Sunday, 22 September 2013

Updates. Cheaters. Life.

So I just want to share this to you because you know, I can. So I haven't told you guys anything about what's happening in my life recently but I'll try to post that in another day so what I will tell you guys is this. I can't believe how people can be so mean! I mean, people really are extreme. I know person (not on a very personal level) and this is the story.

This married guy is flirting with this taken (not married) girl and they would always flirt and call each other babes and stuff so it's really getting to my nerves sometimes. This guy! I mean, why can he do that? I mean, let's get it straight though. He's not good looking at all! It can be worse but you get what I mean? It's annoying. 

The other day, I think out of courage, a person asked them about the status of their relationship and they were like quiet. And I was like laughing secretly but yeah they didn't say anything substantial. I would love to hear how mess up things are. Not because of anything but because they somehow allowed that situation to happen. They know what and what not to do. I know they do. They just thought they couldn't avoid it. Well in fact, they can!

Here's my take on things. I believe the guy introduced his wife and even their child to the people around who can apparently hear him flirt with this other girl and it's like sick. I mean, I don't know his family but what I can imagine is that these people who know his family are thinking how bad this guy is and that they probably and should pity the wife. And the innocent child. 

Can I blame the girl? Somehow. I don't really blame her totally but it's somehow her fault as well. For some reason, I just think that the guy flirts more than the girl does. But still the same. Why? 

It's not so new to her you know. Her boyfriend is also cheating with her. Like the girlfriend of her boyfriend called her and said to her something like, he's still coming here to see me. Which for me is straight up bull so yeah maybe she's born to be that way. Not. She's too pretty to be just a choice for both parties. One being illegal because you know, we shouldn't interfere with something tied permanently. Unless otherwise you're a home wrecker. So close! She deserves better! 

It's not always the guys' fault. But hasty generalization as you may call it, most of the time, it is. I'll tell you one more story. And this one is so close to home. I actually already tried to blog this situation before but I was hesitant to let other people know the bull that's been happening. But now, it's time to let people know.

A very close relative of mine experienced this. Almost the same thing. Well, it's something like this. The girl was away and then the guy met this girl somewhere and maybe they started seeing each other behind the scene, I don't know. That what the girl is trying to figure out as well.

One day, my relative sensed something and even though there's lack of evidence, she got mad! Got mad for actually nothing. She heard the guy talking to someone on the phone and it was not even supposed to be suspiscious. She confronted the guy right away and the guy denied. Well the story is that the friends were there and the guy was using one of the friends' phone. Well that's kind of suspiscious. Then she asked who he's talking to and he gave a name. A friend's name. She didn't believe it. She called the given name's number and found out that it wasn't him that the guy's talking to. It all started there. See. 

I'm sure there are a lot stories of girls doing this to guys too but I haven't seen or experienced situations like that first hand so as for now, yeah. 

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