Monday, 11 March 2013

Manila Ocean Park. A Look Back.

I don't know when exactly but I remember going here not so long before it was opened. And it's not a good idea at all. I didn't appreciate anything during that time because there were so many people crowding and you can't really stop and look at things because you know, the people behind were complaining and all that. I don't know but I really didn't see its beauty before. 

Little sisters! Lurve. LOL. Look at Mika with the travel guide thingy. Hahaha

I actually like visiting places like this. I mean, it's good to kind of have time to appreciate nature. See, even my sister was interested. I guess there should be a lot of place like this. It's a good way to preserve what is left of us. It's a good place to learn stuff.

When we went there, I think the only place conducive for photos was this place. Not even too conducive since people are kind of still everywhere. 

But thanks to this that my sisters and I were able to relax after that exhausting walk. Say hello to my pink nails! Hahaha. Whut? This was what I enjoyed most about this trip. I will actually revisit the place and kind of rediscover what I already did before and kind of experience the new things they have to offer. :) Peace!

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