Monday, 14 April 2014

STAP Issue in Japan

First of all, this girl speaks vintage to me that I sometimes don't understand what she is saying. But Imma give my point anyways. 


1. Copying and pasting pictures for the Powerpoint presentation.

2. Wearing a white cooking apron instead of a prescribed laboratory gown. 

3. Fabricating results because scientists like herself cannot replicate her result.

She's 30-ish and she call herself inexperienced of this thing. If you don't know STAP, it's okay. I don't know it too. But it's Stimulus Triggered something that basically renews cells and develop to stem cells that would be effective for Stress Therapy they say. So yeah the issue is that they found similar images online. We all know that in the world of research, you have to annotate that. Or if you're actually done with the research, use your own documented photo. She's 30 ish but I don't believe she doesn't have more experienced advisers. Not to brag but I have friends who were able to publish their research papers and get awards for it and stuff in their early 20's (some teens) And I know that they know that copy-paste isn't the best way to go. Maybe she knows. 

The cooking apron kind of pisses me off. I mean, it wouldn't change the result! Whatever she's wearing, right? I guess they just want to make the issue bigger that they're tackling irrelevant stuff to be part of the issue. Well I hope we all agree that it ain't cool to fabricate stuff but come on! Really? I hope they won't touch on how she's wearing full on make-up while experimenting. 

Scientists can't replicate result is kind of questionable. I mean, it's either she's really really good and that the other scientists are bad OR she made up the result so not even the most brilliant scientist can replicate it. I've seen that senior scientist have tried and failed so I don't know about that. 

Another issue is that the company that funded the research already called the paper/research flawed and then as a response, she filed a complaint and asked that sponsor company to take back what it said. I don't really know what to say but I guess that the company kind of made  a move so soon that it's kind of unjustifiable.

In my opinion, I think she deserves a chance. I mean, I think she fabricated the procedure and all that to make it more believable or something but if she proclaimed that there is that certain type of cell made, I somehow believe it. I don't know if it's just me or something but yeah weird, yeah? I think they're giving people certain time to investigate and all that which is nice because at least they're not concluding stuff. So yeah. 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Useless Realization

I went to the game center with Hidemi yet again and as much as I love game centers and all that stuff, I feel like the money played can be spent on something else. Something more finite. But anyways. I actually feel like I would play like crazy when I start work because of probably stress or boredom. But that's not my realization. Anyways, we were supposed to open a bank account but it was already closed when we went so yeah bad luck. Will try again on Monday.

So they were announcing something right? I was so busy playing and asked Demi about it and she was like, it doesn't matter! We're already grandmas LOL. Okay so I then realized that there were only adults left and apparently there's a curfew going on that doesn't allow children to play beyond what? 5 or 6 pm? I can't recall but yeah that's the story of it. I guess it's a pretty dope rule and I guess that would actually benefit everyone. Except probably the game center itself.

Here's our breakfast/lunch today. Well I actually had bread and coffee for breakfast but yeah. Demi cooked the egg and I cooked the sausage. Fair enough. Although she did almost everything. Thanks friend.

So yeah life in Japan is not always fabulous, sakura, sushi, and ramen. I realized that Japan is a country and Japanese are people too. K. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sayonara Sakura

It's been a wonderful Sakura sight seeing for me. I think I haven't walked to a proper Sakura sight seeing spot but you know, from I'm from, it's been really great. I actually think you're sick of seeing my Sakura post now even though I would have posted more if I have proper internet connection. As much as I appreciate Blogger Mobile, I think it's pain in the arse so yeah. 

Isn't it neat?

Look at this beauty though. Me likey. The good thing in Japan is that even the street looks beautiful with only leaves as the trash or something. Or at least in my town. I heard it can be pretty nasty somewhere here in Japan but majority of the places are still very very clean. 

I'm fond of going to this place to see the sakura on the floor. I don't know. I think it's beautiful. Don't you think so? I think everything here is beautiful. LOL. 

So yeah I guess that's the last of Sakura we would all enjoy in this post and until we see each other again next year, I guess. On other news, I want to greet my best friend, Happy Birthday!! :)
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