful girls but yeah. Treated quite specially in my opinion.

Last, I noticed that the processing for males is faster than the females. And as much as I respect the reason behind it (if there's any), I don't get why the male is separated from the female. Which is kind of unfair. Because the policy is to group the males together and the females together. And then there will come a point that they will call on all the males first and then all the females next. If it's the turn of the male population to enter and you're the earliest female to arrive, you wouldn't stand a chance to the male who arrived last. Why though? 

Okay just because I don't want you to commit the same mistake, here are some tips for you to successfully get your NBI clearance.

* Wear shoes! (although they were able to stop my cousin who was wearing a rubber slippers, I was able to spot 3 persons not wearing proper shoes) 
* Bring ballpen! (you will need it in answering the application form)
* Ask the right person on where to go next! And always confirm! (I asked the wrong person/I didn't confirm!)

I am happy to have gained new friends or maybe not because what's the chance of me seeing my chat mates while I was there again? Well maybe. Good luck guys wherever you're intending to go. May the odds be ever in your favor! :) Oh the good side is that I was able to get my NBI clearance on the same day! Lucky to have a unique name after all! 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

All IN! New Haircut?

Hola guys! After passing the board exam, my cousin and I decided to shave our heads. Well jokingly of course but actually, deep inside, I was like, why not? My hair is not at its best condition anyway and like, it's long, given. But not pretty at all. Well it's pretty sometimes but never healthy. My cousin and I went to Cavite to visit my auntie and then out of the blue, my auntie told us that she wanted a haircut and a new hair color and so she did. She went with my cousin. And then she called me probably 30 minutes after and told me to go there and bring Yoshi (baby cousin) because he too would be having his hair cut. Okay.

When I arrived there, my cousin is already getting her hair done and I was like, if she's already doing it, then I think I would be doing it as well. My auntie was kind of pushy actually but then okay. She was telling me I have to get my hair done because I passed the boards and all that. But in reality, I guess she just want us to have our hair done as well so she won't be the only one. So when my tita greeted us outside the salon, with matching salon cap and all, she was like, sige na! I was like, okay pero trim lang ha and she was like, sayang naman kung trim lang! I was like, okay!

So what happened is that the people in that salon was like, are you sure? "Sayang" but then I was thinking, there's nothing to be sorry about cutting my hair. Hindi naman maganda. LOL. But then in reality, it's really kind of sayang because I kept it for like quite a long time and never really allowed salon people to cut more than what probably is 3 inches of my hair all at once. So yeah. 

So this is my new haircut guys! Don't expect it to be always this neat though. Blower lang yan. But you know, I must grow it in the right way and since no more split ends, frizzy ends, and super fried ends na, I think it would be easier for me to grow it. Sana. So yeah. It feels kind of nice actually. My head feels lighter (no pun intended) and I think it's actually kind of nice to sport a new look now that I'm facing a new chapter in my life na. Yun langs.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Verdict.

Hello guys! I promised to give you guys an update about how my examination turned out. After hours and hours of dreadful waiting and as one of my friends told me "Agony in the Garden", I'm sure that's not comparable but I really feel the same way. Anyway. The whole list of successful examiners was released a couple of hours ago and yeah I'm blogging about it now! 
Always Do Your Best. Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret. - Miguel Angel Ruiz
I passed! OMG! I can't even you guys. Thank you to all my friends and family for praying for me. I didn't tell a lot of people so I was really nervous that not a lot of people prayed for me but obviously, I have told enough people to lift me up! I actually think that even if I just only told my mom, I would still pass because she would be praying sincerely for me I guess but nevertheless, thank you guys! Not saying others didn't pray sincerely okay? LOL. When I found out about it, I went down right away and I told my sister first because she's the first one I saw and then my mom who apparently overheard it, asked me to repeat what I've said, went out of the veranda, hugged and congratulated me. I couldn't be any happier. Thank you mom for believing in me and for supporting me. Thank you for all your sacrifices! FYI, my mom woke up early for 2 days to make hatid to me at the examination venue. I owe you everything mom. This is for you. 

Thank you cousin for doing the same! I really appreciate you waking up when you were supposed to be still dreaming. Thank you to all my friends for praying for me and though I have been MIA lately, I'll make bawi. Thank you guys for praying for me. Diana and Nissan who probably asked me a million times when will my examination be starting probably June. I'm not gonna name you/them all but thank you to my college friends for encouraging me and being with me all this time. We made it! Basically, after each exam, we would all gather and be depressed all together. I would gladly write some tips for board takers when it's relevant but yeah.  

Congratulations to my good friend Kim, for making it to the top 10. Actually, she's Top 2 overall so congrats, friend! I'm so proud of you!! It all payed off! :) And you really deserve it! Kahit ano pa man yan, you're still our number 1. Congratulations UST for somehow proving your worth. Ninety-five point something ain't bad considering UST sent the most number of examiners but you know it doesn't matter anymore so whatevs. I love UST. It was my training ground and I would always look back to it and be proud that I was once its student. Naks. 

That's it for this update guys. I would be taking more examinations in the future but this one is the most important one for me. Because this is the most basic and I guess this would break or make confidence and in this case, it made me somehow confident but I should really exert more effort in the future. It's really a stepping stone and I'm really happy that I was able to step up and that I am sharing it with you guys. Thank you thank you thank you. To God be the glory. 
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.