Tuesday, 10 September 2013

NBI Clearance Fail

So toxic!! Actually, I'm just stupid (only I can judge myself) but anyways this is what happened. I went with my cousin which by the way wasn't able to enter the building because she was wearing flip flops and yeah basically I had to go alone, right? To sum up all of my stupidity, I missed a step and had to do it and fall in line again! For the record, I fell in line for over an hour before I realized that I missed a step.  Great! 

I'm actually grateful that this day happened. It made me realize quite a lot of things. And this is not to bash the government or other people. Merely observation. 

First, it's super damn slow. Like, I don't understand why it's so slow because they have quite a lot of employees naman. Well the thing is they hired people they don't really need. Like there are a lot of employees but that's not like to speed up the process. Parang pamparami lang. For example, there's this one cubicle in the Bio-metrics department na nagcut-off on itself. Like at 1 pm, it closed. Why though? Wala man lang kapalit or something? A woman I met there said that if his husband is with her, he would question and bash the system. Which is understandable. She's married to an Australian by the way. So yeah. 

Second, there are a lot of people applying to go abroad! In my group, which is probably like 5 people, only 2 of us are applying for local employment. Which is kind of surprising but again understandable. I am just amazed by this. 

Third, I didn't experience this personally but someone who also made a mistake told me this. So after we accomplished the step we missed, her friend went down and told her to go up directly and then I was surprised to see her behind me when I looked because I thought she went directly upstairs and not fall in line anymore but she told me that she wasn't entertained and stuff and then she was like, look at those beautiful girls, they have an advantage. She was like telling me how they were somehow neglected and she made me look at the beautiful girls given V.I.P treatment and being assisted. Although I don't really know the case of those beautiful girls but yeah. Treated quite specially in my opinion.

Last, I noticed that the processing for males is faster than the females. And as much as I respect the reason behind it (if there's any), I don't get why the male is separated from the female. Which is kind of unfair. Because the policy is to group the males together and the females together. And then there will come a point that they will call on all the males first and then all the females next. If it's the turn of the male population to enter and you're the earliest female to arrive, you wouldn't stand a chance to the male who arrived last. Why though? 

Okay just because I don't want you to commit the same mistake, here are some tips for you to successfully get your NBI clearance.

* Wear shoes! (although they were able to stop my cousin who was wearing a rubber slippers, I was able to spot 3 persons not wearing proper shoes) 
* Bring ballpen! (you will need it in answering the application form)
* Ask the right person on where to go next! And always confirm! (I asked the wrong person/I didn't confirm!)

I am happy to have gained new friends or maybe not because what's the chance of me seeing my chat mates while I was there again? Well maybe. Good luck guys wherever you're intending to go. May the odds be ever in your favor! :) Oh the good side is that I was able to get my NBI clearance on the same day! Lucky to have a unique name after all! 

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