Thursday, 28 February 2013

Drama Overload.Food Trip.

So it was another long day for us. What happened was we actually just have to pay our Thesis statistician and asked her some questions related to our Thesis but since we still got time to kill, we killed it. It was actually because she was still talking to her other clients when we got there. KALOKA. Okay what happened was we were actually supposed to meet at Trinoma last Saturday but our mock defense pushed thru a later time so I had to cancel that meeting with the statistician. We actually settled that we will meet at Trinoma and so I thought we will meet there. I was on duty for 24 hours last Sunday and I thought I would have enough time to rest because she also said that we will meet at around 4 pm. What made me panic is when she said that she'll meet me at 2 pm. Which I didn't prepare for. I actually woke up at around 3 so whatever. She then texted that she thought our meeting wouldn't push thru and so she scheduled an appointment with her other clients. What? Also! She texted we would not meet at Trinoma anymore. She said she would meet me at Megamall. Dayum. I called my groupmate and told him about the change of plans but he said he don't know how to go there and so I went kind of alone. Not really alone because I went with my cousin. Okay kind of end of that thesis story.

She actually didn't tell me right away where to find her so I kind of craved for some Happy Lemon. And then we saw the place accidentally so what do we do? We went in and had some tea. And when she replied, 

And then she texted and said she's at Coffee Bean and we had to find Coffee Bean as well because you know, Megamall is not a place where we usually hang out. It's kind of far from our place. So yeah we were able to find the place obviously and  then we were able to meet her and she was able to explain everything so I'm thankful for that.

And then we had dinner at BonChon which I enjoyed even though I told myself not to eat Chicken and Iced Tea for a while because I had a lot of that lately but life is really like that. There are some things you can't avoid. Haha what?

That's all. :) I'm just so happy that I was able to accomplish everything that I was assigned to accomplish and that I was able to spend quality time with ze cousin which I like. I really think I had more than enough tea that day but whatever. I like tea anyways. 

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