Friday, 20 June 2014

Pissed Off! Why Do I Even Care?

Are we gonna talk about work again, you ask. Bingo! I have been working for almost 5 weeks now and guess what? The longer I stay, the more bitches I encounter! Because. Okay let me just start with this bitch. Actually, the only bish we're gonna talk about. 

Last week, I was on a line with her and she's actually new. I think I only came in a week or two earlier though but still new. She was telling me what to do and stuff like that and even telling someone who's been there for 5 months what to do. Are you crazy, girl? You don't know a thing yet so don't brag! Tell you about this girl, though. She has a very irritating high pitched voice that you wouldn't want to hear. Bellatrix Lestrange's laugh compared to this girl's voice would be an effing Coldplay concert. And she would just shout when talking to somebody and would really irritate my ear drums. No exaggeration. 

Awhile ago, they were about to clean their machine and I think she was uncertain whether to use hot or cold water and then I think her partner thought otherwise and then she was like being frantic all of a sudden and scolded her partner and we were like, WHAT'S UP? She then excused herself to talk to the veteran and then the veteran agreed to her partner and she was insisting what she know's right. She was saying that she was instructed such by someone. I just feel bad for her partner because I feel like she didn't deserve that shout. FEELS! If she ever do that to me, hair will fall out of places, believe me! Sayang! Mukha pa naman siyang model. Not actually pretty but she's tall and slim and stuff. Sayang!! Uma-attitude teh! 

Kind of related, this girl doesn't fall in line when riding the bus!! Fall in line, girl! Like, I don't know about how these people are trained but when people are on a queue, what kind of person just go in front, right? (FILIPINO, NEPALI, and VIETNAMESE) Irritating! Not in general but you get the point! I just can't stop complaining about the lines at the bus stop. Someone assign a leader to the crowd. 

Okay so back to what I was saying, like I haven't said enough already, yesterday, like I did my best to run to the bus and then two Nepali guys were trying to stop me from seating and said that l should just sit in front of but I was like "MO NAI" (no more place) so silent but I was like making a 😒/-_- facial expression. Like, don't talk to me. So they didn't have a choice. I win. Akala niyo ha!! And then there's thing other thing that happened. The Filos saved seats for people who weren't even there yet and then when people were trying to sit they said that the person went to the toilet and stuff and I was like, OKAY I DON'T CARE. One Nepali was I think saying to her countrmen that nobody went to the toilet since she arrived earlier so yeah. They were talking on their own language so I can't really tell but judging it from the tone of their voice, that's what I think they were talking about. Okay? Anyways! Glad that the people "who just went to the toilet" didn't go in and let others in so maybe that's why I wasn't that pissed off. Life! See yah!

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