Saturday, 17 March 2012


Here in the Philippines, there are a lot of places where you can eat these stuff. Because throwing away "profit" is a big no-no in the Philippines, some geniuses decided to sell "internal organs" of animals (chicken and pig) such as their intestines, blood, head, foot, fats, ears and all that "nasty" stuff. They're basically barbecued as such (picture above) and you can dip it in either a spicy vinegar and some sweet sauce.

"Isaw" is the street name for chicken intestine and "Betamax" or "Dugo" is the general term for coagulated pig blood. Are these really edible? Yes. But that's just in my opinion. Are these dangerous to eat? If you ask me, you have to buy in a reliable vendor and all that and you might want to see the environment first before buying. Also, it's a plus if you have a Hepa B vaccine. But generally, if you want to try these, then do so. It's just so crazy that you have to think of health stuff and all that. If you die, you die.

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