Friday, 16 August 2013

Memory Corner | Flashback Friday 6

1. This. I was actually supposed to blog this haul but then again I can't find my camera's memory card where I saved the pictures so yeah. I actually didn't want anything like, my mom told me that she'll buy me blue or green pants daw and I was like, no thank you and she was like, no. You need it. Weird, yeah? And then she also asked me to choose some shoes and I chose that blue shoes which I kind of regret buying even though I've been wearing it religiously. It's just that I think the color kind of faded na and the glitters fell off na. Well most of it. Well it was kind of expected to happen naman pero still. Oh and for some reason, I've been wearing flats a lot lately and it feels weird but anyways.

2. Shabu-Shabu! It's been a while since my last shabu-shabu. I think I was like not a teenager even when I last had this type of food. Or I probably just forgot. This place is not that good but it's cheap daw according to tito so game lang. This is also the first time I saw my tita and cousin again. Well tito as well so it's kind of a reunion thingy. Also, can we just spot my cousin Yoshi who I think was so tired that he can't even anymore.

3. Actually, this happened before number 2 but I figured it doesn't look good on the frame if I would put this on number 2 position so yeah. So this is what happened. I was from my review right? And then I went to my lola's dialysis center and then I saw them there and yeah. After a while, we went to the mall to have lunch right? And then we went to the game center and yeah my cousin actually enjoyed it so much and then he was lucky to be able to hit the jackpot prize like twice daw and yeah he accumulated a lot of tickets and he was able to exchange it to some gummy bears and stuff. And then he fell asleep in the car and yeah number 2 happened. 

4. My mom loves this place called Teresita's at Timog and this is just a picture of my lola eating Kare-Kare which I highly recommend by the way! It's delish.

5. You probably know by now that I am obsessed with sunsets and I think I've shown you quite a lot of sunsets from the same spot but I still find it beautiful everytime.

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