Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Katy Perry's Wide Awake MV. Review.

Have you all watched Katy Perry's Wide Awake music video? Pretty awesome right? But just like any other music videos that I liked before, it's mysterious.

So, the plot was like they were somehow shooting her "California Girls" music video. It was like she was on that cotton candy clouds something-something and yeah the music video shooting was done and now the intro of Wide Awake. I don't know what it was all about actually. But I'll try my best to figure this out.

It was a wrap and she said goodbye to the people behind the scene and then she kind of removed the wig she was wearing on the shoot. The thing is I thought she was gonna remove her make-up and that wig cap but just when I though she would, branch-looking hair kind of appeared sideways and then the theme became some sort of a forest/jungle where it was suddenly dark. And I was like "is she dreaming?" Probably not. Because she's wide awake, DUH? So yeah. Also, a very fake-looking caterpillar somehow showed in the beginning when they kind of showed the new setting of the video which is again, the forest-kind-of-thingy.

And then what confused me more was that there was a strawberry hanging on a tree? WTH? I can't comprehend what was happening. I don't know know if that was supposed to be an apple or probably some fruit of life, I don't know. But seriously? Strawberry on a tree? Is that possible?

And for some reason, I don't know why Katy Perry can't let go of that fireworks/sparkles/whip cream/or-just-about anything coming out of her...chest area. And then she sent sparks above the maze like she was kind of the fifth contestant on the TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT (potterhead attack!).

So, we move on. And then appeared a child I believe. Now this child, I don't know where she came from. Like, Katy Perry ended up riding a wheel chair and this child is rushing her somewhere. I believe she was rushing her to the emergency room or something. Maybe the strawberry was poisoned or cursed. If you know what I mean. And then there were 2 men dressed as bullies? Do they represent bullies? Probably. I don't know much about animals. Anything with horns are bullies for me. Almost. And she kind of closed her fists and then the concrete ground kind of broke? And for some reason, is this shot supposed to look scary or what? And then! After the ground kind of broke, Katy Perry was suddenly alright as if nothing happened. And guess what? They have escaped and kind of entered...

WONDERLAND? Mmmm...I actually liked the flowers and all that wonderland stuff.

And then this prince charming kind of appeared and yeah...complicated things happened. And yeah. good job though, Katy. I wonder who's that guy. Well, yeah, I don't want to assume.

And then before they actually parted, the child kind of gave something to Katy. And of all things, a butterfly. But awesome idea!

And then, Katy Perry was at her make-up room and the butterfly appeared. I was kind of confused about what actually happened. After wonderland, she kind of came back to "reality". And judging by the look of her face, she was kind of clueless of what happened. She was clueless about the butterfly and all that. I thought she was WIDE AWAKE?

Katheryn is actually Katy Perry's first name. So, thinking about it, little Katy kind of visited the present Katy to kind of witness things with her again. Her downs, her ups, her past, and her present. Which is awesome. I mean, to see Katy Perry sstruggles might be not something I witnessed personally, but I'm really happy that she's kind of successful now.
ucceed from her 
I saw her interview on Ellen and she kind of told what happened when she was still starting and all that so I kind of know probably 0.1 of her personal life and yeah I'm kind of impressed how she never gave up and be someone else like what record companies told her to be.

The caterpillar might be a representation of her success. Like all caterpillars, we will soon become a bright, colorful butterflies and fly.

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