Saturday, 30 March 2013

Umi no Koen. A Look Back.

Located near Sea Paradise, this place is a good place to catch sea shells and if lucky, some other stuff.  I actually remember people collecting sea weeds as well. We usually add our gathered shells to our miso soup at night. Which would rather give us a sandy soup but since we're all proud that we were the one who caught it, we don't mind eating it. At all. It's fresh so it's really different than your any other miso soup but yeah, you just have to be careful not to ingest the sandy residue. 

Can we just altogether appreciate's my sister's effort because she thought my mom was taking her picture? Okay, thanks! :D Also, let's just look at my other sister on the right side of the picture because not a single eff was given.  

Also, can we altogether appreciate how my sister over here screened the pile of dirt and look for sea shells? Also, me holding a rake is just awesome. 

Can I just say that everytime we go here, I actually secretly wish we would go straight to SEA PARADISE. That didn't happen. EVER. Pero carry lang. Sanayan lang yan eh. LOL. 

Can I just share a story? Yup. I think it was my youngest sister but it's not necessarily this trip but we place our gathered shells in that basin looking thing, right? She said she saw something and so I gave the basin to her and it's kind of already filled in and she accidentally freed the sea shells in the water and so we had to start over. Oh well.

We usually just change our shorts because mom would always remind us not to wet our T-shirts but I  can't remember who among the two pushed me so yeah. Mom actually didn't bring a shirt for me because you know! So since it was still cold during that time, dad removed his undershirt and offered it to me. Yun lang. Oh and we usually bring snacks because mom and dad actually just sit and don't help us at all so they have to have somewhere to sit on plus! They have to have something to eat. :D

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