Saturday, 24 March 2012

I wish I had her METABOLISM.

Gal Sone
I don't know why recently, I've been watching Gal Sone's eating videos and stuff related to that. I've seen her in some TV shows back in Japan, and maybe because a friend of mine sent me an image about the reigning Hot Dog eating king, I remembered her.

It's really very odd how she does it though. Like, seriously? 40000 kcal? If you don't know her (searches for link) you can start here GAL SONE.

I am very insecure when it comes to this. I don't really eat a lot but it's hard for me to lose weight. It's in our genes (maybe).  Or probably because of my big bones or whatever like that (excuses). But whatever, I don't really want to restrict on anything or whatever so if i had her metabolism, the world will be way better than it already is (in my opinion). And she's really very tiny and all that. She's so blessed. Does she exercise? I don't know. What kind? How? How long? Ugh. Really insecure.

How can she eat all the good stuff and remain so skinny? OMG!

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