Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Maybelline BB Watergel

Recently, I have been not so happy with the condition of my skin when going out. I mean, as much as I thank goodness for clearing it up and saving it from little monsters, it's just still not the way I wish it looked. Anyways. There are so many Drugstore Brands available in the market but since my skin is a sensitive mess, I thought I should just stick to what I know will not hurt much. For now. 

I got Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel. I don't know if it's the official name for it but whatever, right? Anyways. It retails here for 1200 yen (tax excluded) which I find kind of expensive. But everything is expensive here so whatever. I find that it doesn't have the scent I hate on my Maybelline BB stick which is nice!! I'm just so happy I don't have to deal with that. 

They do have 2 shades available being #1 Natural Beige and #2 Medium Beige. I got #1 because I'm assuming that this product will oxidize. Plus! It's summer. I don't know why that matters. LOL. I actually swatched both of them when I was deciding what to pick and they're not actually that different so yeah. Actually, when blended, they look pretty the same to me so on to what I think would work better. Assuming as always!

It doesn't give much coverage but I guess it will make my skin look more presentable than just being on its own. Also, I think since it's summer, I could use some SPF. I don't actually know what watergel is for. Maybe for soothing the skin or probably for easy application or actually whatever but yeah this product claims to do the same thing as the BB Stick so hopefully it won't break me out as well. 

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