Friday, 29 March 2013

Caleruega Photos! A Look Back (Sort of)

Most of the pictures are pictures from my friends who are in the pictures as well. Thank you guys! For making me feel sentimental a little bit. These just have to be in my blog. LOL. I just miss everything.

This is during one of our stop overs. I don't understand this picture very much but I look happy. Which is always nice. 

My friend and I was taking pictures of people who were apparently taking pictures of us too. I don't own this photo but I'm glad this exists. You know, I know a person that takes a lot of pictures like, non-stop and he mentioned once that it's kind of not nice to take pictures of people who are prepared to have their picture taken all the time because what would they do? SMILE? Yup! But only for the camera. It's nice to take pictures of moments like this too. CANDID. And now the not so candid photo: LOL.


People I met during my internship and people I won't forget for like, forever. They're just awesome. They're like my groupmates during my first internship as well so we're always like, together and you know! Just being awesome together. 

Even though it's already night time already, and raining at some point, we still wandered and just talk about everything under the sun. Or what? Haha

We were actually told to go back to our rooms at 10 because they will be closing the lights already and because it was raining really really hard, the power source in the city was out originally and that they were running everything with their power generator. And we were like, okay, we still got time. Somehow. 

Then the next day, even though it rained a little bit harder, we can't be stopped. People just can't discourage us, you know! Because I remember someone warned us that we can't pass thru this area because it's dang muddy and all that. But VOILA! That's all! :)


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