Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Picture Picture.

This is a late post but whatever. Since I can still remember it, it's going here. :)) I was supposed to be off this day but I had to make-up for an absence so yeah. I, together with two more interns were actually the blood extractor in the main laboratory so we were like going up and down (repeat 10 times). We were so tired and we didn't even get to prepare for the picture taking and then we were like, we should just be together and people would identify that we are the extractors because we all look haggard. 

I don't know how this works but I can barely recognize some people because you know, the thing is darn tiny. We're like AKB48 for a second. If you don't know what that is, that's actually a Japanese girl group with like, 88 members. 

Also this. I'm gonna miss Internship. Actually, I kind of miss it already. People say that we only get to appreciate something when it's done. I attest to that. Somehow.

I present to you my group mates! I'm gonna miss them because you know, I was with this group during night duties and all that stuff so yeah.


We're actually not complete in this picture but I would not miss the other two any less.  

Let me just take you backstage for a second.

I don't even remember someone taking this picture. But it exists. So whatever. Haha that's all I'm gonna share. I'll be going to the Grand Duty later so let's see what I can share from there. :) Good vibes!

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  1. Aww only memories left after the work. It's our computer practical near by and I feel so excited to work with my group :)
    Aree With Umbrella


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