Saturday, 4 October 2014

Updated my Blog

I'll never get tired of spamming y'all of my new blog. If you may, visit ONCEJAPANATIME.BLOGSPOT.JP because soon enough, I would be posting there loads instead of here. But you know, the water's fine here too so I may come say hi once in a while. So yeah please do visit the site to read the full article!! Thanks!!! :)) 

Friday, 3 October 2014

Is Sam Pepper too Peppery?

Sam Pepper is too peppery. Okay what a random thought. But wait! Is he really though? I feel kind of obliged to comment here because I have included Sam Pepper on my UK YouTubers thing. To be honest though, eversknce, I was kind of afraid to watch a Sam Pepper prank video. Especially when it's Venice Beach they're featuring because I feel kind of awkward watching it. Like, I don't feel at ease or anything. Like I always anticipate he would get slapped or something.

His most recent prank however have crossed the limit. He touched girls' bum with the illusion that his other hand beside from the one he's trying to point on something is in his pocket. Well in fact, there's no hand in his pocket. His real hand is freed from the sleeve so can therefore touch whatever freely. Clearly a violation if you ask me. Don't get me wrong though. I love Sam Pepper. I think he's sexy but there are just some things that I disagree with. Can I just say that we're not all fan girls that would probably appreciate a little skin ship and who the heck touches people's bum and publicly post it like it's just a normal thing to do? Oh Sam Pepper dear.


You know how I love my girls, SNSD, right? Well most of them but then looking at it now, I guess like most of girl or boy groups, things do happen behind the scene that we don't really get to see and so we imagine that things are perfect like they do on the show or on TV in general. Yeah, even when they show "behind the scene" stuff. That's still not it. 

Now, so if you're here to know what happened to Jessica, you're in a wrong page. If you want to know what I think about it, now we're talking. Okay I can't help it. Jessica Jung apparently started a business called BLANC and was fully permitted by SM Entertainment to do her thing. But then after confirming that the permission is still valid, days later, she was kicked out. Like, come on! I know it's not the first time this kind of thing happened in this company but hey!! (EHEM TVXQ). Just a side note though, Sica is not even my bias. 

Anyways, the girls also apparently talked about this issue altogether and even made Jessica choose between her business and her still being part of the group. She can't choose! You just don't let somebody choose between two important things. I know life is about choices but sometimes you can't really choose. She said that the business though is just launched a few months back and she can't back out of that because she already signed the contract and whatnot but also! She renewed her contract to be in the group as well so what now? She's legally allowed to do both right? 

Do I think that the girls betrayed her? I actually don't think so (much). I think they were somehow told to act such way. Or I don't know. Maybe they were really acting on their own. But you see, even for just "acquaintances", being together for so long, I don't think you would be able to do something such as not fighting for someone who you know is doing what can do her better. You know what I mean? But then again, our minds don't really operate the same. 

So yeah. I guess I just want to wish good luck to Jessica! And may her business be as huge as it can be so she can slap SME in their faces. 
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