Monday, 2 July 2012

My SNSD ranking.

When I first heard about this girl group (2009), I was literally confused. Why?

According to ME:

1.  They look the same.
2. They sound the same.
3. Their names are hard to memorize.
4. I'm not interested.

But as my K-POP journey goes...I realized I like them. And they're better than new girl groups that are out now. There are probably a lot of things that haters can say about SNSD but I don't really care. I'm not the biggest fan of SNSD but I just want to share my journey from kind of hating/not liking them to the present condition of actually liking them. I'm just gonna share my thoughts on each members and yeah, why I like them OR NOT. LOL.

Seriously though! I don't what caused my transformation of liking them. Maybe their personality and stuff. Sitcoms and variety shows! YEAH.

And my favorite member is!


Her personality is really fantastic and she's so lively! She's funny as well. I like how she dance and all that! She's so pretty too! I don't care if she had plastic surgery before but yeah, what's important is that I like her and that's all that matter! LOL. I like how she's funny. I watched her sitcoms and variety shows and she's really just so amazing! I like how great she is at dancing and all that stuff!

My next is SUNNY! She's  just so bright like a sun. I don't know what's with SUNNY that's so bright and yeah. Aegyo queen! LOL. I like how her members are always kind of irritated when she shows her AEGYO to them.

My third is probably Seohyun! She's just so CUTE! And she's SMART! As far as singing goes though, I think I like Seohyun's voice and also their voices. Her face also didn't change. Still cute like her trainee years! I like how she's precised and accurate and all that stuff! 


And as far as beauty is concern, ... I mean, they're all beautiful but you know! For me, the most beautiful is...

She's so tiny and perfect. Maybe not sexy though. But she's so pretty and so gorgeous! And for me her face is the most unchanged face. She still looks youthful and fresh like her younger years. Awesome! 


I like Sooyoung's LEGS! I mean, her legs are perfect like that! The girls all agree that SOOYOUNG is the prettiest without make-up because she looks kind of the same and I can see why they're saying that. She's a natural beauty. Like, she doesn't look like someone who will look different without make up and stuff. She actually doesn't look like a Korean to me but there's something about her that really makes her beautiful.  

I like Yuri's ABS. But like recently, Yuri became really  skinny and all that. It doesn't look good on her much so yeah. But I like her abs. Her arms and legs are kind of bothering me though. But whatever. Yuri's face from her trainee years didn't change as well. But yeah, she just slimmed down and stuff. 

I don't know what to say about Jessica Jung though. She's okay. I used to really dislike her before but yeah, I like her now. She sings okay leaning to good but yeah, I don't know. She's sort of funny too! And the thing about Jessica Jung is when she talks, everybody stops. Hence being called the ICE PRINCESS. She's not funny when she's kind of trying to be funny but her normal way of talking is some sort kind of funny. She got a great bod too! :)

So yeah. That's probably what all I can say about this group! :)

How cute! 

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