Sunday, 10 March 2013

Temple Run. Oz vs Brave.

I just want to make a comparison between these two. There wouldn't be pictures or anything like that but I promise I'll try to be as graphic as possible. Let's get started!

I like the Wizard of Oz's Temple Run better than Brave. I haven't seen Wizard of Oz though but that's not the point. The background of Wizard of Oz is like, way too more awesome than that of Brave. I also realized that if you weren't able to watch Brave, you wouldn't get much clue on what the movie is all about. You would probably know it's about a red head, bear, bow and arrow, and wisps. Unlike in Oz, you would have an idea that it's probably about a garden, a dark forest, a key, some flying creatures, bubbles, graveyard, and stuff. 

Although I find the Brave's "night mode" amazing (which is a little hard to activate by the way), it's still nothing compared to the uphill stuff that the Wizard of Oz has. I don't know why but I really find Brave's straight set-up boring. That's actually what I like about Temple Run 2 as well. The stairs and all that.

In Wizard of Oz, there's this Parachute where you could ride in replacement of that zip line that Temple Run 2 has. And what you have to do is avoid the crystals and all that.

What I also like about Oz is that they also give you an option to continue the game even after you lose. Just like that of Temple Run 2 as well. Although it's relatively easier to earn points on Brave, they don't give you that option. Boo. I don't know but I guess it came out before Temple Run 2 so maybe it isn't pattern there. Oh well.

I like how there's a different place in Oz. If you were able to reach a certain amount of distance, there would be a sort of warning that would say that you will be on a different place and in this case, "The Dark Forest" which is like, scary because the roots of the trees are like everywhere and then the asphalt or whatever that thing is called is everywhere. Yeah. I guess you have to see it yourself. And probably tell me what you think. :)

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