Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Enchanted Kingdom, Philippines. A look back.

January 21 2010

Really love the playful vibes of the background and all that's going on behind the scene. 

With my sisters!
It was the four of us who really rode all that rides and our parents just waited and ate here and there or whatevs. The lines were really crazy. Crazy as in 30 – 60 minutes of waiting time from a point not even close from where we were standing. From then I realized that going there on a weekday is not always the best option because students from here and there are having their trips. Too much of my complaining. I had a good time and I can say that I became a little more patient after that.

I loved this ride. OMGs. You probably know how this works. What I don't like about this though is that you have to pay additional 50 php per ride. WTF, man? It's something I want to ride over and over again but definitely not something I'd like to pay over and over again.

Posting this just because something significant happened here. Blame those cute Korean guys hahaha. Ok stop. OMGs look at my sister in white. Probably looking at the Koreans. Haha. And look at my sister in pink and her "WTF is happening here? face"

Us trying to queue for Space Shuttle. The line my golly was so crazy!

I love almost the stuff there pretty much. Like, awesome for photos and all that. 

We actually stayed until the closing of the park. We kind of ate after we enjoyed the park. :) 

Good vibes you guys.

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