Thursday, 15 November 2012

My Reaction. IU and Eunhyuk.


I'm quite left behind on what's happening on the crazy world of K-pop. Lame, I know.

I'm personally not a fan of IU. She's kind of good but for me, not really my type. Okay whatever. Not really my point.

So basically, IU posted this photo on her Twitter account and people went wild over it. Like, why is Eunhyuk NAKED?

Rumor has it that Eunhyuk visited IU because she was sick and stuff so yeah.


And I don't know what's wrong with some NETIZENS nowadays or like even before. It's just not logical anymore.


First of all, it must be the angle of the camera. If it'll be tilted to the right a little bit

With my poor editing skills, here's what I was able to do.

Okay whatever.

And with the Korean entertainment industry being all strict with having relationships and all that, I don't think IU is that stupid to actually post something like them laying in bed and all that.

To my second point now.

If you would actually pay attention, it's kind of clear that Eunhyuk is not naked. ENTIRELY. I mean, who knows? But for people to actually say that he's shirtless is unacceptable.

With my poor editing skills again, here's what I got.

The things I do to prove my point is just. Awesome. LOL. Okay so unless he's really color green in that part, then your argument is invalid.

That's why our teachers are always reminding us not to believe everything we see on the Internet is somehow helpful. Because there are a lot of craps really.

I actually don't have a third point. LOL.

But whatever.

I don't actually believe that there's something going on here. Or if ever there is, I say we leave them alone.

IU is kind of young but Eunhyuk is definitely legal. I mean, I hope he knows what he's doing at this point of his life.

Oh well.

Let me just point out that Eunhyuk looks sicker in this picture than IU is. Mmm.. Okay that's all.

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