Saturday, 31 March 2012

Being a tri-lingual.

I'm not gonna brag about this (will). Nah just kidding. People from high school and college actually kind of see this as my strength while I don't really know.

Awhile ago, a friend of mine sent me an article that made me want to share this thing.

I did not learn this languages by choice (just so you know).  How did I learn them?

FILIPINO: Contrary to the popular belief, TAGALOG isn't what we speak, alright? It's FILIPINO. I probably can speak this because I am half-Filipino and I am now living in the Philippines. Actually, I've been here quite a long time so what are the chances that I can't speak/understand the language? Not to make anyone who have been living here for quite sometime and still can't speak the language bad of course. I'm just saying.

ENGLISH: English is probably a little bit something that I chose to be good at. I mean, they teach English in all levels here and in college (I'm still in college), if you can't understand English, you're doomed. But I think I'm really into it and I don't know. I think I'm just comfortable in this language. Why though? I wonder.

JAPANESE: My dad is Japanese and can't speak English/Filipino so this I think I learned from living in Japan when I was younger and sort of conversing with our neighbors and friends and all that stuff. I think this is also something I am passionate about. It's kind of a nice language to sort of learn and put in heart.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Patience is a virtue. Uh-huh.


Let me tell you a story about this MANGO TREE. About 12 years ago, my cousin and I ate an INDIAN MANGO that our grandmother made us eat. The mangoes were so good that my cousin and I decided to plant the seed in a small sort of box where my mom used to plant all sorts of plants. I then asked my grandfather how long would it take for the plant to actually grow and bear fruits? My grandpa answered something like 10 or 11. I felt like all my dreams fell apart when I heard that. From that point, I didn't actually think that it is possible for me to see it. Like, 10 years seems to be sooooo long. Despite what my grandpa said, I used to check for improvements and all that.

Couple of months after, I noticed that there's a new plant there and I told my mom that the mango actually grew from the seed I planted. For some reason, my cousin's mango disappeared. But we reckon that they kind of fused together and grew as one. I remember when we used to tear a leaf, split it in half, and smell it.

Years later, my grandpa decided to transfer the small plant in sort of a bigger place and I kind of freaked out when it disappeared but then he told me that he did indeed transfer it for it to grow bigger.

Summer before college, I noticed that the mango tree started to bear fruits. And it made me look back to the days when I thought that it is impossible for me to see it grow and bear fruits. It may sound silly but I actually learned that sometimes time really makes us forget what's impossible.

Thanks to my grandpa who believed in me and my cousin and helped us with our craziness. But look at us now. Look what we have! (tears)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Day well spent. A bit.

Yesterday, I run errands for my internship. I had a physical exam and also a few laboratory exams to check if I am healthy enough and all that stuff. EXPENSIVE. Anyways, I'd like thank my mom for always being there to provide and whatever. I actually thought that I'd be able to like do it in a very short time but because of unexpected circumstances, yeah. I was actually supposed to meet my cousin at the mall but since...uh-huh.

To make-up for it. I treated her lunch (Mang Tootz) and some blended goodness (Coffee Indulgence).

People say that there are two other ways to classify you as a THOMASIAN.

First is when you've experienced the great flood in UST. Second is when you've tasted Mang Tootz's food. CERTIFIED!

The thing with these cup of goodness is that I used to find where they sell these. Like, it's been almost 3 years. The place is just so hidden. Adventure it is.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A comparison.


Let me just make it clear that I am in NO way degrading one country or another. I love them both. It's just that there are really some things which I can't tolerate. 

As you probably don't know (how would you know?), I am half Jap - half Fil so I have all the rights to brag and say whatever I want to say. Or maybe not. Maybe I just have all the rights because it's my blog. HA! DOUBLE THE PRICE. I actually don't now where to start this analysis. MESSY ANALYSIS. LET'S START WITH SOMETHING THAT WE CAN'T CHANGE. 


In 270 degrees of the circle, Japan's weather is WAY TOO BETTER than in the Philippines. And Philippine weather is 270 degrees worst. Although Japan's summer is generally worst than the Philippines. Oh! Not quite. The night is still somehow tolerable whereas in the Philippines, it's a war between the person and the electric bill (AIRCON MANIA). But I'd still give the summer credit to the Philippines because at least we have wonderful beaches, resorts and all that summer stuff. 


Japan's transportation is lame. You really need a car to go somewhere specific. Even though trains and buses are almost everywhere, unless you ride a cab, it's not always convenient. I mean, it's really convenient but in the Philippines, there are tricycles, sidecars, trains, cabs, buses, jeepneys and all that stuff.  Well, Japanese people don't mind walking a little bit so I think that's also good. I always have to walk for like 15 minutes when going to the nearest bus stop in Japan. IN AN UPHILL MANNER! WTF? 

ALTHOUGH! GENERALLY, drivers of Jeepneys, buses, tricycles and sidecars here in the Philippines are just as annoying! I mean, they literally are annoying. They don't have the sense of anything necessary. They just drop-off passengers wherever/whenever and it's just so annoying. In Japan, you have to adjust to the time when the bus or train is coming. In the Philippines, it's your call. 

Well, that might be an advantage if you're in the Philippines and you're sort of a minute late. At least you have an assurance that there will be another lift and stuff. In Japan, you have to wait for the next lift which will take you about 30 minutes - 1 hour. 

In the Philippines however, it's not an assurance that you'll get to your destination as quick as you think. I am a commuter and what annoys me the most is when JEEPNEY DRIVERS LOAD THEIR GAS TANKS WHEN I AM ALREADY 5 MINUTES LATE ON MY FIRST MORNING CLASS. Like, seriously? AND IT'S STILL HAPPENING. Sad story. 

I also don't like it when in the Philippines, you have to shout "para" when you want to go down and the hard part there is that it's either the music is too loud or it's just too loud in general. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BIG VOICE! NOTHING COMPARED TO THE "ALERT BUTTON" installed in Japanese buses. It's an alert button to notify the driver that you will be going down to the next station. How convenient is that? 

The way of payment is also different. Like, in Jeepneys, you have to actually pass it to the next passenger so that he/she will pass it to the next passenger until it reaches the driver. 


I know it's not right to talk about people because people would always be different. ALWAYS. So let's just talk about some things related. In Japan, when you talk to someone, it's acceptable. In the Philippines, it's awkward. You'll probably be mistaken as a terrorist, kidnapper, hold-upper and everything. Then we say that we are hospitable? IRONY.


I hate that in the Philippines, despite having a complete agency for the maintenance of waste and all that, it's TERRIBLE. AWFUL. Although I'd really like to commend some parts of Makati and Taguig for being clean. Somehow. And some parts of everywhere actually. It's just not so consistent and people literally LITTER. What's wrong with you guys? In Japan, you can't just throw anything that you're eating or drinking anywhere you finished it. DISCIPLINE MY FRIEND. DISCIPLINE. There are loads of garbage places in where you can throw your rubbish and you can only throw them when they are due. Usually, 3 times a week. Plus an additional day for papers/cans.

That's all what I have for you now. I hope this post doesn't offend you in any way. But if it does, I don't really care. Sorry.

Monday, 26 March 2012


It's not that I have anything against people asking for alms. It's just that it's really inappropriate sometimes. Like in this particular post.

I go to school by myself. No driver, no one. If you happen to go to the same path as I do, you've probably noticed that guy near 7/11 that's like always there early in the morning asking for alms. I was like, okay, kind of old to work (can!). He's been there ever since I can remember (2008).

I apologize for missing minute details about life. Recently, I've noticed that his arms are full of TATOOs. And you best believe I was mind fcked. Like, seriously. I was like, was he a criminal? Tattoo addict? Whatever, whatever?

I mean, if he was a criminal, then who the F is he to ask for people's money? Why? In theory, he probably did it the hard way before that's why he was on jail the first place. If you ask me, it's a lot better than stealing/snatching/hold-upping people of course. But seriously?

I refuse to give anything to this kind of people like, call me what you want to call me but I have this idea that if people would stop giving to this kind of people then they would probably realize that it's not really easy to give money and all that and that they should earn it. Then maybe, they will find a job, make a living, survive, then everybody's happy. I know I made it sound like it's that easy but whatever. It's still their fault for me.

I DON'T discourage charity in any sense. I think if you're really lucky in life and you want to share to those who're most in need then GO! It's a beautiful thing to share. But if the same set of people would spend all your loving and just wait for your second shower of blessing then there's something wrong won't you say? EXACTLY.

I don't care if these people aren't educated and equipped with knowledge. If there's a will, there's a way. Like, really. It's not that hard to use your skills and all that in life. They're probably way too stupid or lazy.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick. Review.


I've had this for about three months or so. I'm not a fan of bold colored lipstick so really hesitant to try this on. And the formula is really very heavy and creamy and pigmented so it's as if there's no escape. 

The color I have is in 435 Love That Pink. Actually, because my lips are kind of pigmented, the color on my lips are not actually the color that it is on the tube. It's kind of lustrous, yeah. 


It may seem to you that it's impossible but that's what I'm here for.

ANSWER? CONCEALER! If you conceal it, you can achieve the same color or at least the closest you can get. Conceal your lips and let it dry and apply the lipstick. Preferably with a brush. 

I don't know if you can actually see a difference between the photos above but in my personal belief, the color is build-able which is nice if you're gonna pull-off a solid PINK LIPS. 

What I like to do is I apply a very little amount of it and actually coat my lips with that very little amount and I just apply a gloss all over so that the color will be cooler and stuff like that. What I don't like about it is that it's really very heavy that if your lips are not moisturized, tendency is it's really hard to apply. So I usually put on a lip balm first then by then, it should be easier to apply the lipstick and yeah. It's kind of long lasting too. So that's nice. 

Shinagawa Aquarium. A look back.

Sometime in 2008:

Shinagawa Aquarium is situated somewhere in Tokyo. I can’t remember where exactly. Well, I didn’t know really. Just like any other aquarium in Japan but smaller. At least for me. I still think Kamogawa Sea World is the best aquarium ever. But hey! Not bad for an aquarium.

Basically no flash pictures allowed. It might scare the fishes. :| That’s a rough translation but it’s always handy.  Whatever. I know you're not that silly to understand that sign over there.

For some reason, I only remember seeing jelly fishes. Is this a jelly fish farm or something?  Is it just me or what?

There are like all sorts of them here. Why though?

Here are the fishes bishes! JUST KIDDING.

There's also a free of charge HAND-SPA that my sister and I enjoyed. How long can you avail of this? I say it depends on your conscience. I love how they have that little spa over there. Also, some sort of an interaction that both kids and kids at heart can enjoy. Don't you think so?

Is this thing smiling or what? LOL. I actually didn't include this before but when I tried updating some posts, I finally decided to include this. I don't know how irrelevant but that some sort of pink that you see looks like the apple of its cheec to me. Never mind LOL.

They also have this dolphin show going on so definitely check out the time of the shows. It's in the back of the map that you should be carrying the whole tour inside. 


So yeah. Check it out! :)

Sunday, 25 March 2012

When to know when you've had enough?

As a normal human being, you're by now probably tired of something you've done over and overt again but in actuality don't get an extraordinary result in any way. May it be on love, studies, etc etc. When to know when you've had enough? That is the question.

You've probably experienced a thing that is beyond your ordinary tolerance that's why you're asking yourself this. Well, I can say that you haven't had enough. If it happened twice or trice, you can decide for yourself if you've had enough. ENOUGH, in most sense is subjective. Unless otherwise specified. Like a credit card limit or a school project deadline.

EMOTIONS, for example, are the most subjective kind of thingy that you can relate this to. If you've had enough, you'll probably know. If you're hurting, then that's a good sign that you've had enough. If you want to die, that's a clear sign that you've had enough. If that isn't to you, I don't know what is. BUT DON'T LOSE HOPE MY FRIEND.

Human being is most likely subject for recovery. Chances are you'll try and eventually experience the same shit again so I wish you GOOD LUCK. But really. It gets better. At least you'll know what to do.

I say, be wise and know when to stay or when to move-on. There's nothing wrong in believing that things will work-out as you will, but doing it over and over and over and over again (provided you're doing an extra something each time you repeat) but still things aren't going your way. SERIOUSLY? Think it over and plan accordingly. It's either you're doing something wrong or it's probably just the way it is and you can't do anything to change it.

So whatever you're thinking of as of the moment, ask yourself this, "IS IT WORTH ANOTHER TRY?" AND "WHY?" or "WHY NOT?"

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Talk2Globe is a joke. RANT!

Are you kidding me? DON'T!

March 21, around 3 pm. I went to Globe Business Center SM San Lazaro to have a SIM replacement. Why? Because there's still no current solution for BB 4.11.08 so I decided I'll just use the spare phone here so I'll be a little bit more useful. And easier to contact. The problem is iPhone 4's SIM is not the same size as the normal SIM and the spare phone here has the normal SIM tray. I can't be bothered changing my number. It's too much to ask. I don't want to inform my friends/colleagues that I'll be using a temporary number because you know. PEOPLE ARE LAZY SOMETIMES.

The lady there was nice and all that. I didn't have to pay for anything and she told me that the activation should take within 1-2 hours. ALL GOOD. I went home and kind of only remembered to put the SIM about 5 hours after. It doesn't have a SIGNAL. GREAT! I then thought that maybe time starts after you insert it and all that stuff. So I waited some more.

I tweeted Talk2globe and I DIDN'T GET ANYTHING FROM THEM.



If you thought this is where it all ends. NOPE! I've also tried chatting with  more or less 10 "AGENTS" that claimed they'll update and whatever my concern to the GLOBE CENTER and all that but guess what happened? NOTHING!


Magnum Ice Creams. My verdict.

After my sister's graduation 
The graduate girl got the Classic.
It's really CLASSIC-y but I'm afraid there are lots of ice creams out there that kind of taste the same. Nevertheless nicer though.

Mari got the Chocolate Truffle.
This right here is the winner of the bunch if you ask me. Not so sweet, very rich filling, just right. I had this last time when a very good friend of mine, bought one for me. Thanks Kim! :)

I got the Almond.
I also like the Almond only that it's too sweet. But still nice to try. I actually thought that I liked this more than the Chocolate Truffle but at the end of the day...

I actually can't understand what the craze is all about. Not that great all in all. You're probably blinded by the POSH advertisement and all that. But it's just ICE CREAM. Nothing really special about it. If you're really curious then you should give it a try but to constantly praise its goodness? You're probably over-reacting. I think that the product isn't worth its worth and people need to calm down.

I wish I had her METABOLISM.

Gal Sone
I don't know why recently, I've been watching Gal Sone's eating videos and stuff related to that. I've seen her in some TV shows back in Japan, and maybe because a friend of mine sent me an image about the reigning Hot Dog eating king, I remembered her.

It's really very odd how she does it though. Like, seriously? 40000 kcal? If you don't know her (searches for link) you can start here GAL SONE.

I am very insecure when it comes to this. I don't really eat a lot but it's hard for me to lose weight. It's in our genes (maybe).  Or probably because of my big bones or whatever like that (excuses). But whatever, I don't really want to restrict on anything or whatever so if i had her metabolism, the world will be way better than it already is (in my opinion). And she's really very tiny and all that. She's so blessed. Does she exercise? I don't know. What kind? How? How long? Ugh. Really insecure.

How can she eat all the good stuff and remain so skinny? OMG!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Royal Milk Tea. Review.

Another Bubba Tea. Just want to try how their tea would taste without all ye sweetness of Caramel and just Milk Tea. Which apparently is royal for them. Actually, it's not that great. Didn't enjoy it that much. However, I still managed to finish a large cup. I like the caramel better.

Sunday, 18 March 2012


Say hi to my new dog. I named him Shiki right away. Mom wanted to name him differently (Balbon, Pulgoso, etc.) because she said that people might get confused and all that stuff. She also said that I looked at her when she actually called Shiki, not "Mikie" (my name). No regrets! Haha

He's 2 months old now and I got him from my Uncle Benjie who got it from his boss. Shiki is an Old English Sheep Dog. He's really very sweet and yeah, very jolly and hyper. I really hope he'd grow up well and healthy.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Imported Azkals. And more!

So what? I mean, what now if they're not Filipinos? That's what's wrong with most Filipinos. Let me just remind you that there are players in the BIG FOOTBALL TEAMS with the same situation. So CALM DOWN. 

I guess I'm just gonna have to set Park Jisung as an example. He's in Manchester United right? Now, are the English complaining? Are they complaining that an Asian is in their team? NO! Why? Because he's good. I just don't see the logic here. If a Filipino made it in an international team, he/she is good. If there's an international player in our team, "he/she is not a FILIPINO?" WOW. 

Now let's go a little bit closer to my point. Let's say PHIL YOUNGHUSBAND. According to Wikipedia:
Younghusband was born in Ashford, Surrey, England, the son of Englishman Philip Younghusband Sr. and Filipina Susan Placer (both deceased). His brother James Younghusband is also a footballer and a midfielder on the same team.
So why is he not a Filipino again? I just don't see the point of not calling him a Filipino. Well, actually, it's alright not to call him a Filipino. Just not call him "not a Filipino" get it? Now I feel like I'm Phil Younghusband's public lawyer. HAHA. I just don't get it. Looks? Maybe. But even so, I think that's an insult. That's like a big word. And it's annoying. Now, if they're talking about the attitude, what really is a Filipino?  Someone who what? What specifically do we do that we didn't adapt somewhere else? Or  do they still wear bahag or baro't saya? Do they still do anything that's uniquely theirs? NO! Don't even get me started.

Then they complain that Filipinos are being treated differently abroad. I'm not saying that's just and right but what do you expect? If "actual Filipinos" are not being treated the same here? It's very ironic how they have the guts to complain somewhere else. It's really annoying.

I don't actually think that Filipinos are "oh-so-proud" that they are Filipinos. I just noticed that whenever there's a variety show and you have to cite where you're from, Filipinos are so proud to say where they've been. Like, for example:
Hi! My name is Joana from Sydney. I want to greet all my cousins in Melbourne and Brisbane. :)  See you next week! (Aussie accent)
See? Like, I don't know why I included that but I just think that needs to be said.

Elegance Foundation. Review.


Can I just say that I super like the elegant packaging?

It comes in this very elegant gold and black combination. Awesome, right?    


I also think that the coverage is awesome. This shade is like one shade darker than my skin tone so I was sort of hesitant to apply it but it actually works just fine. It kind of blended in my natural skin color without looking too dark and all that stuff. Wonderful!

Not to discourage you but here's what I look like with the product on

My doggy. His name is Genki.

Genki in Japanese means alert, healthy, or well. I decided to name him that, for him to live up to his name. I had him when I was about 13 and I really really love him.

Mocha and Genki
He's really very snobbish but can be really sweet too! His hearing is not very well since he rarely responds to his name and all that but he's really very nice!

Genki had his first health problem when I was 15. He didn't eat at all and so I have to inject an energy drink directly to his mouth just so he could have a source for it. My mom decided to isolate him from the rest of our dogs and decided to place him outside the house. It was rainy season that time. I would patiently go there and all that just to make sure he's alright and that he got enough of the energy drink for the day. It was obvious that he was losing weight gradually and he really looked so ill. His hair even thinned and all that.

I remember one day, I went with my best friend and cousin to the mall and when we were about to go home, my mom texted me "where are you? Genki is dead." I felt like my whole world crashed and I actually cried on my way home. I really don't know how my reaction would be and all that stuff. Only to find out that my mom just wanted me to go home that's why she said that. I didn't talk to my mom for about quite a while that time.

My weeks of patience paid off. Genki started eating and became normal again in no time. He was indeed ready to go back inside the house and join the rest of the dogs.

Genki being adorbs.
Genki had his second disease when I was about turning 18. He's secreting mucus on his eyes and no appetite at all. Then back to the energy drink routine. We kind of let it passed for quite a while and after 3 days, my mom asked me if we should bring Genki to the veterinarian. I said yes. The next day when I returned from school, my mom said that Genki is confined to the Vet's office and asked me if I want to visit him. Of course! Probably being hesitant, when I was about to go and visit Genki, mom said "The doctor said that there's no more chance for Genki to actually survive. The vet said if we would want to inject something to Genki and make it easier for him" and I froze for a while and my mom suddenly said "I told him, doc, give it a week there, miracles happen" and I didn't know what to say and all that. I don't want to lose Genki that way. INJECTION! He was diagnosed with Canine Distemper and when I looked that up, unless a dog have a vaccine against it, there's no way out. If you know what I mean. My mom said that I should buy two sticks of pork barbecue and feed Genki there at the Vet's office.

So when I went there, I suddenly saw Genki and he wagged his tail and all that. Barked to acknowledge my presence and all that. The vet didn't say anything except "He recognized you" and I was like how can he not? He's my dog. But I didn't say anything. Basically, I didn't want to hear that Genki's ill and what were the chances. I was just too happy that time. He actually ate the pork barbecue and all that. Then that went on for about a week and as much as I would love to think that he's still normal. Mom said he's not getting any better and that the vet said and recommended that we should take him out. Because we're just wasting money.  Obviously, we cannot  blend him with the other dogs in and stuff like that. Mom was also hesitant to put Genki outside since the "air can bring the disease in" according to the doctor. Which I actually doubt. Mainly because the air can't be in only one direction, is it? But yeah whatever.

My mom decided to put Genki in the apartment that we own and made my grandfather/cousins look after him. Mom instructed my cousin to inject vitamins and to drop some eye ointment to Genki because it was secreting mucus heavily. It was about 5 days that he stayed there. Almost every after school, I went there and brought some barbecue and quite few times, I made/bought porridge for him since it was easier to inject food in his mouth that way. I also would text my cousin not to forget to inject the vitamins and that we should do our best to save Genki. Genki had always wagged his tail whenever I came to visit. It was an awesome feeling that even though he didn't care about me much when he was healthier, he made me feel like he appreciated my efforts in feeding him and all that. And that made me motivated that he'll get better. Genki's eyes turned red (kind of) on the 2nd day of his stay there. Which I didn't mind much since it went off the 3rd day. And reappeared at some point.

February 10 2010, after my prelims exam, I went to the apartment and noticed that he was weak and like for the first time, he didn't wag his tail or whatever. My grandfather also told me that he weren't able to put an ointment to Genki's eyes because Genki was sort of "looks like he's gonna bite me" look but when I kind of patted his head, I was cautious but it went alright. He weren't moving that much. Instead, he just rested in one corner and all that. His appearance also change a WHOLE LOT.

It was 4 days before my 18th Birthday and I told myself and some of my friends that if only Genki would live and be able to stay with us, I couldn't ask for more.

February 11 2010, I noticed that I was sort of uneasy and all that. I texted my cousin and stuff and then the night came and I got a call from my grandfather. I don't know why I wasn't that shocked anymore but I kind of accepted what happened. For me, the fact that I did my best to keep him alive, I felt relieved.

Genki did his best not to disappoint me. He was a fighter and he will always be. He will always be my Genki and he will always have a place in this home.

It's been a while since he was gone. It's been 2 years and I still feel his absence and I still get lonely sometimes. When I think about it, it's just overwhelming and all that stuff. I just wish I can just forget all that stuff and move-on.

It's a sad story but I learned a lot from him. Like, don't give up and just when you thought of giving up, just hang-on there because you wouldn't know if there's a chance unless you'll try. If you tried your best and the result is still not why you've expected, it'll be easier to accept at the end.


Here in the Philippines, there are a lot of places where you can eat these stuff. Because throwing away "profit" is a big no-no in the Philippines, some geniuses decided to sell "internal organs" of animals (chicken and pig) such as their intestines, blood, head, foot, fats, ears and all that "nasty" stuff. They're basically barbecued as such (picture above) and you can dip it in either a spicy vinegar and some sweet sauce.

"Isaw" is the street name for chicken intestine and "Betamax" or "Dugo" is the general term for coagulated pig blood. Are these really edible? Yes. But that's just in my opinion. Are these dangerous to eat? If you ask me, you have to buy in a reliable vendor and all that and you might want to see the environment first before buying. Also, it's a plus if you have a Hepa B vaccine. But generally, if you want to try these, then do so. It's just so crazy that you have to think of health stuff and all that. If you die, you die.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Enchanted Kingdom, Philippines. A look back.

January 21 2010

Really love the playful vibes of the background and all that's going on behind the scene. 

With my sisters!
It was the four of us who really rode all that rides and our parents just waited and ate here and there or whatevs. The lines were really crazy. Crazy as in 30 – 60 minutes of waiting time from a point not even close from where we were standing. From then I realized that going there on a weekday is not always the best option because students from here and there are having their trips. Too much of my complaining. I had a good time and I can say that I became a little more patient after that.

I loved this ride. OMGs. You probably know how this works. What I don't like about this though is that you have to pay additional 50 php per ride. WTF, man? It's something I want to ride over and over again but definitely not something I'd like to pay over and over again.

Posting this just because something significant happened here. Blame those cute Korean guys hahaha. Ok stop. OMGs look at my sister in white. Probably looking at the Koreans. Haha. And look at my sister in pink and her "WTF is happening here? face"

Us trying to queue for Space Shuttle. The line my golly was so crazy!

I love almost the stuff there pretty much. Like, awesome for photos and all that. 

We actually stayed until the closing of the park. We kind of ate after we enjoyed the park. :) 

Good vibes you guys.
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.