Monday, 25 November 2013

HG Catching Fire Blog post

Hi guys! I watched Hunger Games Catching Fire recently. Actually, awhile ago. And I just want to share what happened before and after the movies so yeah. I watched it with my sisters because we all watched the first hunger games together as well but not on the big screen.

We were so close in not being able to watch the movie due to the unavailability of seats but glad we made it so we must take pictures. LOL. 

Mika and Mari

In theory, there should be like 24 QQ players but I don't know why there are only 9 in the poster. I actually haven't noticed that because I was only looking at Katniss and Peeta at first so yeah. I wonder why though. My sister Mika told me that maybe, they're like the strongest of the team. Oh maybe.

I will go on with the review after this post but I actually don't have much to say about it either. Or maybe I do. Talk about being indecisive. Anways we were dropped off at around 2 pm and the movie will start at 3 and we actually thought that there wouldn't be people queuing and stuff because today is Manny Pacquiao's fight and I thought everyone would be home and all that but that was just a major fail. Major fail. LOL. So then we queued but unfortunately, the 3 pm cinema was already full so then we switched to the 3:30 pm show but then again there was only 4 seats available and what are the odds that the seats are in one line or something? None. So my sisters and I have to seat separately. Unfortunately. We grabbed the opportunity anyways. Because we really can't stay that long because we have a dinner at 5 ish so yeah.

We bought pop corns and drinks and then my sister noticed that there is a Gelato store which she's been meaning to try for so long and since I'm such a nice sister (hungry sister) we ordered some. They have a buy one take one promo so we were able to have four flavors but even so, it's still quite expensive for the smallest cup.

Yummy Flavours
Flavor I got, flavor we did'n't get, and my sister's Mari's flavor.
My flavor, and my sister's Mika's flavor.
After the movies, we went to our dinner and I would just share some pictures of it in the future. And a little bit of review. By the way there's nothing much to look forward to in these sweet stuff. They taste like normal ice cream in my opinion. But yeah kinda worth trying to as well because we would know not to order them again next time. Not anytime soon at least.

I am just so delighted thought I couldn't feel Christmas elsewhere, I somehow had a feel that it's just around the corner. And it is. Look at those fancy lights! They are just gorgeous! :) That's all guys! Have a nice day. And you can definitely look forward to thy next blog posts that will be up this week :) Thank you guys.


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