Monday, 30 June 2014

Semi-"Matsumoto Jun" Story

You know, I always doubted that Jun kun is Japanese. If you would remember, well, I guess way back 2009-ish, he was given a role as a half Filipino in a series called SMILE. To be honest though, he really doesn't look like a Japanese to me. He looks complicated. I have some conclusion. To my story now. I'll tell you something about Matsumoto Jun. Well not really the real one tho. I have a work mate that looks like Matsumoto Jun and I'm not even playing with y'all. When I first saw him, I was like, WTH? It's that kind of level. I can't stop comparing him to Jun kun and you know what? I therefore conclude that he looks way better than Matsumoto Jun. Like, the real one kinda looks petite and fragile but this one is really mascular. His shoulders though! And his eyebrows are really 囲い! Anyways, I kept that to myself for a while.

I told one of my kind of closest work mate and told him that the guy is cute and stuff and she doesn't know who I was talking about but was teasing me saying I like Nepali guys anyways and I should ask her to introduce me to that guy. Few weeks later, I think she figured it out herself and suddenly called that Nepali guy when we were working and I was like giving her that "DON'T YOU DARE TELL" look and she was like, "IT WON'T BE ABOUT YOU" and of course you just can't trust anything when people are talking in their own language. I then heard the word "girlfriend" and then after they finish talking, my friend said that the guy doesn't have a girlfriend. Lucky!! It's not that there's a chance for me though but you know, it's always a plus to fan-girl over someone who's single. ALWAYS! Anyways, that was last week. Read along!

Awhile ago, 06/29/14, I remember my partner at work said that she's friends with that guy and so I asked her again. She said, "not really" this time. Make up your mind girl! I then said that the guy is handsome. Biggest mistake everrr! She called the guy right away and she said something in their language and then she was like grinning. I then knew she said it to the guy! And I was like, the heck did I do to you girl to deserve this? LOL. And then she was like "handsome handsome ne" whilst grinning and maybe thinking of something more evil to do. And I was like, don't talk to me bitch! Hahaha. So I guess it's not obvious to the guy that I like him since a friend asked him in front of me if he has a girlfriend and then this girl said I said he's handsome so now what? I actually pretended nothing happened after that. I'll just pretend I don't know anything as per usual.  But bitches!! YOU DON'T DO THAT TO ME!! Hahaha. That's all I have to share. See yah!

Monday, 23 June 2014

The Rant Club

You don't have an idea how I want to change my blog's name to something relevant to being pissed all the time. But nah I'm not turning this blog to a rant blog. Just tempted. Anyways another entry for y'all. 

So as I was in a hurry to go home because the bus would always be full at 6 am, right? Then it happened. The driver said "last two person" and we were like 10 remaining. Great! And I was like joking around and blocking the person in front of me but she was able to go in of course. I was not even second so I know I wouldn't be able to go in. Anyways. What pissed me off is the TAXI INCIDENT.

The driver told us to go up and talk to the people at the office so that they could give us the tickets for taxi and then two of us did. One Nepali and I. I don't know why the rest didn't go though. So yeah that happened. When we went up, they were questioning why the rest didn't go up and demanded we call them and that they wouldn't call the taxi if the rest wouldn't go up. Sounds about right. I think. The person who went up with me tried to called a friend who's downstairs but that person's not picking up so I volunteered to go down instead and call them up. Also, she really wanted to go the bathroom and so I let her. But then I didn't know that the office person went down with me with the tickets. WTF!! He said he only got two tickets with him and that he'll request for another one. I then called the person I went up with and asked her to go down then informed that someone that the person I went up with tried to call her like five times. Anyways. She (tried to contact) got hold of a ticket and the other ticket went to someone else. She then grouped me to be in a taxi with her. So it was me, a Japanese, her, and the person I went up with. Settled. We waited for the taxi and then the first came after 20-ish minutes and then we decided to go first but guess what? People who are not even part of the settled group went rushing in. The person who went up with me and the person holding the ticket were able to go in though. I was like, what just happened? The person holding the ticket was apologizing to me and since it's not really her fault, it's really okay so I said okay. Ang lakas maka The Fault in our Stars diba? LOL.

Then the second taxi came and since I don't really know whether they already settled their group or not, I let them go. The Japanese went up to get the ticket they promised but I think the office demanded that we all go up again and it would have been better if the taxi division would be like 4-3-3 so yeah it ended up being two full taxis and two remaining with no remaining taxi ticket. We just then decided to wait for the 7a.m. bus. Sucks!

What I want to rant about is the fact that even though I was the one who went up, I wasn't able to get a ticket so how so evil of these people to go ahead and ride earlier than I did, right? It's just so frustrating how thick skinned can people get sometimes. I think a normal person would feel shy at least but no. The nerves! I hate dealing with people like that. Like, seriously. GTFO. Ano ako tagakuha niyo ng ticket? The end of rant. 

On a lighter note, I took some photos at the park nearby. It's completely washed out but the background is actually my work place.

Took random photos because I got nothing better to do anyways.

I particularly liked the sky. I don't know why. I mean, as always.

I enjoyed sitting and relaxing though. I think there's still a reason for me missing the bus and taxis. To relax a little bit.

Completely from the other day when the sky looks so scary as if it just wants to drop us all dead. You probably can't see. Anyways, see yah!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Pissed Off! Why Do I Even Care?

Are we gonna talk about work again, you ask. Bingo! I have been working for almost 5 weeks now and guess what? The longer I stay, the more bitches I encounter! Because. Okay let me just start with this bitch. Actually, the only bish we're gonna talk about. 

Last week, I was on a line with her and she's actually new. I think I only came in a week or two earlier though but still new. She was telling me what to do and stuff like that and even telling someone who's been there for 5 months what to do. Are you crazy, girl? You don't know a thing yet so don't brag! Tell you about this girl, though. She has a very irritating high pitched voice that you wouldn't want to hear. Bellatrix Lestrange's laugh compared to this girl's voice would be an effing Coldplay concert. And she would just shout when talking to somebody and would really irritate my ear drums. No exaggeration. 

Awhile ago, they were about to clean their machine and I think she was uncertain whether to use hot or cold water and then I think her partner thought otherwise and then she was like being frantic all of a sudden and scolded her partner and we were like, WHAT'S UP? She then excused herself to talk to the veteran and then the veteran agreed to her partner and she was insisting what she know's right. She was saying that she was instructed such by someone. I just feel bad for her partner because I feel like she didn't deserve that shout. FEELS! If she ever do that to me, hair will fall out of places, believe me! Sayang! Mukha pa naman siyang model. Not actually pretty but she's tall and slim and stuff. Sayang!! Uma-attitude teh! 

Kind of related, this girl doesn't fall in line when riding the bus!! Fall in line, girl! Like, I don't know about how these people are trained but when people are on a queue, what kind of person just go in front, right? (FILIPINO, NEPALI, and VIETNAMESE) Irritating! Not in general but you get the point! I just can't stop complaining about the lines at the bus stop. Someone assign a leader to the crowd. 

Okay so back to what I was saying, like I haven't said enough already, yesterday, like I did my best to run to the bus and then two Nepali guys were trying to stop me from seating and said that l should just sit in front of but I was like "MO NAI" (no more place) so silent but I was like making a 😒/-_- facial expression. Like, don't talk to me. So they didn't have a choice. I win. Akala niyo ha!! And then there's thing other thing that happened. The Filos saved seats for people who weren't even there yet and then when people were trying to sit they said that the person went to the toilet and stuff and I was like, OKAY I DON'T CARE. One Nepali was I think saying to her countrmen that nobody went to the toilet since she arrived earlier so yeah. They were talking on their own language so I can't really tell but judging it from the tone of their voice, that's what I think they were talking about. Okay? Anyways! Glad that the people "who just went to the toilet" didn't go in and let others in so maybe that's why I wasn't that pissed off. Life! See yah!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Maybelline BB Watergel

Recently, I have been not so happy with the condition of my skin when going out. I mean, as much as I thank goodness for clearing it up and saving it from little monsters, it's just still not the way I wish it looked. Anyways. There are so many Drugstore Brands available in the market but since my skin is a sensitive mess, I thought I should just stick to what I know will not hurt much. For now. 

I got Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel. I don't know if it's the official name for it but whatever, right? Anyways. It retails here for 1200 yen (tax excluded) which I find kind of expensive. But everything is expensive here so whatever. I find that it doesn't have the scent I hate on my Maybelline BB stick which is nice!! I'm just so happy I don't have to deal with that. 

They do have 2 shades available being #1 Natural Beige and #2 Medium Beige. I got #1 because I'm assuming that this product will oxidize. Plus! It's summer. I don't know why that matters. LOL. I actually swatched both of them when I was deciding what to pick and they're not actually that different so yeah. Actually, when blended, they look pretty the same to me so on to what I think would work better. Assuming as always!

It doesn't give much coverage but I guess it will make my skin look more presentable than just being on its own. Also, I think since it's summer, I could use some SPF. I don't actually know what watergel is for. Maybe for soothing the skin or probably for easy application or actually whatever but yeah this product claims to do the same thing as the BB Stick so hopefully it won't break me out as well. 

Monday, 16 June 2014

If it's for you, take it!

If it's for you, it really is for you. Last week, I was really running late for my bus and called my mom's friend and a friend that I might be going home shortly. Like, my bus comes around like 8:05 and leaves at 8:10 and I don't really like the bus when I don't get to ride my train on time because that would mean I have lost my chance of being able to sit properly and stuff and mostly because people are noisy and stuff, right? But yeah I arrived on the station at around 8:05 and when I reached the place, I was kinda already hesistant to go because it was already 8:08 or something and I was so damn sure that I don't have any place to sit on. On that note! Sometimes I feel like nakikipaglokohan lang yung driver kasi he wouldn't actually close the door until 8:10 but then he wouldn't let someone in when it's full na. Then leaves at 8:10. Like, what's the point? Maybe to give someone directions and stuff but still! Anyways. 

So I called certain people, right? I was even Line-ing with my mom telling her I might not make it on time (I was just lazy checking if there's still a seat for me still) in which she advised me to go to a mall instead. I LOVE MY MOM. I was actually really planning to go to Ario which is so damn big of a mall near my station and I was planning to eat and buy stuff already so I waited. I seated nearby and just waited for the bus to leave. All of a sudden, a Vietnamese co-worker asked me what I'm doing there and I was like, I didn't make it to the bus. And she was like, "TAXI, TAXI" And I was like, what? She then explained that they weren't able to enter the bus because it's already full and so the driver gave them taxi coupon. That happened to me before too. Anyways so yeah I ended up going to work. Too bad, aye? But then I was like, sayang din ang 4K ko. Like, if I were in the Philippines, I have to work at least 1 week for me to earn that. So at the end of the day, I was still happy I was able to go to work. There's that. 

Yesterday, I thought of ditching work for a day again because thinking about what happened last time, it seemed to me that I have been stolen that time and so I said to myself that if I wouldn't make it on time, I'd accept it freely and just go to the mall. So I was walking slowly as if not on a hurry and then I was like walking even slower to delay because Sunday is like the worst day of the week when it comes to the bus. It's like the worst!! The first time I rode a taxi to work was on a Sunday as well. Anyways. As I was walking to the moon, a co-worker tapped  and asked me to run with her because the bus would leave. And I was like, what can I do?? When we arrived, yeah people can't go in already and I think there were 11 of us who can't ride but then the agency woman that introduced me to that company was there and she said if you can't ride, I'll give you a ride to work. Like, she took 7 of us and the rest went by taxi. 

It happened twice already so yeah. If you're meant to work, you have to. So yeah that's it! I'll probably go to Shibuya on of these days. Wala lang. 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

You Got Served

So I told you guys about the bus incident, right? The other day, something fantastic happened. I was sitting at the back-ish part of the bus with all the Nepali and stuff right? Well actually people actually sit by their races but I don't care! Like, I sit wherever I want. Also, because we're always late so we get to sit at the back LOL. 

Just a background about this girl though, 2 weeks ago, she approached and asked me which country I'm from and stuff and then I told her I'm from the Philippines and then she asked me why I don't sit with the other Filipinos and I was like, it's just that I'm new and I don't know really know them yet. And she was like, I see. She introduced herself and yeah she's actually nice. I think. Back! 

Okay so what happened was, it was so noisy at the bus and like everyone's doing their own thing when suddenly, a woman told everyone to speak softly because the driver's trying to make a call. It was okay then. Like most of the people stopped talking at once. I actually awe that woman something because one time, when the bus was really crowded, she asked them to compress so to make a room for one more person and so I was able to go home on time. She also did that to few others. That's why I know she's nice. I mean, I probably wouldn't really care when someone else can't ride or like you know! Which is greedy, but that's just me! I wouldn't instruct people to do what I say because I don't know them and I don't have that responsibility, right? So it was just really nice of her. I will definitely do what she did to me to others. One time. Just because. Anyways. Back to the story now y'all! And then a moment later, another woman said "soften your voice" to everyone when suddenly, the girl (nice girl that asked me which country I'm from) erupted like fire. She was telling them why is that when they're (Filos) the one talking, nobody's complaining and they would speak with loud voice and laugh really hard and nobody really cares and say anything about it but when it's her race that's talking, she's silencing them and stuff. Which is all the way right!! Like, you don't have the right to say shut up to somebody when at most times, you're being noisy yourself! Right? So that was the nice girl's point and then this second woman (not the one that let me in) couldn't say anything more. BECAUSE deep in her heart, she knows she's noisy. And then deep in my heart, I was going "YOU GOT SERVED!" And then I was like, I couldn't not congratulate this girl. So when we went down the bus, I said 
that she did well and then someone of her race asked me whether I also don't like people from the Philippines but then she realized that I am one but then I said, I don't like when people are minding other people's business. So yeah. It was a lovely day. The woman who got served is actually the same woman who was saying things to me. Boo yah!! See yah! :)

Sunday, 1 June 2014

TriWizard Tournament.

Going to work every night makes me feel like I'm in Hogwarts for the  TriWizard tournament. And it's awesome. People speaking in different language kinda makes me feel like I'm in an International School or something. More like Hogwarts! (as mentioned) Anyways, been friends with folks from Nepal and Vietnam. They're awesome! I like some people from the Philippines on my line as well. They probably have no choice too but to be friends with me but the bus!! Oh the bus. People who talk about other people! (well isn't that what I'm doing now?) THE PUN. But I would't be talking about them if they were a little nicer. Not all of course. Some. Hasty generalization attacks. Not good. 

 Hearing people speak though makes my head ache sometimes. Like, they speak so fast and I don't really understand any of it. Math lessons are better somehow you know because at least they teach it in English although sometimes I'm just as clueless. 

So yeah I mentioned my friends. My two weeks of stay made me realize two things. First, people from Nepal are generally friendly. Second, is when I meet a Vietnamese, the first thing I would ask them is if they know MICHELLE PHAN. Why? LOL. I don't know but she's really pretty famous so yeah. But turned out they don't know know. Why?

Also, I learned that Vietnamese people are fond of eating random meat? Is it just they Viet guy in the bus or is it all of them? I don't know but a girl would ask whether she have had that kind of meat and then he would show pictures of them eating. Isn't it weird? On the other hand, I have heard that people from Nepal don't eat beef meat. You learn a lot really. And all I could contribute is that I'm half Japanese. They seem pretty amazed too. Back to the people of Nepal though, they're nice but sometimes they're noisy. I can't sleep on board because of them. Well that's life. 

As I am typing this, I have missed my train because I act like I have all the time in this world ALLTHE TIME. If I miss my bus to work, we all know I won't be able to go to work. I would just go home then. And face the consequences. And probably pretend I'm sick. Life of me. That's all guys! See you! 

You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.