Thursday, 28 February 2013

Drama Overload.Food Trip.

So it was another long day for us. What happened was we actually just have to pay our Thesis statistician and asked her some questions related to our Thesis but since we still got time to kill, we killed it. It was actually because she was still talking to her other clients when we got there. KALOKA. Okay what happened was we were actually supposed to meet at Trinoma last Saturday but our mock defense pushed thru a later time so I had to cancel that meeting with the statistician. We actually settled that we will meet at Trinoma and so I thought we will meet there. I was on duty for 24 hours last Sunday and I thought I would have enough time to rest because she also said that we will meet at around 4 pm. What made me panic is when she said that she'll meet me at 2 pm. Which I didn't prepare for. I actually woke up at around 3 so whatever. She then texted that she thought our meeting wouldn't push thru and so she scheduled an appointment with her other clients. What? Also! She texted we would not meet at Trinoma anymore. She said she would meet me at Megamall. Dayum. I called my groupmate and told him about the change of plans but he said he don't know how to go there and so I went kind of alone. Not really alone because I went with my cousin. Okay kind of end of that thesis story.

She actually didn't tell me right away where to find her so I kind of craved for some Happy Lemon. And then we saw the place accidentally so what do we do? We went in and had some tea. And when she replied, 

And then she texted and said she's at Coffee Bean and we had to find Coffee Bean as well because you know, Megamall is not a place where we usually hang out. It's kind of far from our place. So yeah we were able to find the place obviously and  then we were able to meet her and she was able to explain everything so I'm thankful for that.

And then we had dinner at BonChon which I enjoyed even though I told myself not to eat Chicken and Iced Tea for a while because I had a lot of that lately but life is really like that. There are some things you can't avoid. Haha what?

That's all. :) I'm just so happy that I was able to accomplish everything that I was assigned to accomplish and that I was able to spend quality time with ze cousin which I like. I really think I had more than enough tea that day but whatever. I like tea anyways. 

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Mayrics! A Look Back.

Since I have that feeling that Multiply would actually get rid of the pictures I posted there a long time and not so long time ago, I'm gonna have to back up that shizz first. Also, I'll just mention some things about it. Let's reminisce together, shall we? 

I believe this was during maybe like, 2008? I'm not sure though but most likely. Because you know! I was only allowed to attend gigs when I entered college. This is actually in front of my University. If you don't know where Mayrics is, you're probably too young or what? Haha it's actually called Sazi's now so whatever. 

Miggy of Chiscosi! :) I had two picture with him because the first time, I had to get out of the bar to have my phone charged at a convenience store nearby and then I saw him outside and asked if I could have a picture with him and then he said yeah and so yeah. Hahaha and then the other one was actually inside the bar already so whatever.

Another picture with Miggy :) with my cousin this time. And a picture with Armo! For some reason, we look alike here. Kind of. 

A picture with kuya Niles who was super nice and all that! :) As you can see, I actually didn't know how to take pictures correctly. NEVER. Hahaha

For some reason, Yael looks so much hotter now than he was before. FAN GURLS! I miss them so much.Life. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

SHINee's Dream Girl MV. Review.

So SHINee's back once again. You know what that means! I'm gonna have to review their new music video for my pleasure! Hahaha. First of all, I like SHINee but not to the extreme. I used to watch their Hello Baby so that kind of helped me relate to them and their music. 

I liked the video! With some exceptions. I like the video generally but I don't like the transition thingy where the scene kind of pixelates and changes color and blinks and all that. Sore to the eye.

They have this Dream Girl moment when they dance with their microphones which is cool by the way. Me likey. And it also sported their awesome dancing skills. 

I don't think I've told you already so let me just inform everyone that my favorite SHINee member is actually KEY. Such a diva. Likey!

From what I understand, their Dream Girl is this girl who never showed her face and was covered with flowers which are obviously animated and unattractive (flowers) and stuff. And they were like dreaming of this girl and all that. What I like is that the effect of bouncing into something hard when they become conscious. It actually reminds me of Inception a little bit. 

The song is actually catchy and nice and yeah, I like it! Like, yeah I said that already. Haha

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Movies! :)

The other day, my cousin went to my place to pick up something my mom would want to give her. And then she was like, let's watch Warm Bodies! It's already up. And I really intended to watch Warm Bodies before and I thank the Internet for letting us watch it for free. I know it's illegal and all so you don't have to remind me. I don't claim to be a 100% law abiding citizen anyway. But whatevs. Haha

I actually didn't enjoy the film that much. It's kind of confusing to me most of the time. Or probably because I haven't read the novel yet and all that but for some reason, even though the film is simple as it is, it's still kind of absurd. Very fast phase, and all that! But still not bad for a free movie. You would probably be more understanding when you paid for it. Good thing though that I liked the boyfriend of the main actress. So good looking. But that's another story. It's not like I'm totally disconnected to the film though. I legitimately felt happy when he realized he dreamt. You would know what I mean when you watch the movie. I would try to read the novel as soon as I got time.

To be honest, I enjoyed Twilight more than I liked this movie. 

And then we watched Tangled. I actually haven't seen the movie like, ever. Call me a looser but that's a true story. Unlike Warm Bodies, the film was amazing! I liked it. <3 I wonder if I would the same if I were in her situation. I don't think I would just leave my mom like that. I mean, hypothetically of course. But I like when they showed that Rapuzel kind of felt guilty for what she did and all that. Good enough.  

Like we haven't had enough yet, we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That too! Loser, I know. But it was awesome! Aswesum! I love the values incorporated in it. Such a family movie. And Johnny Depp was such a sweetheart! :)    Not literally though. Because he actually didn't do anything about the troubled kids. Oh speaking of troubles, for some reason, although funny, I find that people from whatever land Oompa-loompas way too annoying when they sing. Why-oh-why.

Anyways that was my day the other day and I hope that would happen again very very soon! Stress relieving that was.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Accidental gig.

So my sister actually texted me to say that there are bands playing in the elementary school in front of our house. And I was like, what bands? And she didn't answer because she didn't know. So as a fan of most of the OPM bands, I got out to check. Which shock my mom a little bit because I don't usually go out and stuff. So I got there with my youngest sister first and checked and stuff and then it was fine, music playing and all that. It was actually an event put together by our councillor in partnership with a local radio station. So that happened. And when I looked at the banner to check who's playing next, I saw SPONGE COLA among many others (that weren't there by the way). And I was like, WTF? I love SPONGE COLA. Like, to death! I'll tell you why next time if I remember. 

So I texted my cousin and my sister to inform them that Sponge Cola's gonna be there and stuff. And then my youngest sister and I decided that we should pick up my other sister at home so that we would all be there and watch together. I called my cousin and asked if she received my messages and she confirmed but texted me back a few minutes later that she's doing something so she wouldn't be able to come. So we went back to the school anyways. 

Join The Club was there. Awesome. 

This day is really unexpected. I love this day. 

And as always, hyper Yael is hyper. I remember last UST Paskuhan how Yael climbed that steel thingy where the camera stood and it was actually darn high. So dangerous. So Yael. Can't really do anything about it. So yeah. I can't wait to see them again. I'm not actually a fan of politicians displaying their names and their projects but this one, I approve of. Except the shameless self-promotion of the politicians and radio staffs often times during the show. Good vibes! 

For SCIENCE and <3

After our surveys and all that, we found out that Tuberculosis is the primary concern in the community that we're in. With that being said, we focused on the problem. 

We conducted a seminar, had games, had fun, gave free food, and all that stuff. I guess it's really very helpful for the community since according to the survey we conducted last time, most of them are not able to finish school so it's not everyday that someone like our speaker would come to their community and inform them about their number 1 concern when it comes to health.

Us hearing our leader's explanation. Me playing the role of kunwaring nakikinig. Chika lang. Haha

We invited an alumni as a speaker of the said event. We, students, actually listened more to the lecture than the stake holders. Quite an awesome lecture.

F na F! The guys should actually have their dance number but since they're too shy to dance, these little kiddos did the thing for them.

And then us, the food committee did our thing. We distributed packed lunch to the people who attended our seminar and all that thing that happened. I don't know if my group mates feel the same way or whatever but I really feel thankful for this experience. Thankful that I get to talk to people who I probably wouldn't have a chance to talk with if not for this activity.  I'm not a people person. I might consider being a PATHOLOGIST. 

Anyways, thank you UST for having a program like this. I mean, even though it can really be so tiring, at the end of the day, you can always give it a rest. But you can't take away the experience. Thank you Mr. Tiu and Mr. Raymundo for the pictures! :) I owe these pictures to you guys. 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Time to Fly.

I am fascinated by butterflies. I don't know why. This post is not actually about butterflies, birds, or anything else. This is a post about me being 21. Pagbigyan na please. LOL. Not only being 21 though but some other random things that I want to say just because. ALWAYS.

I don't know what to do. I mean, it's not like the pressure is on or anything but the pressure is really on. I didn't see it coming this fast. I mean, I did when I was 20 but when I was like 18, which is just 3 years ago, I didn't think that I would be 21 soon. Time flies. 

I want to thank all the people that helped me and accompanied me for the past 21 years of my life. My family, friends, everyone. 

To those people who never left my side when I needed them, thank you! I promise I'll always be here with you as well. To my mom who always supported me, thank you. My sisters that look up on me, I know you could do better in the future. I would always be here for you two. Keep going! 

I want to share one story that really touched me. During our last seminar in the hospital, one of our trainers left a quote that I wouldn't forget. STICK TO YOUR DREAMS. And then It made me wonder what my dreams are. TO BE HAPPY. Among many others. And I will stick to that. I mean, if you're happy, you're happy. Not all doctors are happy. Not all rich people are happy. But if you're HAPPY, and you're a doctor, then you're happy. Just like that. And then he said one more thing. "Not all those who worked hard succeeded. But all those who succeeded worked hard." And I agree with him. I mean, I don't like people who complains a lot about things (they can change). I hate people who feel so helpless well in fact, they can help themselves. 

Okay enough of that. Good vibes! :)

Friday, 15 February 2013


Yup. My Birthday happens on a Valentine's Day. So I was never lonely haha. Or why should I? Anyways, I just want to tell you some of the happenings yesterday. 

Google greeted me! Yay! I was so surprised because I was actually supposed to look at the two ferris wheel thingy and this showed up! Google is like the awesomest when it comes to this things.

Awesome friends are awesome! Thank you friends for this. I appreciate it. They surprised me with a cake from the Department of Health which we always eat at and I actually don't have an idea that they already bought one but they were sceptical because they thought I saw the cake but I swear I didn't. Sometimes I don't pay attention much. 

Meanwhile, let's just appreciate my haggardness because it was quite a toxic day in the laboratory. I was actually supposed to absent from duty but since things are kind of complicated, I didn't and I'm so glad that I was able to celebrate it with them.

"I think of life itself now as a wonderful play that I'vewritten for myself, and so my purpose is to have the utmost fun playing my part." - Shirley MacLaine

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Korean Village! :) Food Trip.

Birthday Week! I told my mom that I want to eat here so we went. Thankfully, there's an available time. I really hate how this thing couldn't just happen naturally. On a Sunday, for example. But anyway.

My youngest sister actually had dinner already so when we got there, mom said she could have ice cream. This is what she got. I personally like Korean/Japanese ice creams because they are just perfect. I mean, not too sweet and all stuff like that. They're also rich in flavor which I like. I mean, who doesn't?

How vain is this? Hahaha anyways, they serve cold tea which is like, awesome. 

And these came! Love love love! I wasn't able to finish everything though. 

Calbi is love! I think we had so much meat that time. No regrets. It was so good. 

Bibimbap! If you don't know already, this is like my, favorite food of all time. Just so you know! What's interesting about their Bibimbap is that they serve it in their stone pot or whatever and it just makes the whole meal better! :) I love! It also came with Miso Soup with Tofu. 

Also! They serve the chili paste separately and I really consumed half this thing. And it was heaven! It's not that spicy though but nevertheless good. 

They also serve pineapple at the end of each meal. Sweet pineapples they are. Like, always. 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


This bakeshop is near UST but I didn't get a chance to taste anything from them before. Until last Friday. My friend actually recommended the place. She asked us randomly if we know the place and one of my co-interns answered "of course" and then my other co-intern and I was like, "what?" "where?" and all that. And then they were like, you'll be graduating already but you still haven't tried the breads there? And we were like, yeah. Hahaha so last Friday, after duty, and when I run some errands near UST, I was like, okay Imma go that Tinapayan place to try some breads. 

My friend particularly recommended Cream Puffs, Eclairs, and Bee Hive. Unfortunately, Eclairs is not available that time but I still managed to get some! 

I'm not really a fan of Cream Puffs because you know, I don't like how soft it is and all that. My sisters and dad like this stuff but you know, there's no harm in trying so I thought I'd give it one more try. Okay so unlike in Japan, the serving is quite small. More like a bite-size which I appreciate. Less hassle, and all that. 

Awesome! The only thing I don't like about it is that it is coated with candy. Like, caramelized sugar that's like left alone so it's kind of hard. Not a fan. I used to really like that though. Okay so it was awesome. Like, it was really good. Except the caramel top. I don't know.

 The Bee Hive was also good. I like how it's not too sweet. I don't have a close up picture of Bee Hive. Sorry. Next time! Probably. But that's that chocolate thingy you can see from the second picture above. :) 

This taste like Shu Cream more than the Cream Puffs so I'm not really a fan of this. But good to try. Might be your type. It's not that kind of type that I think nobody would like. Get what I mean?

Weird Dream.

I don't know why but sometimes my dreams are really weird. Let alone this one. Can I just share before I forget the details? Yup. Hahaha

So what happened was we are going somewhere. And in order to go to that place, we have to ride a train. Now we are wondering why all the trains are like, skipping and all that so my classmates decided to walk a little to the "higher ground" because one train that skipped our station actually stopped to get passengers there. The way was not normal. Like, so so dirty and muddy and all that shizz. The mud is even neck deep so we were crossing that and stepping on train rails. And when we reached the station, the guys there told us that we aren't allowed there. They were holding long sharp woods and they attacked my classmates. And then I was telling my friend to play dead so we won't be attacked but they did shot him from his head down. And I was like WTF-ing already. And shoot! They attacked me. My leg. The saddest thing is I felt the pain. And then that happened. The next thing is that this friend who was attacked in the head was thinking of an escape. So we did.

After some time, I was alone in the escape. A lot of running and jumping, and hiding. Guess who's running after me? TIMOTHY DELAGHETTO! And I was really afraid as eff. What happened was I ended up in some sort of a carnival and there were rides and even though I hid inside the ride, as in not showing myself, he would still be waiting at the exit to find me. And I remember there's this water ride which I rode with a couple. I believe I asked them to hide me and all that. And then I thought I escaped already but not really. It was actually a 2-turn ride and the first one went okay but the second one, thinking nobody would see me when I'm on top, a camera flashed. You know that camera the rides have in real life, yeah? That thing. And I was like, I'm dead.

So I run for my life and all that and then I don't know what happened or this is probably a filler because I was all of a sudden in a parking lot with Sponge Cola. Okay not really relevant. And then they were having a concert pala somewhere. Okay next.

Then this is like the resolution. One of our staff in the hospital appeared in my dream and he suggested I change my get-up. I was actually wearing my CPH uniform that time. Blue polo shirt, maong pants, and rubber shoes. I know it's him but I disn't really talk to me. It was my cousin and friend that he talked to. Which is funny because they were with me not in the train scenario but like, the parking and concert lang.

So that happened. I remember getting things randomly. A bag, shoes, stuff, and WIG! A white one.
Okay. I should probably study now. I obviously slept way too much.
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.