Sunday, 24 February 2013

Mayrics! A Look Back.

Since I have that feeling that Multiply would actually get rid of the pictures I posted there a long time and not so long time ago, I'm gonna have to back up that shizz first. Also, I'll just mention some things about it. Let's reminisce together, shall we? 

I believe this was during maybe like, 2008? I'm not sure though but most likely. Because you know! I was only allowed to attend gigs when I entered college. This is actually in front of my University. If you don't know where Mayrics is, you're probably too young or what? Haha it's actually called Sazi's now so whatever. 

Miggy of Chiscosi! :) I had two picture with him because the first time, I had to get out of the bar to have my phone charged at a convenience store nearby and then I saw him outside and asked if I could have a picture with him and then he said yeah and so yeah. Hahaha and then the other one was actually inside the bar already so whatever.

Another picture with Miggy :) with my cousin this time. And a picture with Armo! For some reason, we look alike here. Kind of. 

A picture with kuya Niles who was super nice and all that! :) As you can see, I actually didn't know how to take pictures correctly. NEVER. Hahaha

For some reason, Yael looks so much hotter now than he was before. FAN GURLS! I miss them so much.Life. 

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