Saturday, 24 March 2012

Magnum Ice Creams. My verdict.

After my sister's graduation 
The graduate girl got the Classic.
It's really CLASSIC-y but I'm afraid there are lots of ice creams out there that kind of taste the same. Nevertheless nicer though.

Mari got the Chocolate Truffle.
This right here is the winner of the bunch if you ask me. Not so sweet, very rich filling, just right. I had this last time when a very good friend of mine, bought one for me. Thanks Kim! :)

I got the Almond.
I also like the Almond only that it's too sweet. But still nice to try. I actually thought that I liked this more than the Chocolate Truffle but at the end of the day...

I actually can't understand what the craze is all about. Not that great all in all. You're probably blinded by the POSH advertisement and all that. But it's just ICE CREAM. Nothing really special about it. If you're really curious then you should give it a try but to constantly praise its goodness? You're probably over-reacting. I think that the product isn't worth its worth and people need to calm down.

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