Saturday, 17 March 2012

Imported Azkals. And more!

So what? I mean, what now if they're not Filipinos? That's what's wrong with most Filipinos. Let me just remind you that there are players in the BIG FOOTBALL TEAMS with the same situation. So CALM DOWN. 

I guess I'm just gonna have to set Park Jisung as an example. He's in Manchester United right? Now, are the English complaining? Are they complaining that an Asian is in their team? NO! Why? Because he's good. I just don't see the logic here. If a Filipino made it in an international team, he/she is good. If there's an international player in our team, "he/she is not a FILIPINO?" WOW. 

Now let's go a little bit closer to my point. Let's say PHIL YOUNGHUSBAND. According to Wikipedia:
Younghusband was born in Ashford, Surrey, England, the son of Englishman Philip Younghusband Sr. and Filipina Susan Placer (both deceased). His brother James Younghusband is also a footballer and a midfielder on the same team.
So why is he not a Filipino again? I just don't see the point of not calling him a Filipino. Well, actually, it's alright not to call him a Filipino. Just not call him "not a Filipino" get it? Now I feel like I'm Phil Younghusband's public lawyer. HAHA. I just don't get it. Looks? Maybe. But even so, I think that's an insult. That's like a big word. And it's annoying. Now, if they're talking about the attitude, what really is a Filipino?  Someone who what? What specifically do we do that we didn't adapt somewhere else? Or  do they still wear bahag or baro't saya? Do they still do anything that's uniquely theirs? NO! Don't even get me started.

Then they complain that Filipinos are being treated differently abroad. I'm not saying that's just and right but what do you expect? If "actual Filipinos" are not being treated the same here? It's very ironic how they have the guts to complain somewhere else. It's really annoying.

I don't actually think that Filipinos are "oh-so-proud" that they are Filipinos. I just noticed that whenever there's a variety show and you have to cite where you're from, Filipinos are so proud to say where they've been. Like, for example:
Hi! My name is Joana from Sydney. I want to greet all my cousins in Melbourne and Brisbane. :)  See you next week! (Aussie accent)
See? Like, I don't know why I included that but I just think that needs to be said.

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