Sunday, 31 March 2013

If You Ever Come Back!

And this I swear is true! I'll do anything and everything to be able to watch you. I know that I declared Sunday as my rest day but since I didn't get to secure myself a ticket for The Script world tour that is happening at this moment while I'm typing, I think I deserve to do anything just forget about that. I deserve to be happy. Or at least I think.

By the way guys, Happy Easter! :)

Since we're talking about  Easter, I just want to share that I actually haven't tried that Egg Hunting thing. 

Okay although I can't really move on about The Script, I have to move on. So for now I'll jet tell you guys what happened awhile ago.

We went to the church at around 9:30 am and mom said that we should be awake at 8 because of stuff and so we did. But the thing is I wasn't able to sleep early because I was thinking of The Script. Plus! Just before I thought of sleeping na, I saw their AIRPORT PICTURE. What??

Okay so balik tayo sa church. I would just like to share the homily with you actually. Well, somehow. It's more of my homily actually but anyways. The priest said that we, human beings are always running for an escape. He said that as we are doing so, we are running away from hope. Just a thought to ponder on. 

But I say that sometimes, it's actually good to run for an escape because sometimes you can't really beat it all. Or maybe you're actually just wasting your time trying something that's not really meant for you. Unless you've committed yourself to do a certain thing, there's nothing wrong settling for PLAN B or something. It's a different story though when it comes to relationships, commitments, and all that. But if you believe that you ALREADY TRIED everything and it still didn't work. There's still probably hope but maybe running away would give you better hope. I'm not saying that the priest is wrong or something. I'm just saying. He didn't actually say something that I am against or something but that's just my say on that. Also, this is not applicable to criminals. RUN AWAY YOUR FACE.

Okay so after that we decided to eat and then we went to Robinson's to buy souvenirs from here to our neighbors in Japan. And then we went to Harrison's Plaza to buy some more stuff that we didn't find at Rob and so yeah. I feel sorry for my feet because literally, I wasn't able to feel it na at some point awhile ago. That's all! :) 

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Umi no Koen. A Look Back.

Located near Sea Paradise, this place is a good place to catch sea shells and if lucky, some other stuff.  I actually remember people collecting sea weeds as well. We usually add our gathered shells to our miso soup at night. Which would rather give us a sandy soup but since we're all proud that we were the one who caught it, we don't mind eating it. At all. It's fresh so it's really different than your any other miso soup but yeah, you just have to be careful not to ingest the sandy residue. 

Can we just altogether appreciate's my sister's effort because she thought my mom was taking her picture? Okay, thanks! :D Also, let's just look at my other sister on the right side of the picture because not a single eff was given.  

Also, can we altogether appreciate how my sister over here screened the pile of dirt and look for sea shells? Also, me holding a rake is just awesome. 

Can I just say that everytime we go here, I actually secretly wish we would go straight to SEA PARADISE. That didn't happen. EVER. Pero carry lang. Sanayan lang yan eh. LOL. 

Can I just share a story? Yup. I think it was my youngest sister but it's not necessarily this trip but we place our gathered shells in that basin looking thing, right? She said she saw something and so I gave the basin to her and it's kind of already filled in and she accidentally freed the sea shells in the water and so we had to start over. Oh well.

We usually just change our shorts because mom would always remind us not to wet our T-shirts but I  can't remember who among the two pushed me so yeah. Mom actually didn't bring a shirt for me because you know! So since it was still cold during that time, dad removed his undershirt and offered it to me. Yun lang. Oh and we usually bring snacks because mom and dad actually just sit and don't help us at all so they have to have somewhere to sit on plus! They have to have something to eat. :D

Friday, 29 March 2013

Caleruega Photos! A Look Back (Sort of)

Most of the pictures are pictures from my friends who are in the pictures as well. Thank you guys! For making me feel sentimental a little bit. These just have to be in my blog. LOL. I just miss everything.

This is during one of our stop overs. I don't understand this picture very much but I look happy. Which is always nice. 

My friend and I was taking pictures of people who were apparently taking pictures of us too. I don't own this photo but I'm glad this exists. You know, I know a person that takes a lot of pictures like, non-stop and he mentioned once that it's kind of not nice to take pictures of people who are prepared to have their picture taken all the time because what would they do? SMILE? Yup! But only for the camera. It's nice to take pictures of moments like this too. CANDID. And now the not so candid photo: LOL.


People I met during my internship and people I won't forget for like, forever. They're just awesome. They're like my groupmates during my first internship as well so we're always like, together and you know! Just being awesome together. 

Even though it's already night time already, and raining at some point, we still wandered and just talk about everything under the sun. Or what? Haha

We were actually told to go back to our rooms at 10 because they will be closing the lights already and because it was raining really really hard, the power source in the city was out originally and that they were running everything with their power generator. And we were like, okay, we still got time. Somehow. 

Then the next day, even though it rained a little bit harder, we can't be stopped. People just can't discourage us, you know! Because I remember someone warned us that we can't pass thru this area because it's dang muddy and all that. But VOILA! That's all! :)


Thursday, 28 March 2013

How Sweet

Although life is full of shittery. Wait, what? Just kidding. Really though. There are a LOT of things we should be thankful for. In my previous post, I told you about the Japanese who visited the Philippines. This is what they got me! Yay! My sisters got more than I did but I understand! :) 

You know, I'm not really good in differentiating chocolates. They all tasted very much the same to me. :))

You already probably know that I don't like assorted stuff all that much but here's what the inside of the assorted cookies box looks like and I kind of don't know how I feel about them but I absolutely love the one with PISTACHIO! I love love love! The rest was okay but there's a particular cookie that I didn't like. It's the one at the upper right corner. It has sesame seeds and I don't really understand its flavor. Oh I also didn't like the cookie below that sesame cookie but I did finish it thinking I probably should give it a chance but after eating everything, nah, but it's okay. I mean, I'm probably neutral when it comes to it. That's all! :))

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Shop Until You Drop

A few days ago, I went with my mom and cousin to sort of accompany/entertain a couple with their granddaughter that is far related to dad. We accompany the woman and the child to go shop for souvenirs they would be giving away to their family members and to some of their friends. If what we did isn't tiring, then I don't know what is. The woman was really picky and would really consider everything before buying stuff. Like, she would consider whether or not the item would fit the person or like if the item would match their style or whatnot. Also, when we were on that souvenir-souvenir stuff, the woman would actually ask questions like the history shizz. Because there were like mini figurines of like, the "katutubos". Unlike mom who would actually just pick random stuff and decide on the spot. LOL. So after that tiring shopping activity we had, we decided to have something to at least replenish our lost energy.

Banoffee Pie and Green Tea Pie! I love! I don't know exactly why we didn't eat something heavy because I was dang tired but yeah, dessert comes first! :)

We then went back to Pan Pacific to load off the shopping bags and all that. Haggard faces for the win! Since it rained really hard, the Luneta Park and Intramuros trip was cancelled and clearly, we don't have business to do there anymore (according to mom) we just decided to go back to the mall. 

And then we went back to the mall to eat. LOL. We decided to try the new stuff from KFC which is not worth the hype, really. Not actually bad but it's just not.. I don't know.

All in all though, I enjoyed that day and I was really happy that we were able to accompany them here in the Philippines and I really enjoyed playing with MOMO chan. Such a sweetheart! :) That's all!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Danke or Thank You in German is what I want this post to be known as. I don't know why and I wouldn't actually enumerate those in this post but I JUST WANNA. I feel like it.
I got this shirt from my mom as one of the presents for my Birthday :) I love myself. Yup! Oh and I saw my high school friend on our way there and I actually showed her my shirt and we just laughed at it. It was nice to see her. I have to catch-up with my high school buddies soon!

On a more serious note, I swear I just have to let this go. The guy in front of me was wearing a shirt with somehow a naked woman at the back of his shirt. I was like, wow! Does he really know where he's going?There were KIDS inside the church and he was with his family at the first place. DUH. There were a lot of things I noticed inside the church but okay I won't mention it na. BECAUSE I SHOULD BE CONCENTRATING ON THE MASS. Not the people. But sometimes I can't. I just feel like people don't know its worth any more. 

Moving on. So after the mass, we planned to go to Infinitea to chill and all that but since it's relatively new to that place, it's super crowded and we didn't want to wait so I was like, let's just go upstairs and find another shop. 
And then we went to Baresso. My best friend and I actually used to go there as high school students because the Barista looks like Mark Herras. Ha! High school kids! Haha. Too bad he's not working there anymore. Anyways! :D 
We both ordered something Mocha based because we just had coffee and chocolate earlier that time. So yeah. What can I say? I actually don't remember how their stuff used to taste like. I mean, way back high school but yeah I don't know how I feel about their stuff  now. I think that the flavor was too strong and somehow the drink itself was too sweet but their place is kind of cool. I just thought that I didn't get what I paid for. Their meals are quite affordable but their drinks are kind of expensive. Will definitely go back and try other stuff from there. That's all! :)

Monday, 25 March 2013


I want to congratulate all of my friends who passed the MTLEX. My UST, MCU, and JRMMC colleagues, I know some of you have been complaining how the result is two days late but hey, you guys passed and I'm sure it's worth all the wait. It really makes me proud of you guys. I know you've all worked so hard and sacrificed a lot for this. Well except those who didn't really study because they're flawlessly intelligent. Or lucky. Well the good thing is, you're all an RMT now and that's just awesome. MD na next! :) I remember one of my friends turned down my "Hey! Let's watch Les Mis." offer. Oh well. And most of them were really out of sight during their review. Can I do that? To be honest, I felt a little amount of pressure. But whatever.

I just want to take this opportunity to CONGRATULATE my co-intern/post mate/ice cream mate/friend for making it to the top 10 list of the MTLEX passers.

I feel like a proud mama. 

It's gonna be our turn this coming September or August is it? And hopefully we'd be able to celebrate just as much as you guys did. 

To those who didn't pass, it's not the end of everything. People know that the exam is hard that's why they allowed medical technologist to take the exam 3 times max before the refresher course. And I don't think there's anyone who's so complacent about the MTLEX result. Almost everyone I know is like, waiting. If you didn't make it this time, you have time to improve! Time to ace! It's really not the same for everyone. Maybe you didn't study enough. Maybe you just studied the wrong thing (which I always do) or maybe it's not yet for you. But it's okay. Don't lose hope. My father once told me that if you see even just a little hope, work on that hope, and you'll succeed. 

And to inspire us all, here are some of the snippets our new MEDICAL TECHNOLOGISTS have to say.
  • I love my mama and my dad so much and I know that this new achievement of mine is for them, i give it back to them for being the most dedicated and the most hardworking parents that I know. 
  • I'm a success today because I have friends and family who believed in me and I didn't have the heart to let them down.
  • Thank God for all the Glory. Tsaka sa MCU, MCU friends, ACTS at sa lahat ng nakatulong :) So happy :)
Well if I would be ranked TOP 5, I would be happy too. Haha that's all guys! Again, congratulations RMTs. :) Good job! Good vibes. 

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Wonderful World

If you want to be more inspired, try to search It's a Wonderful World by Coldplay on Youtube. It's a cover I know. But it's wonderful. Very inspiring. I just want to remind everyone of the Earth Hour happening in about 10 minutes from now. A little something we can do for our Mother Earth.

I don't know why we're represented by a Panda though. Anyways, Happy Earth Hour! :)

Friday, 22 March 2013

Annoying Speech.

Election here in the Philippines is just around the corner. It means, things are already getting annoying. I'm not a fan of politics. Thank you to my second year Filipino teacher way back in high school who supported me with this. In my opinion, it's not like choosing to turn off the lights for an hour to save the Earth. By doing that, you're certain that you did something right. There's no backfire. In politics, you choose someone, that someone messed up, your fault (partly) because not everyone wanted that someone to be in position. The point is, I don't really care if I don't vote or whatever because I don't really care. And because I don't vote, I wouldn't complain (much) about things related to politics or things like that.

Except this.

This happened very near our house so I was able to hear what the speakers were saying and all that crap. So basically, this politician who's running for a position in the congress was like mentioning her accomplishments and all that which I have nothing against. I mean, if you really were able to accomplish things like that, go on! Because it's related to whatever you still want to do in your future term. Just in case. And then she was like, I left politics because of the greater responsibility instilled in me by God and that's to be a mother to my children. I agree! I mean, that's a good thing to do. And then! She was like, my eldest was this age (can't remember) when I left politics and now, she/he's already a practising lawyer and stuff. And she was like, she/he graduated from U.P. Diliman and all that shizz and then she went on and said basically the same thing to her other children. And I was like, she could have just generalized her children but then she was like, bragging, telling the people her children are consistent honor students, and whatever. And I was like, woman! Are you gonna be a mother to this people? If yes, then what you bragged about would be relevant but no! So why tell them? Building rapport? I feel bad for her children because her mother just took off their individuality and make it look like it's her who made them where they are right now. Which is true! But they're the one who studied their arse out to become a dean's listers not their mother. What their mother did is to actually pay for their tuition fee. I don't know. I would actually appreciate it if she did mention how proud she is that her children worked hard and studied hard and everything but nah. She took all the credits. In my humble opinion.

Just when I thought everything's done, our Barangay People was like telling everyone to listen to the speaker because it's for them and that they should be interested and all that and basically just trying to brainwash the people and telling them how great the next speaker would be. On how they talked to the next speaker and that he promised to put doctors and nurses in our health center. On how there would be a better this and that. Sick. And oh he was like, you should listen to the speaker because he was from this pa, and he would make time for all of you and stuff. WTH. And then he was like, don't just be here for the prices because if this candidate made it, there would be a better price for all of us thru his service. Yeah right. Tell me more about it. And they were telling how close this candidate is to the President of the Philippines and so we would have a better shot. I didn't know that's how things work in the palace. I didn't know you have to be close to the President to get things done. Wow.

At the end, they gave away 500 pesos to I think 5 winners and all that. I don't really care but I think the people deserved that token for listening to a lot of bull.

Oh well. That's all I have to say.

Japanese Survival Guide.

Japanese is probably one of the languages that people want to learn these days. I don't really get it but I'm here to help! :) See, as a Japanese, people expect me to know my language fully. Not gonna happen. I mean, we, Japanese do have a dictionary too and we have it for something. For reference. But the good news is you wouldn't be needing that to survive. Say you would stay in Japan for five days, these five words would be enough for you to survive. This is like learning these the lazy way. I mean, I'm gonna make it easy for everyone.

1. Hi! My name is (Mikie).

Google Translate: こんにちは!私の名前はミキエです。Kon'nichiwa! Watashi no namae ha (Mikie) desu.

- Bad news is you have to memorize that because there's no easy way out. You could actually say

"Watashi no namae ha (Mikie)" or "Namae ha (Mikie)".

But that's like your last resort. So if you're going ever going to Japan, you have to at least know this. And! Unless we have the same name, don't say Mikie, alright? LOL. Japanese people are quite familiar with "What is your name?" so that would make it a lot easier for you but if you heard the word NAMAE, it has something to do with name. Pretty easy, right? NAME=NAMAE.

2. I can't speak Japanese.

Google Translate: 私は日本語を話すことができません。Watashi wa nihongo o hanasu koto ga dekimasen.

- Seriously? Nope! You don't say that. I mean, if you would like to be an interpreter for the Prime Minister then you might need to say that but because you're a tourist who can't really speak the language, this is how I would recommend you say it.

"Watashi nihongo wakaranai"

Which literally means I don't know Japanese but it'll make sense, trust me. It's still crazy long but relatively shorter.

3. I am a Foreigner.

Google Translate: 私は外国人です。Watashi wa gaikoku hitodesu.

- If you're not from South East Asia, there's a big chance that Japanese people would already know but just keep going. Anyways, this is still quite long. Not really conversational so what the heck?

"Watashi wa gaikokujin desu"

4. How much is this?

Google Translate: これはいくらですか?Kore wa ikuradesu ka?

- Or you could just hold the thing up and say,


This is actually just applicable when you're in a flee market or when it's not indicated but you know, it's usually indicated somewhere. Oh one more thing! There are some Ramen restaurants which put Japanese numbers instead so if you want to know, say you're budgeting your money and stuff, you could point the ramen on their menu and ask away. If they answered in Japanese, just get them answer you in sign language. You have to guess first and show them your hands. And ask "OK?" as a follow up question. Also comes handy when you're bargaining.

5. Thank you.

Google Translate: ありがとう。Arigatou.

- I think Japanese people are nice in general so I think it is just right to thank them for like, exerting a little effort to talk to you or help you or when you got a discount or just about anything you're thankful for. Just say "Arigatou" or "Domo". Actually, you'll do fine already with the word "thank you."

I will come up with an advance course for everyone soon! That's all! :) 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Soar High!

Yesterday, I witnessed my cousin's and sister's elementary graduation. It's still a long way run for them but it's a good start. They're still gonna have a lot of things to go thru. High school drama would probably overwhelm them but I know they're equipped with the things they need to kind of get thru that. High school drama is not just the only thing to prepare for of course. Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, Trigonometry, and Physics! Good luck! I miss high school really. 

The event started with a mass. Baccalaureate Mass. The homily was great. I hope they kids listened though. Oh can I just say that I missed UST's and I hate to say this but I really regret it. Look at the photo below. I bet it was magical. 

Oh well. Things happen, At least I have this picture to keep. Even though it's not mine. LOL. Oh I also missed the infamous ARC OF THE CENTURIES EXIT which is like, a tradition but don't you worry, I'm gonna have my own version of that walk some other time soon. 

So that happened. Love that we had our desert first. I love my mom. So that's it. Congratulations, girls! I can't wait to see you graduate high school. And eventually, college. 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Internship Tidbits. Random Ramblings.

I don't actually cry easily. Except when Sirius Black died. OMG my feelings! Anyways, I just want to share these crying experiences during our internship program because I want to let these things go now and I don't want to go on with my life with a heavy heart or something like that. I should have entitled this WHY I CRIED but that's just...I don't know. 

This is the first time I cried. During my first internship, it was my first time in a certain laboratory post so even though I learned the theoretical stuff at school, I really don't know if I can touch anything there and do whatever I want to do, or what. I was with a post mate that time and we weren't oriented on what to do so we just stayed there. The staff there usually comes at around 9 and our duty starts at 7 so we were just sitting there and all that. Talking and stuff. When the laboratory receptionist brought a specimen, naturally, we didn't know whether we could do that because we weren't oriented. So I asked. I asked a staff and he told us that it's not on his line of expertise and that we should just wait for our staff to come. Okay. When the staff came, she was hysterical already. Like, we didn't do this, and that, where's this blood, where's that blood, etc, etc. And my postmate and I were like looking at each other because we were surprised by her reaction. Well, of course. I just thought that's inappropriate because I would definitely understand if she acted that way on our second day. Or even hours before we were oriented. But that's like our first day. I didn't cry like, cry. I was just teary eyed because I got scolded on things that are out of my control. Like, really woman? But that afternoon she called us and said sorry and admitted that it was her fault and all that. Of course it is your fault. Like, we didn't know already. But it was way before pa so wala na yun. 

The second time was during my second internship. It was supposed to be my off day because I would be having my 24 hour shift 2 days after that day but since I was absent because of thesis, I had to make-up for that absence and because I have no choice, I sacrificed that off day and went to the hospital for my make-up duty. I was with my night duty groupmate that time and she came earlier than I did so she did warn me about that (what's gonna happen next). So cautiously, I logged in my time and greeted the staff there. And boom! The staff was calm but for some reason, I was kind of emotional because I did thesis and slept late and all that and then what? I would hear all those stuff? Basically, she just told me that I should have informed her that I would have a make-up duty on her post because she don't accept a lot of make-uppers which in our case, there's two of us. The staff also told me that I should have had my make-up the day before that incident because her interns were absent and I told her that it wouldn't be possible because I was in Clinical Chemistry having my make-up duty as well. Well, the two of us already scheduled our make-up duty 2 MONTHS BEFORE that incident and she would tell us that we should have informed her? I was thinking I should just go home and all that but then the head staff on that post told us that we could just go to a sub-branch of that post and do our make-up duty there. Phew. The head staff said that she tried to look for us two to inform us that we should inform the staff that we would make-up that day but I guess it was our uni day so whatever. She said it was her fault and so yeah. Oh well. 

But it's all over now. There's no other way than to move forward and learn from mistakes that we have made in the past. I am happy that I'm done with internship but it's kind of nice to look back things and to reflect. At least I know better now. 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I Eye London.

I had this dream about the London Eye. So I was walking somewhere in London (I assume) and then I saw the London Eye and came across the ticket booth and I was thinking twice whether or not I should buy ticket. For some reason, I declined. So I just carried on and continued walking but then I unintentionally came back to the same point where I saw the ticket booth and I was like, what the heck just happened? So at the end, I think I rode the London Eye and it's kind of odd because there's actually a rest room inside the London Eye capsule with a cubicle and then because I has to pee, I did and then the guy who sold me the ticket to go in, saw me peeing. Like, what? 

Monday, 18 March 2013

If I were a Gyaru

The word Gyaru is actually the word GIRL or GAL pronounced in Japanese but it's actually the same thing. Most of the Japanese cannot actually pronounce L so that kind of explains it. I don't know why I did this but if you can still remember, I declared Sunday as my off day and I really spent my Sunday away from the computer so yeah. I found out that it's dangerous. I kid. So using some of the apps I have, I came up with this looks. DON'T YOU DARE LAUGH. Haha nah it's okay. I made this for our entertainment actually. Nah, only mine. Haha

But I kid you not when I say that it's kind of normal for Japanese kids to actually look like this. From where I'm from, not much but my best friend actually pull off this look so IDK. PROOF! (LAST PICTURE) But the other places I go to, like, Yokohama, Tokyo, and other big cities, most of the girls look like what they call "GYARUS".

The hair! I've always thought that big hair is better than paper thin straight hair. On me at least. The gyarus I usually see have big hairs, long nails, tons of make-up on, very long lashes, dark eyeliners, and wear pretty dresses. Just saying.

That's all I'm gonna share :D let's see what would I look like when I'm in Japan soon. Yay! Wala lang. If you're curious how real "gyaru" look like, here. 

That's Tsubasa Masuwaka. Can't really beat that. Haha

Tokyo gyarus. I don't know if I want to look like this though. Not that I'm against this. It's probably too much for me. Tapos pala ganito na ako no? Haha 

That's all! :)  Good vibes!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Give it a Rest.

I would like to declare Sunday as my offline day. And by Sunday, I mean, by the time I wake up from my sleep until I go to sleep again. I just want to have time for stuff like to at least make a reviewer for the board exams,  review them, have some time with myself, listen to music, and you know, just a time away from the computer and all its content. I guess it's a good way to actually somehow balance things up because I used to go online everyday and its kind of not a good start for someone who would be having a licensure exam in a few months. This would be a trial thingy that I would be doing and if I would be able to do this and make it alive, it might be a permanent thing. I guess that would be nice even after the licensure exam. So yeah. :) Good vibes! :) 

Friday, 15 March 2013

More Fun Indeed.

Lurve how well I blended with the flowers on the background. We actually just passed by here on our way to Manila Ocean Park. 

Cousin carrying her heels and my umbrella. She was like, you can do it! And then took the umbrella with her. What a loving cousin she is.

What happened here? I don't know. And because of that, I would like to name this picture the "YOU DON'T DO THAT TO ME" picture. Thanks.

I know it's kind of hard to decipher but let's just appreciate this for a while. Considering it's free, we can't really complain about it. The first time I heard about this was at the PATHOLOGY OFFICE when one doctor recommended going here to another doctor because it's romantic and the doctor then said she would go. And passing along the other day, I was allured.

See? Look at that. I don't get why there's fire though. I don't know if it's part of the show or it's something mechanical and unavoidable. It's sometimes destructive in a sense.


So this is actually the last part of our Manila Ocean Park trip and it was a good wrap up of the show I must say. I haven't watched anything like this before yet so it was quite a show.

In the above picture, they kind of splashed water continuously so they could use that as their screen for some flashing stuff.

And when they don't flash the things on that water splash thingy, they do it on their hotel's windows. Kind of.

The chef who tried to capture the shrimp and the octopus by running around with his utensil. He kind of had a big knife for the octopus but I wasn't able to capture that moment.

And then most of time, it's like this with some music. I can't actually remember the music or whatever so maybe they played melodies of some sort to carry on with the fountain show. :)
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.