Saturday, 4 August 2012

I want longer hair!

I haven't experienced having such long hair. The longest hair I've had was probably armpit level. That's all! I know it's my fault for cutting it and not letting it grow and stuff but it's just that I can't afford growing damaged hair either. It's not nice to grow damaged hair anyways. LOL.

Thinking about it, since it's helpless for me to grow perfect hair, I would just let it grow anyways and who knows? Might be able to resolve its damages when it's long already and not cutting it on its way to becoming long. LOL.

I really want to have a very long hair. I don't know why but there's really something right about long hairs. Makes someone pretty, eh. Like, whatever. I don't know. But really though. Also, it's kind of easier to style it and do all sort of things to it. Can do all DIY Pinterest stuff. And it makes any outfit a little nicer.

I have a co-intern with a very long hair and she said it's hard to maintain and all that. But I just want to try having one. I can always cut it off whenever I don't feel like it, yeah? Growing it is the problem. I actually don't know if it fits me or not but whatever. LOL. So yeah.

Call me ambitious or whatever but I really want my hair to be this long or probably a little more over it. I'm probably nuts LOL. But I'm seriously serious.

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