Saturday, 21 September 2013

The King Tiger!

It's like winning the Olympics or something. Actually, I think I wouldn't be as happy if we won the Olympics. For the simple reason that I don't know most of the representatives of the Philippines. But I'm happy for them in general nevertheless. I know it's not yet the finals and shiz but for some reason, this game really lifted me up like I don't know. 

After work, I went straight to my room and opened Facebook and people are talking about the game and I was like, what's happening? So then I was kind of battling whether I should just keep up with the tweets or should I watch live. I watched live. Like even though I'm tired, I can't let my team down. Naks! Hahaha. No but really. You know what I hate? I hate to watch UST basketball games. Because for some reason, it kind of disappoints me. For me, they're always good at the first three quarters of the game and their superpower will somehow decline at the fourth. That's just how it is for UST. When I came home at around 5:30, I was kind of hesitant to watch because I thought, it's probably around the third quarter already. I was dreading the fourth. But then I was like, if this would be their last game, I might as well watch it. Because they're my team after all. I did. 

I went down to my lola's room and watched. It was hella intense. I must have shouted probably 5 times. It was a close game and somehow dirty. Foul here and there! But you know, that's UAAP. Personally, I think it was Jeric who made things wonderful! Props to the other players as well. I mean, it wouldn't be that wonderful if only Teng played against those boys from Ateneo. It's like you guys played and teamed well. So this  is the first step. Hopefully you guys would be able to play as intense and as good. Who knows? We might regain the championship. All the best! 

It's funny because yesterday, I was with my cousin at UST and I was wondering why people have classes and then I remembered that it's not championship yet. LOL. That's all!

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