Sunday, 26 January 2014

Whoa! Not Too Fast!

This is really relevant. But it's still a mind boggling relevance that we are talking about here. Like at some point, a part of me wants to hang out here still whilst a part of me wants to fly to Japan already. But I'm kind of scared to be honest. When they say that college is your training ground, they weren't kidding. So I feel like I'm somehow safer here than what will my fate be in Japan. But then you create your own fate. 

Anyway I found this typo on a most relevant situation ever. I was doing a hepatitis profile and if you don't have an idea what that is, it measures titers and stuff to know whether someone's reactive or not and stuff and for most part, it's not really a hassle. Well except for times when the controls are not cooperating and that stuff. Anyways since we are operating a "almost all manual" laboratory, I have to do it all together, right? Well that should actually really be the case until two of the tests' control were out and what to do? Repeat, right? They already made an arrangement to the patient that the result will be available later in the afternoon and well I hesitated to repeat the procedure that day and decided to just do it the next day because I already lack time. And I thought, it's just a waste to have something planned the next that when in fact you can finish it the day you have to finish it so you won't have have to worry about it the next day. Because if this cycle goes on, you would't be able finish anything on time and it sucks. 

You know if there's something I could tell students and if only I could go back to that state, I would tell them and myself to finish everything on time. Like, just do it. And probably don't stick to one topic. Specially during college where you have to study tons of topics in one go. I think the best way to do it really is to cover all the topics and just go back to the one you didn't understand when you have time. And if you don't have time, at least you have finished studying everything else. If you're lucky, the one you didn't understand might not actually be an item on your exam. That's if you're lucky. But you get what I mean right? If you finish things on time, you would have time for other things the next day and actually move on and not like doing things that are already due yesterday and stuff. Well this is really a hard process. But I think that just thinking about it not being right is actually a good thing already. Like not finishing things on time. 

I know this has been like random but you know, I realize that's how I think. I talk about things as it comes out my mind and I really don't like writing on paper first and like make an organized list and like construct ideas. I'm not that OC but sometimes I feel like doing that stuff as well. Okay before I blab about more irrelevant stuff, Imma stop here LOL. So yeah. That's all I have to say! Bye! :)

Harry Potter Love | Sirius Black.

If you don't know already, I am obsessed with Harry Potter. J.K. should probably make things up to keep us all entertained! :) Okay so I found this on Tumblr and I was amazed. Awesome stuff! :) It's called Hogwarts Houses and Landscapes for the obvious reason so I won't be discussing that anymore.


The friend that re-blogged this photo is actually a Ravenclaw so I would like to give credit to her by posting her house first! :) Awesome!

I know a Hufflepuff as well and she's like the queen of the martys if you ask me. I was actually supposed to blog about her stupid journey but I guess I should just shut my mouth and keep things to myself but then my silence doesn't mean that I would just forget the story. I will tell you guys some other time. 


Now to my Slytherin friends, can I just say that I miss you guys! That's actually my best friend and my cousin. Hang out soon. 

And lastly, Gryffindor! I know two Gryffs actually. Myself and my other self! I told you before that I signed up for Pottermore using my other e-mail address and I did that because I'm pretty sure I did something wrong on my first try and stuff but apparently, I'm really a Gryffindor. So that's me and my ego probably. It seems like it's possible to be friends with SLYTHERINS. 

This ladies and gentlemen is one of the reasons why I love Sirius Black. Loyalty is key! Good vibes!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

A Little Bit of Work Won't Hurt

Hello guys! I want to show you guys my work place and who I work with because you know, this is a part of me and I want to share? LOL. 

All pictures with actual people are not mine but with me in it but I have to give credit to my co-worker for these pictures.  The lab pictures are mine. Anyways. 

Just feeling artsy by adding filters which in my opinion turned the pictures kinda nicer than they actually are. Mmmm... Picture above is the Chemistry section which I may or may not like because sometimes I think that for some reason, it does't like me as well so whatever right? Oh can I just say that this is my first post assignment so it will always have a spot in my <3 joke! Haha

Picture above is with the rad techs that thaught me a good amount of life lessons already. So thank you guys. I mean they are always goofy and joking but when it comes to real talk, they don't mess around!

You know, I will miss these guys. I know I will. But it's gonna be a long battle still so yeah gonna save that for later. 

I don't know if I told you guys this already but I really feel happy that I chose this laboratory over the other because in here, I think I can be myself. It's just that half the people here are in my age range so for some reason, I can connect better to them right? Well I don't really talk that much but you know, the connection is important and I don't think I would achieve that had I chosen to go to the other laboratory I have applied to. I might be wrong though but as for now, that's what I think.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Donated a Gallon of Blood!

Recently, I really wanted to donate blood and so I did. And also! Since I have been telling my cousin about this blood donation thing and since she seems intrigued, I asked her to tag along as well and so we allotted January as the time we would donate.

I tried to contact the Red Cross near us and asked and like after so many answers like "we don't have a physician that day", "we don't bleed without a doctor", and "there's no scheduled bleeding that day" we got something like "there's a blood letting happening at Victory Mall" and so yeah we grabbed the opportunity. So the following day, after duty, cousin fetched me off work and we hurried to that mall. And hooray!

Oh can I just say that I'm so proud of my cousin! I hope she would continuously donate blood even when I'm out of the country already. It's just a wonderful feeling to donate. It's self fulfilling. 

Yes!! Like, I'm so happy. I have set a rule that I should have donated a total of 3 gallons before I get a tattoo and this is a good start I think. I have donated three 450 cc bags and that means I have already donated 1 gallon plus! I know I didn't donate as regular as I should have but whatever. It's just that when I started donating blood (2010), I can't seem to find a time to donate blood probably because I was lazy to find a blood letting station or whatever but Red Cross actually do come back to my school regularly but I didn't seem to bump across them there until my second blood donation in 2012. That's about it guys! I hope I can donate before I go to Japan but if I can't, then I'll find a way to donate regularly whilst in Japan and maybe get a tattoo when I get back here in the Philippines. That's all!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Keeping Up w/ My Resolutions!

Hola guys I just want to check in with you regarding my resolutions. Not that you care or something but you know I just want to share anyway. I have shared with you my resolutions not so long ago and I hate to break the news for us all but it's not happening. 

Like, for the record, I have been late for I think 4 times out of 14 now. But the good news is none of those lates exceeded  2 minutes past my actual call time but nevertheless late. I'll try my best not to be late from now on. Here we go again! Another promise to myself that I know I will unintentionally break. Or is it unintentional when I just am too lazy to function every morning?  No emergency. Just lazy. Verdict?

The water thing kind of failed too. It just proves my point that I'm not really a water person. Like sometimes I would drink too much when I remember but when times like I don't feel like it, I won't. I need motivation! I should buy myself a beautiful tumbler and put some lemons and some other beautiful stuff in it. 

I can also recall sleeping straight multiple times instead of doing my routine which sucks because if I just knowingly lay in bed and sleep. I know that I'm breaking my rule and I don't want to break it but I just can't get up and do my routine. Lazy ass. 

You know this is why I don't make resolutions. I kind of anticipate that I would fail so if I fail, it's easier to accept. And I don't really feel sad about it. I remember when I was in high school and this probably applies to most high schoolers yeah I remember saying I WOULD STUDY MORE at the top of my lungs but then when it's already exam time, I would just go back to procrastinating and stuff. It's a sad tale of my high school self. Not to brag but I'm pretty smart during my high school years. So back then, I was like, I don't care. I would do fine and stuff. I guess it's something that affected my college performance. 

As if I haven't done a lot of damage yet, I want to include one more! And that's to stop picking on my pimples. Like, I want to leave them alone and not pick on them. Because I noticed that when they get flaky, I would just peal them off and in return, it would be like a reddish mess and will later on turn in to a discolored scar so I have to put a stop to that. Oh mind you I break out (as in break out) once a year and sadly, that's how the year started for me. So at this time of the year, I have to have a lot of courage and you know let them heal on its own. But as of this writing, I have paused and too bad this resolution already failed. Too bad.Oh well. Bravo! Well that's really about my update guys. See yah!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Frozen is Lurve

Have you guys seen the movie Frozen? I highly recommend you watch it! It's really good!! I mean, if I would describe my life in one movie, this would be it. I'm nowhere queen or any of that stuff but you know I think it resembles my life at some point.

If you haven't seen it yet, it's something you would appreciate watching with your sister/s or sibling/s for that matter. Or like your daughters. Because finally! It teaches young girls that they should be aware that before anyone, family comes first. This is why I liked the movie Brave as well. I liked it because it's about family. And not about Princes. Don't get me wrong though because I love princes as well but they're just not my favorite. 

I really liked Anna. She's way too gullible but her personality is actually like my sister Mika. Although Anna is not someone I associate myself with a lot. I know I play the Elsa in my family but you know, I think I'm not as cold as her at least. Whew! My favorite part is the part when Anna was singing "do you want to build a snowman" numerous times whilst she was shown growing up. It teaches people that one should never ever give up!! Especially with family. Even though Elsa told her to go away, she still came back!

Olaf the snowman teaches people that sometimes there are people worth sacrificing for. Clearly, the snowman doesn't know beforehand that with heat, he would melt! But then he still insisted and lit the fire so that Anna would be well and not die. When Anna told him that he would melt, he said that line. Good job, Disney!

Elsa teaches people that even though you try your best to conceal it, your true self is what will make you happy! Like she was before she hit Anna. Anyway. The best thing Elsa did in the movie for me is when she built the castle and all that magical stuff and who knew she can do wardrobe too? It's like magic really. I love how she made all of that things. So yeah that's basically what I think about the movie. I think I did a good job on not spoiling the movie. What do you think about the movie?

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Kissful Lip Tint Choux

Ciao bellas! I would like to share with you a review of my recently bought lip stains from Etude House! I have searched online for affordable lip stains and I bumped across this product so I thought hey.

Can we just discuss how girly their bag looks. Likey! Anyway I am an avid fan of Korean cosmetics and I will always believe in their power to create and manipulate beauty. Like, they're just so good at it. So I did not hesitate to buy despite it not having much reviews online. Although I did search and thought of buying some other cheap products that have mixed reviews. But I will try to get to that soon.

Anyways they do have a lot of lip tints there but I went for the cheapest stuff because I'm broke. LOL. I spent a little over 250 pesos each. I'm really so excited to wear this on a regular basis but I don't know if I really like it. I like it because it's cheap. Let's just put it out there! 

I bought their Kissful Tint Choux both in PINK and yeah it actually feels balmy at first but just like any other lip tints, it can be drying towards the end but not as much! I do have a dry lips sometimes but it doesn't accentuate that. So I think that's a good thing. 

Let's just discuss this swatch a little bit, it stayed on quite a long time.

 I actually took a photo of it the next day and this is how it looked like. Mind you! I accidentally transferred the product from my hand to my bed sheet but still! As for my personal opinion though, I don't know if I'm eating the product or what but it just don't last me as long as the swatch. Maybe say, 3 hours. It's still a good number but less for what I expect for a lip tint to be. It gives off a nice color though but as for it's lasting effect, it's quite relative. Anyways! It's always nice to reapply and start over! :) 

Friday, 10 January 2014

If I could, I would.

I would be lying if I say that I haven't thought of this before. Because I did. Well, let's say a couple of times now. Feeding program is what I always thought of but I kind of debated and left that alone. Because what will happen after the program? I don't think a malnourished individual will be okay after a meal. Anyways, I would really love to that still. I think sharing food with the community is great.  
But really, what is it that I can give to the Philippines? As much as love, hope, and respect sound nice, Thesis told me not to choose a study that is not achievable at a certain period of time. 

As a Medical Technologist, I have always known the importance of health. And how it can take away someone's life faster than a snap of a finger. So I trace back when it all went wrong for most of them. The first line of defense. Immunity. And yes, as lonely as it may sound, most people disregard that. So if given a chance, I would like to give what I would like to call the "immunity kit" to the kids and the elders. Because that's when the body's immunity is at its lowest point and therefore "evil sickness" would most likely take advantage. 

Health is wealth. If you can't take that into account, let's just say at least not being sick is way better than being sick. Because at least everyone would have a peace of mind and stuff. 

Children nowadays are not as healthy as children before. I guess the world became dirtier and pollution got worse. Also, the food children eat now are not the type that will give them nourishment. Gone are those days when you can inhale fresh air (at least in the metro) and so children and old people really need these to supplement what's lacking (a lot) and to protect them from everyday hazards. Harsh I know. But true. 

I'm saying this because I know how hard it is for parents to see their children sick. How they loathe us Medical Technologist for extracting blood from their children just to check what now seems to be a protocol for all sick individuals. When in fact, most of the time, it can prevented. 

My "immunity kit" would have multivitamins, anti-bacterial soaps, and alcohol. Pretty basic. But it would really make a difference. I mean, that's what will protect someone from all of these harmful germs initially. At least.  

Immunity. You know, our first line of defense is our skin (naks immuno/sero) and we should take that seriously. We shouldn't let the culprit coming from our skin itself.  

Why not have a program like that, yeah? I mean, wouldn't it be nice if we're sharing the love and not the germs? So yeah I hope I would be given a chance to put this plan into action and hopefully this country would be somehow a safer place to live in. There's a much bigger picture of the problem like pollution and stuff but let's just say that we shouldn't disregard what we can do to solve the smaller ones first. How about you? What will you do to your country if you can do it? Comment below! Also, if you're a blogger, you might want to give this blog contest a go! Have a good day!! #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Starting the New Year Right

Hi guys I thought I would share some pictures from our bay side walk sort of. These are pictures from January 1st before we watched Pagpag Siyam na Buhay nearby so yeah. It's just that we were early for the opening of the mall because we had to attend a mass and so yeah we decided to hang out a little bit.

My grandma wanted a picture and here it is. It's so kind of rare of her to ask to take a picture of her so I thought this needs to be on the blog.

lola rocks! :)
My lola didn't want to watch Pagpag so she went home with mom after this short trip here. Good idea because we really had to commute our way home. And I think it would be a hassle for her because you know.

Mika, I, and cousin
my face though
My cousin told me it would be nice if we wouldn't look at the camera and even though I thought it's none sense, we still took the shot. You know, let me just share about my thoughts on that. If it's a legit candid shot and it's beautiful, awesome then! If it's forced to be like a candid shot, I don't know about that. But it depends really. Sometimes I like it and do it too. Pointless thought. LOL.

That's all I have to share guys! See yah!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Pagpag | Movie Review

I watched the movie with my sister and cousin and surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. I definitely liked it better than Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy. 

The movie is less predictable and it was kind of scary actually. Thrilling. Kind of. I don't recall the sequence of events but it's a well constructed story frame and you'll get the story either way. Or at least I did. It was kind of kilig as well. I mean, as much as I don't ship these two lovely kids, I think they actually look good together. 

Before the story was shown, they have said in their interviews that this movie is a complete package movie of some sort and I approve. It's kind of funny, kind of scary, and kind of a dramatic movie. So it's a 'kind of' movie. Not all out but still. Just in case you're curious, I will list down all the things that you 'have' to avoid when you're in a wake. AKA biggest spoiler ever.

1. Do not wear a red dress or else you would see your ex boyfriend hanging in your room. And your picture together would shatter into pieces and you will die.

2. Do not cry or shed tears on the casket or else a monstrous creature would choke you and throw you to the pool. And you will die.

3. Do not wipe the tears on the casket or else the shower would fall off your face and you'll bleed to death.

4. Do not use a mirror or else you'll fall from the stairs and get hit by a chandelier.And die.

5. Do not steal food or bring home food from the wake or else you'll get hit by a truck. And die.

6. Do not swipe the floor or else you'll be hanging dead. 

7. Do not get any money from the wake or else your car window would go up when you're trying to escape from it. And your neck would be its target. So sad. 

8. Do not reveal that the dead person is somehow a demon or else you'll be buried alive. 

That's all I have learned from the movie. It's nice, I recommend it. But is it really true? I mean, this movie has its basis but is these sayings really true? Old people say that after leaving a wake, you shouldn't go straight home because you would welcome the dead's spirit in. They say you should do the "pagpag" or go somewhere first before you go home. That's most people say. I don't really know. 

Also a side note as this is the last MMFF film that I would watch and people actually say that the MMFF films today are just full of crap, endorsements, and stuff and this film is no exception. Although very minimal. Like, seriously? Who would use KakaoTalk to contact their friends at times like someone's already dying or already died and stuff? But I would forgive it because I like KakaoTalk. Meh. See yah!! :) 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Wishing vs. Resolving | My New Year's Resolutions

Awhile ago, my family and I attended a service and the homily really caught my attention. It's basically about New Year's Resolutions. Even though a lot of people ave up on the idea of making a list already, the priest said that it's still better to set goals every January 1st so we won't be out of track and stuff. I personally didn't make it a habit making one and I don't know, sometimes I can't be bother with stuff. Anyways.  

He said the problem with New Year's resolutions is that it seems like we're confusing it with WISH. I think it's the same as confusing a goal to a wish. Come to think of it. Wish is wanting something to happen whereas a goal is more specific. Goal is a way to somehow bridge the gap of that wish and making it happen. For example! Many people would say "I WANT TO BE HAPPY!" and that's just proper but how would you do that? In making a resolution, then wanting to be happy wouldn't resolve anything. An alternative to that "resolution" would probably be, "I will do more things that will make me happy." It's quite the same but somehow different. I mean, wanting to be happy is kind of a "by chance" situation while saying that you would do something yourself so you could be happy is more of a resolution. A plan of action. Same goes with wanting to be rich. Wanting to be rich is like waiting for a lottery jackpot price. That's not a resolution. A resolution would be something like "I will work double-time to earn more money." I don't know. It made me think. Anyways. 

With that being said, I would like to share with you guys my resolutions for 2014. 

1. I promise to drink more water. Like, at least 2L per day. 
2. I will try my best not to be late at work. Not even a minute! 
3. I promise not to skip my skin care routine even though I'm dead tired already.
4. I promise to take some time off once in a while and pamper myself. 
5. I promise to be always forever grateful and always think of my family and friends first. 

That's all for this post guys. What is your New Year's resolution? I want to know. See yah! Happy New Year!

Giving Thanks to 2013

Twenty thirteen have been a big blessing for me. For real. I just want to start the year by looking back at the things I have accomplished sort of last year. Literally. LOL.

January - Even though I didn't celebrate it, my Blog turned 1 this month. Yay for me! 

February - I turned 21 years old and these two lovely people surprised me with their little hidden agenda and it was a fun day at the hospital. Also celebrated it at home but I can't remember much from it. This also marked the end of my internship which was so educational and sometimes emotional but whatever LOL. 

 March- First week of March ended our sufferings. I'm talking about  Thesis. It was such a good learning experience though. And then university life ended unofficially and this month was the last time I was ever called a student. Quite emotional. 

April - I graduated from the University of Santo Tomas and I couldn't be any happier to be able to be called a Thomasian Alumni. It's an honor. And I thank UST for teaching me things I know. I will always come back to you. 

May - I celebrated Mother's day with two of the most awesome mothers I know. And I voted for the first time! It was tense! 

June - Review class for the board examination started and this month also opened a lot of doors and windows for learning new things and meeting people from literally around the country. My mom also celebrated her birthday at a resort called White Corals and the sunset there is to die for!! 

July - This month just heightened the stress of the review even more. But my cousin and I went to a debut party with some of our childhood friends and it was oh-awesome!

August - At the end of this month, I took the first of the two day exam for all inspiring medical technologists to be registered and I remember being so nervouse because I wasn't sure if I did good or if I am good enough for that matter.

September - I took the last tests and this month, I was a certified Medical Technologist and I can't even. I also got my first proper job as a Medical Tehnologist and this is also the first time I affixed my signature for something I have done professionally. It was priceless. I also made the decision to chop off more than 6 inches of my hair and it was liberating. 

October - I was just enjoying work and trying to do what I have to do. 

November - I watched the Hunger Games with my sisters and it was awesome spending time with the not so little ones anymore. It's just nice playing catch up sort of and I think it was the first time I treated them. It was nice. 

December - I went out with my co-worker for the first time and we had fun. I also went to UST to check the fairy lights and thankfully had a freaking free concert. Also, the rainy Paskuhan happened! I also attended the annual Christmas Party of my favorite band. It was quite an eventful December. I'm really thankful for that. 

A lot of eventful things happened but basically these are the highlight of my 2013. I can't wait to ride the waves of 2014 and probably be closer where I really want to be. If that even makes sense. I strongly suggest you guys reflect the way I did and yeah it was a therapeutic reflection and it really makes you think and thank. See yah! 
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.