Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I'd Like to Use a Lifeline | Camera 360 Sexy Lips

Hola! I've told you guys about my plan of attack this August and to be honest, I feel kind of disappointed to myself. I don't know. It's just that I think I'm not trying hard enough to follow my schedule but anyways.

Unless you're Sandara, it doesn't look quite nice. Sorry. So recently, I've been seeing this type of photos and I'm not pissed or anything but I just don't understand it. I'm pretty sure they're all a fan of my best friend's orange lipstick obsession but then again it kind of looks weird for me. The first time I saw it right, I was like, okay maybe it's just that one. Forgiven, And that after a while, she posted a batch of pictures, placed in an album, with all that sort or orange lips happening. Orange lips is fine. But then when it's kind of fake looking already that even the background is kind of discolored, nah. And then after some time, I saw another friend on Facebook who posted the same thing and I was like, this is too much.

Okay then I asked my sister about it because it's quite destructing me already, she said it's a filter and the app is called Camera 360 so as a form of social experiment, I would like to show you this.
You see why it's destructing? It's because it's not only that lips that are discolored but like quite a lot of things. Now I don't know why but the filter is called SEXY LIPS because it's not only the lips that is affected and it's not actually sexy. It should be named as something like Annoying Orange or things like that. No offense to the people who like the color orange though. And no offense to the people who actually like to use this filter. I'm probably the only one confused by this but whatever. And what will you do when you're confused? Do it again!

And I still didn't like it. It made my eyes kind of orange-y and I look like a sick person here. Seriously though, I would be really scared if I would see someone with those kind of eyes you know.

You know what's more confusing? It's confusing why I'm confused by this. I mean, why do I care? I have a lot of things to memorize and understand for the board exam and here I am, explaining to you guys my observation. LOL. Anyways that's just about it. I hope you guys are having a good break or something like that. I'll see you soon again! :)

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