Saturday, 16 March 2013

Give it a Rest.

I would like to declare Sunday as my offline day. And by Sunday, I mean, by the time I wake up from my sleep until I go to sleep again. I just want to have time for stuff like to at least make a reviewer for the board exams,  review them, have some time with myself, listen to music, and you know, just a time away from the computer and all its content. I guess it's a good way to actually somehow balance things up because I used to go online everyday and its kind of not a good start for someone who would be having a licensure exam in a few months. This would be a trial thingy that I would be doing and if I would be able to do this and make it alive, it might be a permanent thing. I guess that would be nice even after the licensure exam. So yeah. :) Good vibes! :) 

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  1. Haha good luck :) It will be my national exmas in 18 days but I am addicted to blog. I have to change it!
    Aree With Umbrella


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