Friday, 3 August 2012

Star City, Philippines. A Look Back.

We usually go here during Christmas or just about any HOLIDAYS that we feel like going. We had quite a history with this place. I noticed how it changed over time and it's just so nice. This place is in the center of Manila. Anyone in Manila would know where this is located. Or at least would have an idea.

Can I just share this post with you? Because I'm pretty proud of myself when I was reviewing pictures when I got home. LOL. Pretty good right? Can I just also share that I haven't had a chance to ride this. I don't know but because of all the attractions inside the park, it seems unconventional to ride this. Also, queue line is so long. Or not really. I don't know. Maybe they should make this ride a little higher to attract me. It's really quite low. Pretty normal. Ugh. Moving on...

Recently, they kind of changed the LION KING ride with this YE OLE PIRATE SHIP. LOL totally made that up but yeah, basically the same concept. Only they kind of narrate the story Lion King on the previous ride so as much as I like PIRATES and all that CARRIBEANY stuff, I still prefer the Lion King ride. Too bad. Should have consulted me first. Haha joke.


The ride itself is a circular thingy that can lift 4 persons at most. I don't know if I'm just so obsessed with pirate stuff but definitely good stuff inside. Kind of reminds me of the Pirates ride in Disneyland so yeah. But that's another comparison. It's just that...I'm just saying.

My sisters and I. That pool thingy behind us is still the same though. They probably changed something about it but maybe it's just so irrelevant that I haven't noticed. Oh wells. Oh can I just share that it was my sister's birthday when I last went here.

The park itself is kind of divided into two. Not that there's an official division. There's like an outdoor park and an indoor park. Not that it's more fun outdoor but yeah, the rides there are just more daring. But the rides indoors', not bad. The thing is it's actually air conditioned inside. Star City isn't really a huge park so it's kind of always crowded so I say small spaces for walk like that of the picture above is very much appreciated. 

I believe this one above is the biggest ride there. The ride is quite good! I like it. But not my favourite. This thing is what they so call, an inverted roller coaster and all that. The concept is really nice. It's just that the ride is so short that it doesn't make up for the very long line and the very long time that you have to wait to ride this thing. Not very worth it. But yeah. Whatever. 

My favourite ride is actually this thingy. Ugh. Love!  

Mika and I queuing for SURF DANCE. Oh and Mari too!

Some more rides...Oops! When riding this thing above, ready a comb. You know what to do after taking off. LOL.

So... let's go inside, shall we? LOLJK. Not much inside. 


This is from the Peter Pan thingy. 

And just because they have this, ME LIKEY the attraction! LOL. They also have the Eiffel Tower, The Coliseum, and all that stuff. Nice, aye? Well...I don't know much about Peter Pan to be honest with you. LOL. So yeah. :) That must be all about this.

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