Monday, 23 September 2013

Noodly Kind of Day

I don't know but for some reason, with all the post it notes surrounding the room, I think the room is kind of getting smaller. Which is not really okay I think. Also, as much as I appreciate the Korean TV vibe, I hope they would improve the screen and make the TV bigger somehow. 

I was craving for this one and I wasn't actually even hungry that time. I went to a government agency to get something and then we went to PRC and then to UST to get the alumni card (fail) so yeah. And yeah I was craving for this all through out. But not only this!

Cousin craved for Dynamite and so I craved for it as well. 

But then I ended up liking this more. My cousin doesn't like spicy food that much so she probably had 4 chopstickfuls of this and it was me who finished this. I liked this! Will probably crave for this next time. No regrets!

Despite my cousin not liking spicy food, she finished these side dishes almost all by herself! Who are you kidding, woman? LOL. 

Finished the meryenda/dinner with these babies. Love love love this! I think I was disappointed because the cheesecake was out of stock and so no choice, we had choco.

Just beware though! It's gonna be gone just like that! LOL. This is like very light and I told my cousin I might be able to eat three of this consecutively. Just because it's that light. It's like eating nothing deliciously.

My cousin eating deliciously. I hope they would restock with their cheesecake! And I hope it would be as good as imagine it to be.

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