Monday, 16 June 2014

If it's for you, take it!

If it's for you, it really is for you. Last week, I was really running late for my bus and called my mom's friend and a friend that I might be going home shortly. Like, my bus comes around like 8:05 and leaves at 8:10 and I don't really like the bus when I don't get to ride my train on time because that would mean I have lost my chance of being able to sit properly and stuff and mostly because people are noisy and stuff, right? But yeah I arrived on the station at around 8:05 and when I reached the place, I was kinda already hesistant to go because it was already 8:08 or something and I was so damn sure that I don't have any place to sit on. On that note! Sometimes I feel like nakikipaglokohan lang yung driver kasi he wouldn't actually close the door until 8:10 but then he wouldn't let someone in when it's full na. Then leaves at 8:10. Like, what's the point? Maybe to give someone directions and stuff but still! Anyways. 

So I called certain people, right? I was even Line-ing with my mom telling her I might not make it on time (I was just lazy checking if there's still a seat for me still) in which she advised me to go to a mall instead. I LOVE MY MOM. I was actually really planning to go to Ario which is so damn big of a mall near my station and I was planning to eat and buy stuff already so I waited. I seated nearby and just waited for the bus to leave. All of a sudden, a Vietnamese co-worker asked me what I'm doing there and I was like, I didn't make it to the bus. And she was like, "TAXI, TAXI" And I was like, what? She then explained that they weren't able to enter the bus because it's already full and so the driver gave them taxi coupon. That happened to me before too. Anyways so yeah I ended up going to work. Too bad, aye? But then I was like, sayang din ang 4K ko. Like, if I were in the Philippines, I have to work at least 1 week for me to earn that. So at the end of the day, I was still happy I was able to go to work. There's that. 

Yesterday, I thought of ditching work for a day again because thinking about what happened last time, it seemed to me that I have been stolen that time and so I said to myself that if I wouldn't make it on time, I'd accept it freely and just go to the mall. So I was walking slowly as if not on a hurry and then I was like walking even slower to delay because Sunday is like the worst day of the week when it comes to the bus. It's like the worst!! The first time I rode a taxi to work was on a Sunday as well. Anyways. As I was walking to the moon, a co-worker tapped  and asked me to run with her because the bus would leave. And I was like, what can I do?? When we arrived, yeah people can't go in already and I think there were 11 of us who can't ride but then the agency woman that introduced me to that company was there and she said if you can't ride, I'll give you a ride to work. Like, she took 7 of us and the rest went by taxi. 

It happened twice already so yeah. If you're meant to work, you have to. So yeah that's it! I'll probably go to Shibuya on of these days. Wala lang. 

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