Friday, 30 March 2012

Patience is a virtue. Uh-huh.


Let me tell you a story about this MANGO TREE. About 12 years ago, my cousin and I ate an INDIAN MANGO that our grandmother made us eat. The mangoes were so good that my cousin and I decided to plant the seed in a small sort of box where my mom used to plant all sorts of plants. I then asked my grandfather how long would it take for the plant to actually grow and bear fruits? My grandpa answered something like 10 or 11. I felt like all my dreams fell apart when I heard that. From that point, I didn't actually think that it is possible for me to see it. Like, 10 years seems to be sooooo long. Despite what my grandpa said, I used to check for improvements and all that.

Couple of months after, I noticed that there's a new plant there and I told my mom that the mango actually grew from the seed I planted. For some reason, my cousin's mango disappeared. But we reckon that they kind of fused together and grew as one. I remember when we used to tear a leaf, split it in half, and smell it.

Years later, my grandpa decided to transfer the small plant in sort of a bigger place and I kind of freaked out when it disappeared but then he told me that he did indeed transfer it for it to grow bigger.

Summer before college, I noticed that the mango tree started to bear fruits. And it made me look back to the days when I thought that it is impossible for me to see it grow and bear fruits. It may sound silly but I actually learned that sometimes time really makes us forget what's impossible.

Thanks to my grandpa who believed in me and my cousin and helped us with our craziness. But look at us now. Look what we have! (tears)

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