Thursday, 28 March 2013

How Sweet

Although life is full of shittery. Wait, what? Just kidding. Really though. There are a LOT of things we should be thankful for. In my previous post, I told you about the Japanese who visited the Philippines. This is what they got me! Yay! My sisters got more than I did but I understand! :) 

You know, I'm not really good in differentiating chocolates. They all tasted very much the same to me. :))

You already probably know that I don't like assorted stuff all that much but here's what the inside of the assorted cookies box looks like and I kind of don't know how I feel about them but I absolutely love the one with PISTACHIO! I love love love! The rest was okay but there's a particular cookie that I didn't like. It's the one at the upper right corner. It has sesame seeds and I don't really understand its flavor. Oh I also didn't like the cookie below that sesame cookie but I did finish it thinking I probably should give it a chance but after eating everything, nah, but it's okay. I mean, I'm probably neutral when it comes to it. That's all! :))

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