Saturday, 17 March 2012

My doggy. His name is Genki.

Genki in Japanese means alert, healthy, or well. I decided to name him that, for him to live up to his name. I had him when I was about 13 and I really really love him.

Mocha and Genki
He's really very snobbish but can be really sweet too! His hearing is not very well since he rarely responds to his name and all that but he's really very nice!

Genki had his first health problem when I was 15. He didn't eat at all and so I have to inject an energy drink directly to his mouth just so he could have a source for it. My mom decided to isolate him from the rest of our dogs and decided to place him outside the house. It was rainy season that time. I would patiently go there and all that just to make sure he's alright and that he got enough of the energy drink for the day. It was obvious that he was losing weight gradually and he really looked so ill. His hair even thinned and all that.

I remember one day, I went with my best friend and cousin to the mall and when we were about to go home, my mom texted me "where are you? Genki is dead." I felt like my whole world crashed and I actually cried on my way home. I really don't know how my reaction would be and all that stuff. Only to find out that my mom just wanted me to go home that's why she said that. I didn't talk to my mom for about quite a while that time.

My weeks of patience paid off. Genki started eating and became normal again in no time. He was indeed ready to go back inside the house and join the rest of the dogs.

Genki being adorbs.
Genki had his second disease when I was about turning 18. He's secreting mucus on his eyes and no appetite at all. Then back to the energy drink routine. We kind of let it passed for quite a while and after 3 days, my mom asked me if we should bring Genki to the veterinarian. I said yes. The next day when I returned from school, my mom said that Genki is confined to the Vet's office and asked me if I want to visit him. Of course! Probably being hesitant, when I was about to go and visit Genki, mom said "The doctor said that there's no more chance for Genki to actually survive. The vet said if we would want to inject something to Genki and make it easier for him" and I froze for a while and my mom suddenly said "I told him, doc, give it a week there, miracles happen" and I didn't know what to say and all that. I don't want to lose Genki that way. INJECTION! He was diagnosed with Canine Distemper and when I looked that up, unless a dog have a vaccine against it, there's no way out. If you know what I mean. My mom said that I should buy two sticks of pork barbecue and feed Genki there at the Vet's office.

So when I went there, I suddenly saw Genki and he wagged his tail and all that. Barked to acknowledge my presence and all that. The vet didn't say anything except "He recognized you" and I was like how can he not? He's my dog. But I didn't say anything. Basically, I didn't want to hear that Genki's ill and what were the chances. I was just too happy that time. He actually ate the pork barbecue and all that. Then that went on for about a week and as much as I would love to think that he's still normal. Mom said he's not getting any better and that the vet said and recommended that we should take him out. Because we're just wasting money.  Obviously, we cannot  blend him with the other dogs in and stuff like that. Mom was also hesitant to put Genki outside since the "air can bring the disease in" according to the doctor. Which I actually doubt. Mainly because the air can't be in only one direction, is it? But yeah whatever.

My mom decided to put Genki in the apartment that we own and made my grandfather/cousins look after him. Mom instructed my cousin to inject vitamins and to drop some eye ointment to Genki because it was secreting mucus heavily. It was about 5 days that he stayed there. Almost every after school, I went there and brought some barbecue and quite few times, I made/bought porridge for him since it was easier to inject food in his mouth that way. I also would text my cousin not to forget to inject the vitamins and that we should do our best to save Genki. Genki had always wagged his tail whenever I came to visit. It was an awesome feeling that even though he didn't care about me much when he was healthier, he made me feel like he appreciated my efforts in feeding him and all that. And that made me motivated that he'll get better. Genki's eyes turned red (kind of) on the 2nd day of his stay there. Which I didn't mind much since it went off the 3rd day. And reappeared at some point.

February 10 2010, after my prelims exam, I went to the apartment and noticed that he was weak and like for the first time, he didn't wag his tail or whatever. My grandfather also told me that he weren't able to put an ointment to Genki's eyes because Genki was sort of "looks like he's gonna bite me" look but when I kind of patted his head, I was cautious but it went alright. He weren't moving that much. Instead, he just rested in one corner and all that. His appearance also change a WHOLE LOT.

It was 4 days before my 18th Birthday and I told myself and some of my friends that if only Genki would live and be able to stay with us, I couldn't ask for more.

February 11 2010, I noticed that I was sort of uneasy and all that. I texted my cousin and stuff and then the night came and I got a call from my grandfather. I don't know why I wasn't that shocked anymore but I kind of accepted what happened. For me, the fact that I did my best to keep him alive, I felt relieved.

Genki did his best not to disappoint me. He was a fighter and he will always be. He will always be my Genki and he will always have a place in this home.

It's been a while since he was gone. It's been 2 years and I still feel his absence and I still get lonely sometimes. When I think about it, it's just overwhelming and all that stuff. I just wish I can just forget all that stuff and move-on.

It's a sad story but I learned a lot from him. Like, don't give up and just when you thought of giving up, just hang-on there because you wouldn't know if there's a chance unless you'll try. If you tried your best and the result is still not why you've expected, it'll be easier to accept at the end.

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