Sunday, 8 September 2013

All IN! New Haircut?

Hola guys! After passing the board exam, my cousin and I decided to shave our heads. Well jokingly of course but actually, deep inside, I was like, why not? My hair is not at its best condition anyway and like, it's long, given. But not pretty at all. Well it's pretty sometimes but never healthy. My cousin and I went to Cavite to visit my auntie and then out of the blue, my auntie told us that she wanted a haircut and a new hair color and so she did. She went with my cousin. And then she called me probably 30 minutes after and told me to go there and bring Yoshi (baby cousin) because he too would be having his hair cut. Okay.

When I arrived there, my cousin is already getting her hair done and I was like, if she's already doing it, then I think I would be doing it as well. My auntie was kind of pushy actually but then okay. She was telling me I have to get my hair done because I passed the boards and all that. But in reality, I guess she just want us to have our hair done as well so she won't be the only one. So when my tita greeted us outside the salon, with matching salon cap and all, she was like, sige na! I was like, okay pero trim lang ha and she was like, sayang naman kung trim lang! I was like, okay!

So what happened is that the people in that salon was like, are you sure? "Sayang" but then I was thinking, there's nothing to be sorry about cutting my hair. Hindi naman maganda. LOL. But then in reality, it's really kind of sayang because I kept it for like quite a long time and never really allowed salon people to cut more than what probably is 3 inches of my hair all at once. So yeah. 

So this is my new haircut guys! Don't expect it to be always this neat though. Blower lang yan. But you know, I must grow it in the right way and since no more split ends, frizzy ends, and super fried ends na, I think it would be easier for me to grow it. Sana. So yeah. It feels kind of nice actually. My head feels lighter (no pun intended) and I think it's actually kind of nice to sport a new look now that I'm facing a new chapter in my life na. Yun langs.

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