Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ideal Bedroom.

I've shared to you before that I actually don't fancy a very big house anymore. I've told you I want it to be simple. Whatever that means.

But even though I said that, I kind of want a nice bedroom. Not BIG. Just nice. And by whatever means, it is definitely possible. Yeah? Yup. It doesn't have to be identical to one of these though. Maybe a little bit of everything would be nice.

I like how they incorporated the sofa. Space saver! I like!  I like how simple it is and yeah.

It's rather too girluy. But I like how it reminds me of the cupboard under that stairs. If you know what I mean.

I love the bed table. It's just something. I can't even. Also, the map there is just a must. Also, the globe nearby. Precious.

And finally..

I like the wall and the curtain? And the light. I just don't know how everything could fit in one room? Haha. But anyways event though I wouldn't be able to put this everything in my room, at least I considered the idea of doing it. That's all.

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