Friday, 27 September 2013

Dream and Reality

Hola guys! I just want to share you my dream/s before they travel to forgetland. I had a dream the other day and you know, I only remember it because it's weird. Duh! So the first scene was this. The scary avengers were chasing me, my cousin, and my sister. I was like so confused. To be fair, I'm not actually sure if it was the avengers but they are kind of muscular that it reminds me of Incredible Hulk. So yeah they were after us and then we hid and I woke at the part when one of them were able to find our hiding place and then he was trying to open the door.

The second part is this. SPIDER! A giant spider. Like as tall as those monsters you see in Power Rangers episodes. Scary as shiz! Like I think I saw someone being slayed in front of me and I think I was a little bit injured that time. Like, legit! I think I was bleeding even. And for some reason, my police uncle made this shock proof/giant spider leg proof van and I was able to ride that and stuff and the best part of that dream? I saw Louis Cole, Jack and Finn Harries in a convertible! Without actually giving an eff! They were like vlogging and stuff LOL.

To the reality now. Our Hashi gave birth! This is like a sad story sort of. She gave birth to 5 pups! It was like so early in the morning on September 23rd and my grandma woke me up to inform that Hashi gave birth. I saw 2 puppies there but it seemed like Hashi is still trying to "push" or something. And then one more came out. And I was like wow. And then she was still kind of trying to "push" and I was unsure when I touched her belly which was tensed still and I thiught it's because of her birth giving process and stuff but when I left and came back, an additional pup was there. And then I called my sister and informed her and she saw one more came out. She was so grossed out. So that's the story of the puppies. 

Uhm. As of now, only 2 puppies are alive and healthy I suppose. Hashi doesn't have much milk to feed 5 puppies I suppose. And now even though only 2 puppies are alive, somehow we're depending on formula milk as well. But I guess she have enough for two. So there I hope and wish that the puppies would be alive and healthy all through out! 

Hashi is a good mom. As a first timer and somehow young, she would do her job and not leave the puppies. I guess it was just bad luck that she lost 3 of them. I hope next time, all of she conceived would live and grow healthy. Well including the two she's nursing now. That's all! :)

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