Monday, 18 March 2013

If I were a Gyaru

The word Gyaru is actually the word GIRL or GAL pronounced in Japanese but it's actually the same thing. Most of the Japanese cannot actually pronounce L so that kind of explains it. I don't know why I did this but if you can still remember, I declared Sunday as my off day and I really spent my Sunday away from the computer so yeah. I found out that it's dangerous. I kid. So using some of the apps I have, I came up with this looks. DON'T YOU DARE LAUGH. Haha nah it's okay. I made this for our entertainment actually. Nah, only mine. Haha

But I kid you not when I say that it's kind of normal for Japanese kids to actually look like this. From where I'm from, not much but my best friend actually pull off this look so IDK. PROOF! (LAST PICTURE) But the other places I go to, like, Yokohama, Tokyo, and other big cities, most of the girls look like what they call "GYARUS".

The hair! I've always thought that big hair is better than paper thin straight hair. On me at least. The gyarus I usually see have big hairs, long nails, tons of make-up on, very long lashes, dark eyeliners, and wear pretty dresses. Just saying.

That's all I'm gonna share :D let's see what would I look like when I'm in Japan soon. Yay! Wala lang. If you're curious how real "gyaru" look like, here. 

That's Tsubasa Masuwaka. Can't really beat that. Haha

Tokyo gyarus. I don't know if I want to look like this though. Not that I'm against this. It's probably too much for me. Tapos pala ganito na ako no? Haha 

That's all! :)  Good vibes!


  1. Japanese gals are my favourite , especially their hair. I really want black silky and staright hair like they have! Lol , funny pictures :D
    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

  2. I think you look good blonde, dark , or big hair. it all goes good with a beautiful smile.


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