Friday, 15 March 2013


So this is actually the last part of our Manila Ocean Park trip and it was a good wrap up of the show I must say. I haven't watched anything like this before yet so it was quite a show.

In the above picture, they kind of splashed water continuously so they could use that as their screen for some flashing stuff.

And when they don't flash the things on that water splash thingy, they do it on their hotel's windows. Kind of.

The chef who tried to capture the shrimp and the octopus by running around with his utensil. He kind of had a big knife for the octopus but I wasn't able to capture that moment.

And then most of time, it's like this with some music. I can't actually remember the music or whatever so maybe they played melodies of some sort to carry on with the fountain show. :)

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