Sunday, 8 June 2014

You Got Served

So I told you guys about the bus incident, right? The other day, something fantastic happened. I was sitting at the back-ish part of the bus with all the Nepali and stuff right? Well actually people actually sit by their races but I don't care! Like, I sit wherever I want. Also, because we're always late so we get to sit at the back LOL. 

Just a background about this girl though, 2 weeks ago, she approached and asked me which country I'm from and stuff and then I told her I'm from the Philippines and then she asked me why I don't sit with the other Filipinos and I was like, it's just that I'm new and I don't know really know them yet. And she was like, I see. She introduced herself and yeah she's actually nice. I think. Back! 

Okay so what happened was, it was so noisy at the bus and like everyone's doing their own thing when suddenly, a woman told everyone to speak softly because the driver's trying to make a call. It was okay then. Like most of the people stopped talking at once. I actually awe that woman something because one time, when the bus was really crowded, she asked them to compress so to make a room for one more person and so I was able to go home on time. She also did that to few others. That's why I know she's nice. I mean, I probably wouldn't really care when someone else can't ride or like you know! Which is greedy, but that's just me! I wouldn't instruct people to do what I say because I don't know them and I don't have that responsibility, right? So it was just really nice of her. I will definitely do what she did to me to others. One time. Just because. Anyways. Back to the story now y'all! And then a moment later, another woman said "soften your voice" to everyone when suddenly, the girl (nice girl that asked me which country I'm from) erupted like fire. She was telling them why is that when they're (Filos) the one talking, nobody's complaining and they would speak with loud voice and laugh really hard and nobody really cares and say anything about it but when it's her race that's talking, she's silencing them and stuff. Which is all the way right!! Like, you don't have the right to say shut up to somebody when at most times, you're being noisy yourself! Right? So that was the nice girl's point and then this second woman (not the one that let me in) couldn't say anything more. BECAUSE deep in her heart, she knows she's noisy. And then deep in my heart, I was going "YOU GOT SERVED!" And then I was like, I couldn't not congratulate this girl. So when we went down the bus, I said 
that she did well and then someone of her race asked me whether I also don't like people from the Philippines but then she realized that I am one but then I said, I don't like when people are minding other people's business. So yeah. It was a lovely day. The woman who got served is actually the same woman who was saying things to me. Boo yah!! See yah! :)

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