Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy | Movie Review

So on its first showing day, my family decided it's a good idea to watch it. Well not. Anyways.

I didn't really like the movie. I guess I was expecting a little bit more from it. Like, it's quite nice for a good laugh but you know, very predictable! I guess it would have been nicer if there were other artists that played the role of the other characters but I guess that would be pointless since clearly, they thought of the concept very well. And that they clealy wanted one artist (just one artist) to do all four. 

So the story is that they are quadruplets and that they were separated by birth by the evil grandmother (father side). Then two of them were brought to the United States and then two of them stayed with the mother and stayed in the province. Then girl, boy, bakla (gay), and tomboy it is. Surprising yeah? LOL. Okay so after several years, the boy needed to have a liver transplant and for some reason, they can't find a compatible donor so they decided to reveal to their children that they're not really just twins. That like, there are really 4 of them. So after they test and stuff, the doctors said that the gay is a compatible donor and yeah. The thing though is that the gay is not okay with it. So he decided to give everyone else a hard time. At the end, he decided to give a part of his liver. It's really that predictable. 

My favorite character is Girly. I don't know. Her personality is just awesome at some point and yeah. I like that. Can I just say that for some reason, I find her gorgeous too!

It's not all negative though. I mean it's  really funny. But I guess it's not well put together. It's like "this is funny let's put it in" system and yeah. I seem to be the only one in the family to see the movie that way though. My grandma really enjoyed it. My mom thinks it's okay. And my sisters thought it's really funny. 


  1. Looks like a great and funny movie! But with the looks of that plot, it will really seem predictable. Great review!


  2. Maganda at nakaka aliw ang palabas na ito. Panoorin nyo po at tiyak na mag eenjoy kayo.


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