Saturday, 9 March 2013

Teresita's. Food Trip.

My mom told me I was on Duty when they first tried eating here. And she also said that the owner of this restaurant is related to the owner of Razon's, a place where we eat often. We even tried their branch in Gua Gua. Anyways. 

Mom is love! I don't know what happened to her hair nor what she's doing but she's so awesome! :) Haha

My sisters are love! :) 


Poor little sister. Her order actually came in last.

My mom actually recommended this and it was good but not for the health. I mean, it's alright to try once in a while but you know, I wish I could check our lipid profile or something. 

And then her food arrived! Happy kid is happy.


Overall, I did enjoy my food. It's a lot like Razon's though so I wonder why my mom decided to eat there. I just don't know if Razon's serves Chicharon Bulaklak. Maybe not. Oh well. It was a fun night. I am happy. :)

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