Wednesday, 20 February 2013

SHINee's Dream Girl MV. Review.

So SHINee's back once again. You know what that means! I'm gonna have to review their new music video for my pleasure! Hahaha. First of all, I like SHINee but not to the extreme. I used to watch their Hello Baby so that kind of helped me relate to them and their music. 

I liked the video! With some exceptions. I like the video generally but I don't like the transition thingy where the scene kind of pixelates and changes color and blinks and all that. Sore to the eye.

They have this Dream Girl moment when they dance with their microphones which is cool by the way. Me likey. And it also sported their awesome dancing skills. 

I don't think I've told you already so let me just inform everyone that my favorite SHINee member is actually KEY. Such a diva. Likey!

From what I understand, their Dream Girl is this girl who never showed her face and was covered with flowers which are obviously animated and unattractive (flowers) and stuff. And they were like dreaming of this girl and all that. What I like is that the effect of bouncing into something hard when they become conscious. It actually reminds me of Inception a little bit. 

The song is actually catchy and nice and yeah, I like it! Like, yeah I said that already. Haha

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