Sunday, 31 March 2013

If You Ever Come Back!

And this I swear is true! I'll do anything and everything to be able to watch you. I know that I declared Sunday as my rest day but since I didn't get to secure myself a ticket for The Script world tour that is happening at this moment while I'm typing, I think I deserve to do anything just forget about that. I deserve to be happy. Or at least I think.

By the way guys, Happy Easter! :)

Since we're talking about  Easter, I just want to share that I actually haven't tried that Egg Hunting thing. 

Okay although I can't really move on about The Script, I have to move on. So for now I'll jet tell you guys what happened awhile ago.

We went to the church at around 9:30 am and mom said that we should be awake at 8 because of stuff and so we did. But the thing is I wasn't able to sleep early because I was thinking of The Script. Plus! Just before I thought of sleeping na, I saw their AIRPORT PICTURE. What??

Okay so balik tayo sa church. I would just like to share the homily with you actually. Well, somehow. It's more of my homily actually but anyways. The priest said that we, human beings are always running for an escape. He said that as we are doing so, we are running away from hope. Just a thought to ponder on. 

But I say that sometimes, it's actually good to run for an escape because sometimes you can't really beat it all. Or maybe you're actually just wasting your time trying something that's not really meant for you. Unless you've committed yourself to do a certain thing, there's nothing wrong settling for PLAN B or something. It's a different story though when it comes to relationships, commitments, and all that. But if you believe that you ALREADY TRIED everything and it still didn't work. There's still probably hope but maybe running away would give you better hope. I'm not saying that the priest is wrong or something. I'm just saying. He didn't actually say something that I am against or something but that's just my say on that. Also, this is not applicable to criminals. RUN AWAY YOUR FACE.

Okay so after that we decided to eat and then we went to Robinson's to buy souvenirs from here to our neighbors in Japan. And then we went to Harrison's Plaza to buy some more stuff that we didn't find at Rob and so yeah. I feel sorry for my feet because literally, I wasn't able to feel it na at some point awhile ago. That's all! :) 

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